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  1. jeweleebleu

    How in the world do you "make" a care plan?

    Subjective and Objective Data (what the patient is saying and what it is you see going on with your patient) Nursing Diagnosis (Remember it is not a medical diagnosis), Expected Outcome (what you want to see happen with your patient or what you want to prevent), make sure you put your Interventions as the nurse (ie: have patient consult with the dietitian, refer to outside support group, reviewing lab work...etc), Rationale (why you are doing it) and Evaluation/ Reassessment (was what you did in your intervention giving you the expected outcome). or another way to go is: A: Assess D: Diagnosis P: Plan I: Implement E: Evaluate Hope some of this helps...Good Luck!!!
  2. jeweleebleu

    Forced Baths and Patients rights

    I have to agree with some of the previous posters if the patient is alert and able to decide their own care then there is not much that you can do! May be a little more assertive be if the question is asked "Would you like to take a shower? 99% of the time the answer is going to be "NO!" But above all DOCUMENT!, DOCUMENT!, DOCUMENT!, what you said and what the patient stated word for word, how many times you offered throughout the shift, if a bed bath or what alternative was offered, what reason the patient refused, and note that you did notify the charge nurse and have her sign next to your name for confirmation that she was made aware. We have to remember as well if the patient is alert and able to make their own decisions there is that thin line that we are walking because it is a violation of the patients rights to refuse care!
  3. jeweleebleu

    FED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hang in there I know that it is difficult to work with all of those different personalities. But I have to agree with you and the aide...if the other aide doesn't come in until 430pm or 5pm the all the other aide is suppose to do is answer the call lighst and make sure that the residents are clean and turned every 2 hours. Not her job to get the other aides residents up. Administration needs to make that very clear to PT aide. I don't know what the chain of command is on that because I would say to have you explain to the part time aide. But here is a suggestion...if they strongly insist that there be a 7th person may be you can ask them not to give the PT aide a hall or run and allow her to be a floater which would consist of her coming in at 430pm...:igtsyt:let me back up for a minute first they reallllly need to establish a consistent set time for her either 430pm or 5pm because it is unfair to those that have been there since 2pm and have done all of the hard work and she comes in and it is easy breezy for her for the next 5 hours...like I was saying as the floater she would be responsible for the VS, Ice, answering call lights of all 4 for halls. If she comes in and begins right away she can definitely get this done befor the end of shift. And that will alleviate a lot of the confusion between her and the aides because she knows what her new job title is and the other aides are able to continue with their work as though they were 6. As far as the complaints of being loud...I would probably start writting people up for the violation of hush time. Because I know in most facilities there is a hush time policy I think after 7pm because is majority of time that residents go to bed. Just a thought! I hope this helps...Keep us posted!
  4. jeweleebleu

    Feel like a reject.

    i strongly agree that applying in person is definitely the way to go for one you can speak with the staffing director face to face and establish a rapport make the initial contact. like melsie03 stated "dress to impress!!!" i would say not only on interviews but picking up and dropping off applications or resumes you will never know what will happen you may be asked to interview same day on the spot. it is understand with the technology we have now a lot of places require a online applications or resumes just make sure that you follow up. call and make sure your information was received and check the status of your submission even if you call once a week. cold calling is not effective (in my personal opinion)...most of the time the person who answers the phone has no clue that the company is looking for nurses and gives you wrong information or if they are able to assist they transfer you to the staffing directors voicemail and you may not receive a call back for a couple of days because they are so busy so it would be easier to make the trip. one thing that i would like to stress that may be way of topic but i think will help with job hunting and call backs...i have a friend who is a staffing coordinator/nursing management and she made it very clear that if a company is calling you back for a job and they have to sit and listen to 3 minutes of music before they can leave a message on your voicemail if a cell phone is the primary number that you are using then they will most likely not leave a message and move on to the next person it is considered unprofessional. some may strongly disagree with this theory but is food for thought! good luck!
  5. jeweleebleu

    saunders for nclex pn

    first of all :ancong!: other posters please correct me if i am wrong... saunders is a great book to study from! is it the saunders comprehensive 3rd edition? just make sure that you can answer as many questions as possible before you test date some suggested to me at least a minimum of 2000 questions. their theory behind that is because the more questions you answer you become more familiar with pulling the question apart and finding what it is really asking. this actually helped me because i tested october 29th and in 2 weeks got passing results. but from the sound of it you are doing great! way to go :clphnds: most people told me to score at least 75% and above but that could be wrong. two other great reference books that helped me was the saunders pn 3rd edition q&a but i know there is a 4th edition now and that comes with a cd and it was pretty resonable and the other book was the frye's 3300 nursing bullets pn. this book was very helpful because the facts were straight to the point and i could take the points and have some else put them into question for to quiz me and it wasn't a giant book so i could take it to work and study and few pages here and there on my down time. it gave really good information , and you don't have to overload your brain trying to remember everything because you can't because it is such a broad spectrum of material :thnkg:but definitely go to your local book store and check it out before you purchase it. hope this helps. good luck and keep us posted!
  6. jeweleebleu

