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My dream is to one day become a CRNA.

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  1. Reminisce

    May I have your opinion on the anesthesia field.

    Pot - kettle. :)
  2. I wish this had happend for me as it played out for your husband, I waited for the er as a last resort though, I called every podiatrist in town, I called every urgent care and clinic, and all of the family doctors that I could find, sadly it just didn't work out well for me, I was also begining to get very scared because as I would seek peoples opinions they would say it looked so bad thatI really needed to get it taken care of and it was begining to puse as well and I heard that is a very bad sign which is why I was begining to fear the idea of geting gangreen, I believe it was the right call though, the doctor removed my toe nail and gave me a lot of meds for the infections and a lot of pain meds, it did heal quite well. I think if I had to do it over again, I would given the same circumstances :)
  3. I went into the ER for a ingrown toenail, it was 3 weeks old, it was infected, I couldn't walk on it, and I didn't have health insurance nor $400 that the free clinic wanted in order to take care of it and no one would bill, and all the other specialist needed money and even if I could come up with the money they wouldn't be able to see me for 5 more days from the day that I needed it done and couldn't wait anymore. This was about 2 weeks ago haha, I am not a nurse but I would like to be one, I didn't think it was a stupid reason to go to the ER though, in fact, a lot of people recomended it. oh and I will have health insurance in a couple of days, yay! :)
  4. Reminisce

    be a nurse and pursue a creative hobby professionally

    oh my god, thank you guys so much for posting this, this is exactly what I been looking for, for so very long. I want to do this as well, I would like to become a lpn but I also have creative dreams of being a film producer and things like that. I really hope it is possible.
  5. wow, sounds like that place is a accident waiting to happen.
  6. Reminisce


    Guys, Can we be a bit more mature please? I don't need to be lectured on what to go to school for and what not to go to school for, That was no where in the question, If you can't answer the question then please don't post, There have been four answers so far (from when this is posted) and only one person has truly answered the question, Lets stay on topic, I am not looking for any type of debate, I am just looking for a simple on topic answer, please respect that, thanks. - Reminisce
  7. Reminisce


    :yeah:Thanks for the information I DIDN'T ASK FOR! If I go into nursing for the money then it's my business not yours.
  8. Reminisce


    Do/Can CRNA's make as much as MDA'S, say if I was a CRNA and I was making 150k a year for 3 12's a week, if I worked 60 hours every week (like a md) would I make 300k that year? would they pay me that much overtime? would they let me work that much overtime? Do any of you know anyone who works this much?
  9. Reminisce

    Two Jobs and or passions.

    I was just wondering if any of you have a second passion or job other than nursing, I want to become a nurse and eventually a CRNA but I also want to find something else to do when I am not working as a nurse, maybe a part time business, Do any of you have a part time business or a second job - passion? What do you like to do when you are not working?
  10. I hear this a lot, this is kinda like how the original poster used "the right reasons", In my personal opinion I think this is over used, If and When I ever have to go to the ER I would pick the nurse who got the 4.0 GPA and did Outstanding in his or her clinicals that went into nursing for the paycheck and the 3 12 hour shifts a week, over the nurse who got a 2.0 GPA and just did OK in his or her clinicals but went into nursing because he or she is passionate about helping people, Maybe it's just me.
  11. "Nurses make a lot of money" you have to remember this is a subjective quote, what is a lot of money to someone doesn't mean it is a lot of money to you, to someone who is making 20k a year, 40 - 80k a year is going to be a lot of money to them, to someone who grew up with millions 40k a year will not seem like much, in my personal opinion nurses do make a lot of money, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve it, "a lot" and "too much" are two different things.
  12. Reminisce

    dear patients, please quit saying that to me

    lol this has to be the funniest thing I have heard this week!
  13. Reminisce

    Cost for Nursing School???

    If you have a problem with how people post, that is YOUR problem, font, size, color, links, and everything else is there for a reason, people are allowed to be as creative with there post as they please. To the original poster. the site to there school website is http://www.goodwin.edu/ there are some emails to the people on that site if you can not find what you are looking for.
  14. Reminisce

    *Sigh* another vent. My poor pt died. Long...

    This might be a dumb question to most of you who are nurses already, keep in mind I am 18 and curious, is there a lot of death in the ICU? is ICU where the majority of the death happens?
  15. Reminisce

    Anesthesia Provider Pay to Drop 60%

    $150k - 60% = $60,000, $200k - 60% = $80,000, the average salary for a registered nurse in san francisco, ca is 80k, I don't see how this can be true, unless the government plans to lower registered nurse salary aswell, not only does a CRNA have to obtain a bsn they also obtain a masters while going for CRNA, all of this extra education to make less or equal to what they would be making with a asn as a registered nurse? I don't think I can buy into it, CRNA's are not doctors but they administer anesthesia just the same, if a MDA was making lets say $300k and they lowerd his salary 60% to $120k how many of those doctors do you think would stay MDA's? I doubt not that many which would make the demand higher and salary to go back to what they already are. right? am I missing something?
  16. Reminisce

    I finally made it!!!!

    yay congratualtions! wo00o0o0o00ooo0t!