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itsmejuli specializes in Home Care.

I started nursing at 45, spent many years living in Florida, moved back to Canada in 2011. I've worked in LTC and med rehab. Now I'm in home care, I supervise HCAs performing home care in a lodge setting. I think I've finally found my calling in nursing.

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  1. itsmejuli

    Will I still take the CRNE even if I passed the NCLEX?

    Google is your friend. Check out http://www.cno.org/Global/new/NCLEX/Canadia_NCLEX_FAQs_toPost.pdf
  2. itsmejuli

    Nursing assessment for stroke patients

    Why are you asking for help with this? Did you read your text book? Research online? You'll learn more from doing your own research.
  3. itsmejuli

    Looking for work in Alberta? Don't give up...

    Think I saw that job posted on Indeed.
  4. Have you tried getting a permanent position on one unit? I would lose my mind as a float nurse
  5. itsmejuli

    Dealing with arrogant staff

    There's always a ring leader. Figure out who it is and make that person your priority.
  6. itsmejuli

    AHS Critical Care

    Sounds horrible. Jeez
  7. itsmejuli

    I'm so old!

    There are plenty of ladies who got into nursing later in life. Read through the forums and you'll find many inspirational posts.
  8. itsmejuli

    Employer tuition reimbursement question

    Maybe the employer benefits don't cover everything so Pell covers the balance
  9. itsmejuli

    Job offer rescinded? What did I do wrong?

    Why didn't you take the initiative to follow up?
  10. itsmejuli

    Career break in nursing...

    When one door closes another one opens.
  11. itsmejuli

    Critically ill pts wanting to go AMA?

    Did you read the AMA papers that the patient would sign?
  12. itsmejuli

    Critically ill pts wanting to go AMA?

    Did something happen? Was your manager aware of this person signing AMA?
  13. itsmejuli

    Patient accuses me of HIPAA violation

    Hmmm doesn't smell too good
  14. itsmejuli

    Help me PLEASE!!!!

    Canada is not America. Things are very different here.
  15. itsmejuli

    It's About Time

    Something simple with a seconds hand that you can see. Also watch has to be waterproof
  16. itsmejuli

    Are there work opportunities for LPN's in Canada?

    Considering that we're into our 6th month of winter why on earth would you want to come here?

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