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  1. tiffanyleigh0212

    Floated to Tele, no experience...

    our hospital doesn't allow pulled nurses on our floor unless they are from another tele unit and have been through the certifications. if your hospital does allow that, i think they should at least provide adequate training.
  2. tiffanyleigh0212

    Rhythm interpretation a fib

    a fib is the absence of Pwaves, so it could actually be regular and still be a fib
  3. tiffanyleigh0212

    Patient ratios progressive care units

    I work on a step down unit. Our floor has 42 pts with a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5. We are the only floor besides the icus that can take a vent pt. If we have a vent pt it's an automatic 1:4 ratio. We also take pts on aquadex, it is also a 1:4 ratio. Then you have all your standard cardiac stuff. Heart caths, ablations, cabgs, stemis, nstemis, chf, drips, bipaps, trachs, chest tubes, etc. Our charge nurse takes 2 pts, so theyre not always able to help either. We have 1 cna for the entire floor and monitor our own teles. We're extremely understaffed and are required 3 12's one week and then 4 12's the next week, then back to 3. In the past month we have had a total of 8 nurses leave between day shift and night shift. I'm just about at my point of looking for a new job as well. I'm curious to know how the pay is set in other hospitals. Do all of your rns make relatively the same base pay, or does it differ depending on acuity of pts? Ours is standard, so while were coding pts, other nurses are on other floors literally watching movies and making the same amount of money.
  4. tiffanyleigh0212


    our floor has been using aquadex for awhile and we've had so much success with it. i've only had one negative thing happen while having a patient on it, and it really wasn't even bad, a patient's BP dropped to in the 80's/40's, she had also pulled off over 2L in less than 5 hours. i immediately called the MD, they had me change the rate, and her BP was back up in no time. our floor will take only 2 aquadex patients at the most at any given time. our patients are also required to have a IJQL with a heparin drip running at the same time. never had any trouble with them personally. we're required to chart pressures qhrs but other than that, there isn't too much more to them. the machine only beeps when the bag is ready to be emptied or something wrong with line, typically just a kink or something.
  5. tiffanyleigh0212

    usually, how long into the program do clinicals start?

    We started a week after school started.
  6. tiffanyleigh0212

    Testicular Torsion

    Thanks so much for yalls help. TerpGal I didn't even think of tissue perfusion and risk for injury, those are great. While going through reading my case study again I realized that it says since the pt came in within 6 hrs, his testicle has a good chance of being saved. So if it is saved, disturbed body image wouldn't be an option, right? Our teacher said for us to look at the physiological aspects as well as psychosocial, that's why I keep coming back to the disturbed body image. Could I do something like "Risk for Disturbed Body Image r/t possible removal of testicle" I know Risk for Disturbed Body Image isn't an "official" diagnosis, so I didn't know if I could use that or not.
  7. tiffanyleigh0212

    Testicular Torsion

    I was thinking risk for infection because of surgery, and activity intolerance due the surgery too.
  8. tiffanyleigh0212

    Testicular Torsion

    I'm doing a C-MAP on testicular torsion and am coming up short on nursing diagnosis. I've looked all through my book and nursing diagnosis book. The main thing that is said is about the pain, so obviously pain will be my number 1 priority, but I still need to come up with 2 more. I don't know if I'm just thinking too much into this or what, but any input would help. So far I have - Acute Pain, and then others I've thought that could maybe work are Disturbed Body Image, Risk for Infection, Impaired Urinary Elimination, Activity Intolerance/Risk For. Does it seem like I'm on the right track?
  9. tiffanyleigh0212

    Clinical Parking

    wow, i feel really lucky. we have to park in the employee parking which is a decent ways away, but the employee shuttle circles around constantly picking up people and take them to the hospital and taking people from the hospital back to the parking lot
  10. tiffanyleigh0212

    Question I got wrong on my test!

    that's exactly what i was trying to say!
  11. tiffanyleigh0212

    Question I got wrong on my test!

    it can be argued by arguing weight, you don't have a baseline. arguing skin turgor, it isn't always acurate either depending on the pt
  12. tiffanyleigh0212

    Question I got wrong on my test!

    depending on the pts age. among a few other things. older pts. tent without being dehydrated, so it doesn't necessarily show signs of dehydration. i'm just saying the arguments can go both ways.
  13. tiffanyleigh0212

    Question I got wrong on my test!

    i just said as a general rule of thumb it's by weight. but you can argue that you don't have enough info to base it off of weight and as skin turgor (ie: they didn't say his age etc. as they didn't say anything about his weight. so it can go the same ways for each option). its a crappy question.
  14. tiffanyleigh0212

    Question I got wrong on my test!

    So tell us then how skin turgor is going to show the extent of the fluid loss? it's not, and further more, you don't the pts. age or anything or he might tent normally and it mean nothing, so the same thing could be argued as it could about the weight. the question is poorly worded and needs more information. and as a general rule of thumb it's always going to be weight to determine the extent of the loss
  15. tiffanyleigh0212

    Test Question

    Thanks everyone for your input, apparently the entire class gave her crap about it so she said she would accept both answers. Still irritates me though as to why on earth she would think that way though in the first place.
  16. tiffanyleigh0212

    Financial Aid?

    At our school, males are eligible for a scholarship just for being male going into nursing. Talk to someone in the nursing department at your school, and they should be able to tell you different scholarships that are offered and how to apply.