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  1. Hi there from the Cherry Blossom town in South Jersey! Think about this long and hard. There are many excellent posts from the different experiences that people have had. Nursing was my First Career, I have a second one because Nursing is not life friendly. It is still working as a nurse but as a teacher, consultant, and involves my own business.

    I loved Nursing but not the garbage that came with it. I have worked in some good places and more not so good. I have worked all over the country and it is alll the same. Keep in mind that a career in nursing is a 24/7 job. I tell people this because they are not aware of how hospitals, facilities and other sections work. Over the years I have watched how they wanted nurses to have more and more education, I have every degree you can get. I am one of the most over educated underemployed nurse out there. Nurses have burnout at a high rate, because there is not enough time to do the job well. I have been told when working and sent to a unit that I have never worked, don't worry we just need a body. I worked as an Aide that day for fear of giving a med that would kill someone. In Nursing there are specialties. I started in OB/GYN, which included all levels of Nursery. I am certified but don't move me out of the unit because I was a specialist in my field not CCU. Then I expanded into Peds, ventured out into the community. Now in the past decade plus have gone into Geriatrics where I am now a specialist. (Just a funny thought, It looks like I have gone the life cycle in work) I have loved working in these areas and I am not a unit or er nurse. Not for me. That is something else you need to look at, where do you want to go in Nursing?

    So after all that, I can't tell you what is best to do. I really wish I could.

    Some suggestions, find a school that is not so expensive, and maybe you can get a job in PA. I have license in NY (original), NJ, Pa. Pa is what they call an at will state, and you can be let go for any reason or no reason. Pa does not have state disability, if you get hurt/sick and don't have a private plan or one from the job you are out of luck and a paycheck.

    Good luck in whatever you decide. I wish you well

  2. i am also thinking very seriously of making a career switch into nursing. i currently work in fashion, which is not very flexible or rewarding. i have a young child and a husband and feel like a nursing career would be a lot more family friendly. it is also a field that i have been interested in for a while now.

    after having read some of these responses regarding the tough job market for nj nurses, i'm getting very discouraged! i have not yet completed any pre req's or applied to any programs, but was hoping to get all classes done part time while working full time in the next year and then applying for the ABSN program at UMDNJ...going full time and quitting my job. So realistically, i wouldn't be looking for a job for at least another 2 years. With the aging population, i'm hoping that the job market for nurses will be better by this time, but I'm still concerned. Any thoughts?

    I wouldn't say nursing is Family friendly, unless you are per diem and have no benefits etc.

    When you are working and they schedule you, day, evening or night they don't care. If you have a family event on the weekend and it is yours to work, find coverage or show up. That is why so many people call off from work.

    I have been at this game for 35 years and sacrificed a lot with my family. If this is not what you want think about it.

  3. 1. Take prereqs at night. Keep your daytime job until your children are grown. Nursing will still be there when they are grown.

    2. Become a part time CNA (requires training) or hospital tech (no training required in my state) first. Gives you experience and connections.

    3. An ABSN program is extremely time consuming. Don't do it if you have children of any age at home or an unstable marriage. Take the traditional route instead. Traditional takes longer, but you need the stability and support of a peaceful home to do best in nursing school.

    4. In my state you can't work as a CNA, Tech, or LPN if you have passed the RN license. So, don't get that RN license until you have a job.


    Good comments about going at night and keeping job in day. And all the other comments were right on.

  4. Great post Mushymash,

    In my 35th year, I look back and you brought all those memories back to me. This is reality, the weight loss, unfortunately then I gained the weight plus more, we used to laugh about using a catheter, so we could use it instead of the toilet. I think the nurses who feel as you do are the ones who put their patients first. You are the dedicated ones and you do make a difference. Someday when I get old, I hope there is someone like you to take care of me. I know I will be a terrible patient.

    Thank you and all the other nurses out there who are working hard to do the best they can, we need more of you and not the ones who come in just for the pay.

    If I was paid for all the lunch times, and breaks I did not get, I would be a multi millionaire. I am not but I have tons of great memories of the many people I have been part of their lives, families included.

    Just remember, there is not one else like you and someone always need you.

  5. When they act like snobs because you went to a diploma school, ask them a question. Do we all take the same boards to become nurse? When you pass it you are a nurse. There are BSN nurses who take the boards many times and can't pass. I know the pass rate for Diploma schools have always been high.

    It is the person that makes the nurse not the school. Not everyone can go to an expensive Ivy League school but there are many people who went to cheaper unknown schools who are extremely proficient and successful.

    I know many great nurses who went to diploma schools. Just be the best you can be and ignore the ignorance.

