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  1. lochia_alba

    ospital ng sampaloc

    Hi robocop... I hope u don't mind, I have few questions and I sent it as a private message.. =)
  2. lochia_alba

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    I called QMMC again, this time the lady told me its June 23... heheheh so its 2-1, June 23 won over June 24.. hehehehh
  3. lochia_alba

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    Hi Simplyjane.. I'm a little confused.. i called them up earlier and the lady told me that the orientation is June 24.. yours is June 23... Maybe i should call them again tomorrow to clarify the date of orientation..
  4. lochia_alba

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    hi BlitzRN, Same here, I called them ealier as well, a guy who answered said no results for our batch yet...
  5. lochia_alba

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    to yves21: Maybe you should call QMMC and check for your status again.. My friend who took the exam on the same date as yours is already scheduled for next week's orientation. I also took the exam last may 25, morning session..I'll try to call them tomorrow for an update. =)
  6. lochia_alba


    TO: Corpuscles who sent me a PM. I'm sorry, I would like to answer your question but I'm still not allowed to to send PM. I'll try to complete the required posts as soon as possible in order to send you PM, is that ok? Good Day!!!!! =) =) =)
  7. lochia_alba

    Tagig Doctors Hospital

    Could you PM the email add to me as well? =) Thank you so much Kingramon! =)
  8. lochia_alba


    I just passed my requirements yesterday, =)
  9. lochia_alba

    PRC Certificate of Ranking

    Hi everyone.. I am a nurse who took the recently concluded midwifery licensure exam. The top 10 of the Nov 2009 MLE got grades ranging from 87-89. The thing is I got a grade close to the grade of the 10th top examinee. I wonder if PRC is giving ranking certificate to top 20 examinees??? (just to add a little good impression on hospital applications) or is there any list of ranking from top 1-50 since there are only 6000+ who took the exam??? I have no idea regarding this... I really can't help but wonder if there's such things as top 20 examinees.. Your replies and infos will be very much appreciated =)
  10. lochia_alba

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    Ooooooh what a bad luck, my friends didn't make it to the registration, I do not have a partner. Plus I'm afraid to feel again the pain that I felt when we did the return demonstration for parenteral meds, or might be worst... =(
  11. Hi narscathy, I want to try to apply in PAF.. Can i ask for their contact number so I can call them up first before going there? Thanks in advance =)
  12. lochia_alba

    where CAN I FIND A JOB

    Hi, i want to thank you for all the info you have posted in this site. It helped a lot of Fil nurses. I am hoping for the posiblity that PAF may open their doors for interview soon. Is there chances???? Thanks again..
  13. lochia_alba

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    @ Official02: In return demonstration, are we going to use dummy or we need a partner to do iv insertion??? Sorry for too much questions but i really have few ideas regardng this. =)
  14. lochia_alba

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    Hi everyone.. I wonder how was the IVT training at LUng Center of the Phils??? Is it good? I am scheduled for January 2010, I don't know what to expect. Please advise... Thank you very much! =)
  15. Hello there guys! Since its difficult to find nursing jobs in hospitals here in manila, i was thinking to opt for provincial hospitals. Can anyone kindly give me some ideas on which ospitals in Luzon provinces accept nursing applicants??? Puh-llleeaaasseee help me. Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and Cavite is a big OK for me. But if there's other opportunities in other provinces, I am pretty much open for the posibilities. Your replies will be very much appreciated. Thanks!!!!!
  16. lochia_alba

    Hospitals in Manila open for hiring?

    HI Kingramon!!! I just want to ask, what are the requirements needed for Taguig Doctor's Hosp?.. =) i hope you could reply to my message.. thanks in advance.. =)