    Really struggling with first job in nursing home

    Point understood kat7ap! So ID Band is not a necessity as long as they have to types of identifiers correct...which could be name on the door of the room? Picture in the Mar? Picture in the residents chart? I definitely agree that it is easy to learn your residents in the matter of days. I was under the impression that if state came into the facility that a id band was necessary to match against the residents chart. Thanks...Good to Know! Good Luck to you!
  7. jeweleebleu

    Impaired nursing not cool

    First thing first...don't feel like a snitch because you're NOT! I applaud you for even making the decision to talk to your superior it must have been difficult . Remember that we took an oath and it is our nursing duty to protect our patients I completely agree with you sister in law. My question is as charge nurse you are able to ask the nurse to go home if you see she is unable to perform her duties correct? How does that work exactly? Because I would have asked her to clock out and go home if she came to work in the state that she was in. Really... my heart goes out to this nurse and her recent lost it but, in the same respect she is obviously not in the condition to care for anyone else and she is not able to care for herelf. Being oblivious to the problem is not going to make it go away. Her careless acts are going to result in possible patient death, the loss of her license and possibly yours if you are not careful. I think the administration needs to step in immediately and get her off of the floor and get her some help! You did the right thing! Her causing you problems would be a smudge on your radar compared to long term problems that you would be preventing. Be proud that you have the morals, values, and ethics that have convicted you to take a stand. Good Luck! Keep us posted.
  8. jeweleebleu

    Which do you prefer?

    My preference would be a 12 hour shift...it provides a stable and consistent environment for patients and residents (especially those who may have dementia or Alzheimer's). Better patient care would result and the ball wouldn't be dropped as often as it is in communication between the healthcare team it would be easy to pinpoint who did and said what! Scheduling may be a nightmare for the nurse manager because depending on how many nurses she has on each shift she wants to make sure that everyone gets hours. Another disadvantage to the scheduling could be down sizing but a pro would be to the down size possible pay increase. But I wouldn't want anyone to lose their the job due to that possible change!!! Keep us posted!
  9. jeweleebleu

    feeling very stupid here

    I agree that you were not the only person in the room...how many other people were there? Makes you wonder was the doctor himself reading the chart as well... because the record would have shown that the patient had a G-tube. For that matter did the doctor even know if he had the right patient?...point is this how many people get into malpractice lawsuits because you didn't catch it the doctor should have. Don't feel bad it is a lesson learned another building block to your nursing career. This does not make you a bad nurse and does not define who you are!
  10. jeweleebleu

    Really struggling with first job in nursing home

    :ancong!: to all of the new grads. i am also a new lvn grad patiently awaiting for my initial license in the mail so i can start working. but just a word of encouragement...it is obvious that the facility you are working for saw qauilities that will be an asset to their team. just remember anything is possible and you only fail when you don't try. i work as a cna in a ltc i know that the two scopes of practice are non-equitable but i can say that when a resident pays you complement or tells you that you have done something that no other staff member has done it makes you feel as though you are the best at what you do... even if the gesture is small!:redpinkhe i think that using a post it pad is a great idea! definitely address the id band situation!!! one poster stated, "residents do not need id band because they are residents". this very well may be true but...we must remeber that asking another staff member is fine but there may not always be a staff member at our disposal. not only that but the staff members in the building are not the only people who come and care for the residents. what about the doctors, hospice, or even phlebotomist who are drawing samples? it is for the safety of the resident and reduce liability and malpractice of the facility (it happens!). don't feel pressured into signing for a medication that you did not pass or a procedure that you did not do you have the right to say no and if the facility makes it an issue you have to stand back and question their professional ethics and values. i wouldn't want someone to force my hand like that either because at the end of the day when it is all over said and done that is my licensing at stake and i wouldn't want to be stand before the nursing board begging for my license. just remember to stay true to who you are and what you believe and the reasons why you went into nursing. you have a positive attitude about the situation and you are going above and beyond to do your best...and that is all you can do. before you know it you will have this down to the science and you will be teaching someone else the in and outs. good luck!!!:dncgcpd: