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  1. Does anyone work in Panama? I am interested in moving there and working. There are many sites with information but it is most helpful to have an inside view from someone who lives in the country you are planning to move to. Thanks
  2. ddv106

    Can't even get an interview!

    Great news for you. I wish you the best and hope you get the job. Don't send anything until they ask you and send only what they ask for. It can be a guide to the DON nurse hiring you if you can follow directions! I have worked in LTC and I find the people (residents) very educational. You can learn a lot from the residents about many things. It is routine in LTC as opposed to a hospital. But you still will learn new things about a speicalized age group which is up and coming with a BOOM! Here come the Boomers.
  3. ddv106

    Can't even get an interview!

    Loving 2, Have you applied in the Pediatric unit of a hospital? Once you get your foot in the door, wait for something to open in a different area, maybe in 6 months and you can put in for a transfer. You would have hospital experience and also the people in the hospital would know your qualities. Good luck
  4. ddv106

    Overweight Nurse?

    Hi MissKate, You are not alone. My mom used to complain that the wind would blow me away. Since childhood, I have lost and gained elephants in my life. As a nurse, I am always trying to eat well and exercise. But I did not take the time for me. I have had a break or meal in the past that I can count on 1 hand. Eating regular is important. But as nurses we are always going to do it after one more thing I need to do. Also I worked shift work, mostly 11-7 and did not eat right. Weight Watchers is great because it is a lifestyle change and not a diet. Diets don't work, changes that last do work. The program shows you how to eat regular food in a balance that is healthy. No drinks, pills, shakes, just your regular food that you buy in the supermarket. I have done great with it and it is something that has become part of my life. I can look at a portion and the palm of my hand and know if it is too much or too little. I eat well and I am not hungry. I found a fun way to exercise. I go to the YMCA, not expensive for membership and they have varying hours. I use the pool. There I exercise in the pool and walk. As a nurse, I have enough pressure pounding my body and this is refreshing. I also meet great people while having fun. Remember, we are a work in progress. Like yourself, no matter if you are large or small. If you don't like yourself and have a relationship with your inner being, you will have difficulty succeeding at anything. Good luck to you and take one day at a time. If you mess up today or eat too much, start over with a new day tomorrow. Don't forget, we are here to support each other. Oh something I just thought of, I know many nurses eat the young nurses alive, but they really don't taste good at all. Laugh, Smile!!!!
  5. ddv106

    Calling briefs "diapers"....*vent*

    Great Post Cherrybreeze This has been a big thorn in my side. You can call them depends, briefs, Teva's, Poise, Incontinence pants, whatever your cue words are but NOT DIAPERS. Do you know when you are working and they say the 'State' is here which causes everyone to run around crazy? Don't let them hear you say diaper or read it. It has become a dignity issue and you can be given a deficiency. It is in the federal regulation by CMS with incontinence care. I am constantly crossing out the word diaper on preprinted assessment forms from various places and companies such as insurance companies. It is up to us nurses to get the change going.
  6. ddv106

    Background Check DENIED

    Phoenix Tech, you sent me a message about my background etc. I can't send personal messages through this site. I am a rn for 34 years, I have done many things including teaching, CNA, HHA, LPN, RN, and Xray techs co-teach at university and a certified K to 12 Vocational teacher for Allied Health Science Technology.. I am also a Legal Nurse Consultant and do probono work for some attorney's. When I was teaching we did backgound checks through the State police if you lived in the state for more than 2 years and an FBI check if you recently moved to the state from another state or from outside of the country. That is why I responded to the person with background check denied as I did. Since then I spoke to one attorney who said that my advice to check out an attorney was accurate. They are much more aware of the laws than I am. I am not sure of what else you wanted to know, I hoped this helped. I will be willing to help and answer any questions you might have. I am fine with the questions, I am a teacher and a Nurse. I believe in sharing with each other to get us all to reach our goals and be successful at it. Happy New Year
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    Background Check DENIED

    Hi, You can go to an attorney and see if they can expunge your record, but I am not sure because what you are saying happened is a misdemenor and not a felony. Check an attorney. If you have limited funds you can check into legal services of NJ. They can at least give you advice on how to proceed. When I was teaching, It was police records we checked into and if you had any drug convictions, assault and battery, theft, and serious crimes but a speeding ticket is what this accounts for is nuts. I hate to say but many people would be denied employment etc. Come down the turnpike to Burlington or Camden Counties and see if you can apply. It is a distance and you would have to live down this way especially for clinicals too far to commute especially bad weather. Good Luck and keep fighting.
  8. ddv106

    Should I quit?

    hi zefutebolera hi, i have to agree with nascar nurse and twedles, you should not have that responsibility as a pool nurse. when i graduated in the dinosaur age :>) they would always tell new grads, go to a hospital and get good solid floor experience. ltc is a specialty and you need to get some strong experience under your belt. they are not being fair to you and put you in a serious liability position. these are some of the reasons that nurses leave the profession. if you can find a book called reality shock, try and read it. it will help you move on and have some eye opening knowledge to being successful. please go to a hospital and get a job on med surg, even if it is part time. they will rake the time with you to help you to get the good experiences and background to go out and be a successful nurse. good luck and take your time and learn from everyone you can.
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    another death in LTC

    As a Nurse for 34 years, I will say that all these places are interested is in the MONEY!!! They will take a dog if you have the bucks. Assisted living can cost you up to 12,000 a month. The staff in some places need to be watched too. I was a DON and had an LPN who would toss all the meds and go home. She didn't punch out, claimed there was a problem with the machine. One day A resident went into the trash and ate her discrded pills. She forgot to dump the trash out in the dumpster before she left. AFter an investigation it was found she was doing this for about a year. Residents labs were always off which drove me nuts, trying to figure out what was wrong. Residents were beating on each other. One gut broke a woman's femur bone and hip. How many died from lack of meds to control their diseases. The sad part was she felt since this was an Alzheimer's building, it didn't matter, they couldn't tell anyone, and they were going to die anyway. The administrator was her friend and wanted her to stay and me to leave for causing trouble. She left and I left right after her but not before I contacted the authorities to report this mess. She has a very nice job now and I am getting by doing some consulting work. I forgot to tell you, she has a track record and has done this in places before this. Something is wrong if she is still allowed to work. I am saddened at where the Nursing profession is headed. I hope you newer nurses help it get back to being respectable and honorable.

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