  6. To all,

    Something I heard thought all of you would enjoy. When Nurses get to heaven they are welcomed by St Peter and pass right through gate. So there is a spot there for all of us for all that we do. We do many things without any thanks or acknowledgement. We do it with love, caring, and smiles (most of the time). This is our life and for most of us our love to help people.

    We have also been voted most trusted and respected profession for many years.

    Try to remember each day to tell a fellow nurse and aide, you are great.

    To all of you out there, YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!! Hugs from me:>)

  7. Hello,

    Dry those tears and don't listen to that person. As a new Grad you will start in Med Surg in a hospital so you can get a good solid foundation for your future. They do have jobs there, they might be part time or everyone hires Per diem. Per diem is that they call you when they need help. Just get your foot in the door. 35 years ago we had a nursing shortage and and it will continue as long as there are people on this earth. Hiring goes up and down as people move around to go into specialites etc.

    Where you went to school should have directed you to financial aid for returning students going into Nursing. There are outside grants and I thought money from the Tabacco lawsuits were going to educate Nurses. Ask you local state representative about that. Good luck, have patience and don't settle for a job that will make you unhappy.

  8. Hello,

    What you are feeling is just normal. When I graduated 35 years ago, our instructors told us to go out and take a private duty case on the 11 Pm to 7 am shift. Then they said contact one of them in the morning. Well I did. I had a major headache from severe fright. I just felt so scared. The case I had must have had 20 IV piggy Backs in 8 hours. It was a teaching hospital in NYC. The interns and residents all wrote orders and I look back now and know they did not read what the other one wrote. When I called one instructor in the morning, I told her that I really questioned if I would make it. I actually told her I stunk at being a nurse. She laughed so hard on the phone. I asked her what was so funny. She said don't worry, as long as you are aware of what you don't know and will seek out the answer, you will be fine. At that time, I wasn't sure what she meant, but as time went on, I questioned everyone from the housekeeper up to the supervisors. I wanted to know all the ways everyone did everything. I have beed told that I am great at what I do. Patients, families, co-workers and yes, even Doctors, compliment and praise my work.

    The complexity of the illnesses these days make it harder coming out of school with just the basic knowledge. It is not easy. Too many people don't have access to health care for many reasons. They are coming into the hospital sicker than ever. Nurses have to use everything they can to do a good job. THEY DO!!!!

    In my teaching days, I always advised my new Nurses to go and work on Med-surg first. Get a solid ground under your feet. Everyday of my Nursing life, which is approximately 12775 days or about 120,000 hours, I learn something every day. And if you haven't seen by now, I try to be funny and laugh with counting the days and hours. I love funny movies, comedy central to have a deep laugh from the gut. And while talking about gut, I have said over all these years listen to your guts, they will start talking to you. If a thought crosses your mind, don't ignore it. Follow it up. Sometimes it is giving you an answer to something you weren't sure of.

    Go into specialty areas after you have some solid nursing skills under your belt. That includes Long Term Care. I think someone mentioned that in one of the responses. Geriatrics in Long Term Care has become very specialized as the population ages into the 90's or more and we see different conditions and diseases that are new to them.

    You will have more stress if you don't have enough skills and are ill prepared to do the task at hand. Find someone who is willing to work with you and teach you. There are good and bad out there as far as sharing knowledge. The nurses who are the most confident will be the one who will be less threatened by your questions. So feel them out before you approach them with a question. I always pose it this way: I see you doing such a good job, and I don't have your knowledge yet. Would you mind showing me how you do it? I also use this when I question doctors on orders. I say, Doctor, this is something new to me, would you mind sharing the procedure or reason so I can learn for the next time. This way no one feel threatened. Then doctors might also change their mind because of what they were telling me. That was the real reason I asked them to tell me because my guts might have been saying something.

    I wish you well and I hope you enjoy nursing as much as I do. Look at the positive, associate yourself around positive people and laugh.

  9. I do not nor will I join facebook. My family and I am sure some of you think that you are posting appropriately. I have seen some of the comments and I have no problem with my posting or my comments either. There are people out there who don't know how to separate issues and reality. I have been a RN (35 years) with many degrees past the Nursing and very active in Community etc.

    My concern is stupid postings from other people and my family. By family, I mean we can't choose the cousins, etc. and I have seen how things can be seen differently from another's eyes. Example, Someone got annoyed at another member of the family and posted on Facebook about this person's education background. They questioned if this person lied about the degree they had saying, they don't remember that person going to school. The person was a CEO for a big company and it caused major issues. It seems like nothing only a doubt but for that person it was major. The same way us nurses like to be helpful and sometimes will tell someone we know what they can do to feel better. That can get you in trouble, also depending on what you say. You will say, this is my family or good friend. This is your career.

