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  1. last week my patient was an 83 year old male brought into the hospital for what the family thought was a bowel obstruction or impaction. the pt has alzheimer's and is unable to comminicate or even understand very much. the patient had an ng tube which the patient kept pulling out so the hospital put in a j-tube which he also keeps trying to pull out. after getting the results of an upper gi series we come to find out that the patient has advanced pancreatic cancer and the tumor is actually pushing into the duodenum which is causing his small bowel obstruction symptoms. patient also has prostate ca and a bladder tumor. all of these together, the hospital gave him about a week to live. at this point he is npo due to risk for aspiration. the son is in total denial telling the rn's that they are not to follow dr.'s orders of npo but to follow his orders since it's his father and he wants us to feed him coffee and ice cream since that is what his father loves. my rn stated all of the reasons she would not be doing this and of course the son was angry, so we got him in touch with a social worker and gave him pamphlets on the dying process and all that good stuff. the sone and his siblings had just found otu the day before that their father would be gone in a weeks time. towards the end of the day he started to seem like he was realizing that his father was dying. so, after a brief story of my pt, i need some help with my care plan. i need 3 nursing dx/goals. 1) risk for aspiration r/t duodenal stenosis/goal: pt remains free of aspirations while trying to teach the family the importance of patient being npo/intervention 2) risk for fall r/t pt weakened state while in the dying process/goal: patient remain bedbound and free of falls/intervention: patient has sitter in the room 24/7 and is free of falls thus far 3) this is the one i'm most stuck on, i wanted to use: readiness for enhanced family coping but am not sure about the goals and intervention? any suggestions??? any help is appreciated!!!!
  2. schooltake2

    Info about St. Charles Community College

    I'm in my first semester there right now. They take 80 students a year. Once you have your pre-reqs finished you can sign up, after that you'll have to take a dosage test and pass with a 90% or better. If you happen to be one of the first 100 to sign up and you pass you are probably good to go b/c the chances of 20 people dropping out or failing the test are pretty good. It's the fairest way possible when there are more than 300 people on the waiting list! So, if you have not gone and talked to one of the nursing advisors I suggest you do that as soon as possible so you know what pre-reqs you should do first in order to get your name on the waiting list! I will tell you that the program is EXTREMELY hard and there is a ton of work to do. It will all be worth it in the end though and SCCC has a GREAT reputation for their Nursing Program, they have other schools coming to learn from them as to how to run their programs. Good luck!!!
  3. schooltake2

    Dosage Calculation Help!

    so now I'm thinking the answer would be 1.6 mL?
  4. schooltake2

    Dosage Calculation Help!

    I just looked at it again, and it does say something at the top really small about a 2 mL vial.
  5. schooltake2

    Dosage Calculation Help!

    Order: Solu-Cortef 200 mg I.V.. How many Ml would you give per dose? There is a pic of the drug label that says: Solu-Cortef hydrocortisone sodium succinate for injection, USP 250 mg I'm thinking the answer is 0.8 mL but am not sure if that is right or not?
  6. schooltake2

    UTI Nursing Diagnosis help!

    My patient came in because of altered mental status and left lower extremity pitting edema. while in the hospital they discovered he also has a UTI. We also found out that he was hoarding his meds in his mouth so then they nurse would crush them or open then pills and put them with applesauce only do discover he would not swallow that either. He was there for 3 days and already d/c. I'm needing three nursing dx's for a concept map and have only come up with 2: Risk for impaired skin integrity and Communication, verbal, impaired. I'm not sure what to put as my third dx...something involving the UTI or his refusal to take meds? I'm new to the whole nursing dx thing and any help would be appreciated!