    Think about what I have said. Emails, phone, skype, and yes the old thing of writing a note or sending a card, still works. I have had people find me even though I am on face book. Whatever you decide to do, watch your back. You can lose your license outside of work for your actions. You are held to a higher standard as a professional.

    Good Luck to all.

  10. Hello Tyler,

    I really hope that your comment wasn't directed toward me. No one said to sue anyone. It said to contact someone who is more familiar with the law to give advice and assistance as to what path to follow. Not every attorney takes their client's into court and sues. They also tell them how to take care of matters.

    Your tone was rude, insulting and definitely judgemental. I hope you are not a nurse who would make comments like that. If you don't have anything nice to say, please say nothing. This is a place where we try to listen to each other and help when we can.

    Happy New Year to you!

  11. Hello, I hope this will help you.

    Depending on your income and where in NJ you live, you could possibly get legal advice free from a Legal Services attorney. There are also agencies called EEOC, Equal Opportunity and if you feel you are unjustly discriminated they might take your case and non profits that help people with problems that they need legal advice to resolve.

    I am not familiar with your whole story, so I am giving you general places to go. There are also elected officials who might be able to give you direction of how to go. Many of our State elected people are attorneys.

    Don't give up if this is what you really want to do. After entering my 35 th year of nursing, I am seriously concerned that the direction that nursing has taken.

    Good luck.

  12. Hi,

    I am hoping you are feeling better. First thing I would do is notify your employer. Second, Fill out an incident report. Anytime anything happens while on duty write an incident report. It protects you in the future. Third, find out how they would like you to proceed, that is to see their doctor on the list for workers comp or your own. Email them if possible so you have it in writing that they are aware and what they told you to do. Just a word to protect yourself, get everything you can in writing, so they can't say later that is not what they told you. Then follow through with the doctor. Years ago I had a flu shot when it was the Avian flu, I remember getiing very ill for about 4 to 6 months that I could not get back to myself. I have never taken a flu shot again, I have my docotr tell them that it is a detriment to my health and if they insist on giving me a flu shot that they sign a form taking total responsibility since I have had a negative reaction in the past. That gets them to leave me alone.

    Again, I really wish you well and hope you feel better. Chicken soup is great for many things, try some. :nurse: :)

  13. The company is on this allnurses.com

    it starts with a f and as you can see has medical in the name.

    Or anyone can use aol for me it is at the bottom of my post anyway so if you put that together ddv and, if you can read between the lines here and I will share it with you.

    We should be able to share his info, Chris was great.

    I don't mean to be firm but it is something I promised to do for some people and these people mean a great deal to me like all of your people mean to you.

  14. I am very happy to report that I have received a reply from 1 company, see below identifying info deleted for confidentiality purposes, and I am in conversation with 2 other companies about how to make changes for the better. This is for all of the people I have worked with that have to use briefs, etc and who hate the name "DIAPERS" especially when they are young men and women who live most of their day in wheelchairs, go to college, work, and out socializing, to have the brief word used instead of being out and thir CNA or HHA ask, do you want your Diaper changed. You can make slips if you don't stop using the word. All my passion is forn them.

    Ms. Vanette,

    Thank you for visiting Medical's web site and providing us with your feedback. Since we have no physical storefronts, our web presence and the related overall user experience is very important to us. As the Director of Medical, I apologize if our terminology in describing our product is offensive to you or to any of your patients. We have selected professional caregivers and adults who are caring for their parents in a home setting as our focus audience and the last thing that we want to do is alienate this group. While the term "diapers" and "adult diapers" are more frequently searched for than the word "briefs" when looking at search engine history, I have made a decision that the dignity of our customers and potential future customers is more important for us as a business. Starting this evening, we will be changing our products to read adult briefs instead of adult diapers.

    I, again, appreciate your feedback and hope to be of service to you and to your patients in the near future. Should there be any questions or if you need any literature to help with the promotion of our site, please do not hestitate to contact me for this information. Thank you again and have a pleasant evening!


    :yeah: :nurse: :redbeathe :lol2: :D :up:

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  15. To reply to baby lady,

    if you write it in the chart and your facility gets a deficiency, you get canned, since CMS, says don't use dignity issue. If it was my facility and you were inserviced on it as all my staff was, your behind would be out the door. I ran deficiency free facilities because we followed the rules and did a great job, from the bottom u:uhoh3: up

  16. I understand all of your comments but a word of caution from a former state surveyor, Yeah, when everyone yells the "State is Here" and freak out, that was me, use that word Diaper and CMS has issued under the dignity section ,The word Diapers are not to be used, they shall be called Briefs or protective undergarments, and your facility can get a deficiency for it.

    Most of my clients are insulted by the word diapers, and it is hard enough for them to acknowledge that they need to use anything. Being incontinent is embarrassing.:crying2:

    Therefore, I will continue on the quest of changing how we use the word.

    The New International Webster's Pocket Dictionary of the English Language 2000, ISBN1-888-777-48-6

    page 134 Diaper, n, 1. A soft, absorbant cloth or other natural material, folded and placed between a BABY'S legs and fastened around the waist. 2. A repeated, usu, geometric design.

    No listing in Taber's Cyclopedic medical dictionary

    Providing Home Care, a Textbook for Home Heath Aides, 3rd Edition, 2009, page 230. 3rd paragraph, Some Clients will wear disosable incontinence pads or briefs. These pads keep body wastes away from the skin. Assist the client in changing wet briefs immediately and give perineal care. Never refer to an incontinence brief or pad as a "diaper." Clients are not children and this is disrespectful.

    Nursing Assistant Care Textbook 2005 Page 197 Last paragraph on left. Disposable incontinence pads or briefs for adults are available. They keep body wastes away from the skin. Change wet briefs immediatley. Never refer to an incontinence brief or pad as a "diaper." Residents are not children. This is disrespectful.


    :confused:This is what is being taught and what is expected when you are working. ;)

  17. I have contacted the companies who advertised Diapers on this web site. I hope they reply but we will see.

    Change has to start somewhere and why not here.

    If we wait for someone else to do it, nothing will be done.

    If any of you want to join and send the companies an email, please join with me and maybe we can keep diapers for babies and briefs or protective clothing for adults. Someday we might be there, i would want to use briefs and NOT DIAPERS!!!

  18. I decided to approach a company who advertises on the web site after a discussion with one of my clients wives was telling me how she felt ordering 'Diapers'

    To a company who sells "DIAPERS", did not put name because I don't know if it appropriate. So here is my letter. I am awaiting a response. I will psot when and if I receive anything. I just thought we need to start making some positive changes.

    As a nurse going into my 35th year of practice, I would like to let you know that I was somewhat unnerved by your


    As Professional who want our patients and residents to have dignity, diapers is an offensive word. Briefs is much more dignified for an older person who has lost the ability to control their body functions. It is not easy for a productive, active, person who may have been anyone from a domestic engineer to a lawyer, or President. I go to many homes, facilities, and other areas, and give them many resources as many other nurse do across the country. I would love to include your company on my resource list for them to buy briefs from you. What has held me back is the word diaper. I can't insult my clients or make them feel like a baby. Briefs are for adults, diapers are for babies. If you would consider changing your wording, I would love to use your company as a reference.

    Thank you for listening to me and hopfully making this change.

  19. Dizzyelizzy,

    If you wonder how nurses could be overweight, it is because they don't get to eat a meal, with the shortage of nurses that is not addressed, and they can't leave their patients, sometimes for more than a shift, if no one comes to let you go home.

    Therefore, sorry to say that we kind of graze. stuff something small in your mouth when you can. I was a size 8 before I became a nurse, but I used to eat right and after becoming a nurse especially on the off shifts where you are it, the only nurse on the floor, that does you in. For infection purposes we can not eat at the nurses desk. So what do you do, sometimes by the time you get to eat you are famished and eat things that are available.

    The other area that is an issue is the bladder. If you don't eat, you can't get to the bathroom, sometimes you can if the supervisor comes by for report, you beg to use the bathroom. I used to say just catherize us and we would be fine. So now it is the weight and the bladder that is issues.

    There has got to be a better way but after 34 years, nothing has changed, except now they are not hiring nurses to fill the spots, not because there are none but because the facilities have no money to hire because of costs and insurance reimbursment, or lack of it and people who don't have insurance and the hospital eats the costs.

    I guess I gave you more than you expected but if you see the whole picture it might make it easier to understand about weight. As far as smoking, no excuse, I don't, never did, never will.

    Good luck to all that are trying, we always give before we take, our patients are always first.

  20. Great news for you. I wish you the best and hope you get the job. Don't send anything until they ask you and send only what they ask for. It can be a guide to the DON nurse hiring you if you can follow directions!

    I have worked in LTC and I find the people (residents) very educational. You can learn a lot from the residents about many things. It is routine in LTC as opposed to a hospital. But you still will learn new things about a speicalized age group which is up and coming with a BOOM! Here come the Boomers.