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  1. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    Wow, the rumors are getting crazier by the day! 800 people!? If thats true, then you now need to score in the TOP 4-5% to get into the program. It could very well be true. Enrolment at Community colleges and Nursing programs across the country are at a record high due to the recession so its very possible this is true but I would think that last year WCC would have seen an increase as well and when I went to the Nursing seminar in the fall, they said 85 for entry in the RN day, slightly lower for evening and that approx 465 took the test so something sounds off to me. Maybe the proctor who told you 800 people is talking about the entire COUNTY of Westchester? or maybe 800 people always register but only about 1/2 take the test? I do know alot of people who registered but got accepted to another school and are going there. Also, registration for the TEAS is closed after a certain date, its not like you can register whenever you want, I think it was a few week window if I remember correctly. In any case, I now feel like throwing up myself!
  2. nickynoodles

    Teas science!!! Version 3/4

  3. nickynoodles

    GED book for TEAS?

    MOTIVATEDONE, Could you tell me what are of Anatomy to study?? Its such a BROAD topic! Thanks so much!
  4. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    bahagurl, really? im suprised to hear that (about the A&P). I actually heard the opposite, that there were only a few AP questions and something about rocks! lol
  5. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    HI Bahagurl, You most likely did not get into the RN program. Typically the lowest grade to get into the RN program at WCC is an 85. You may however be eligible to apply to the LPN program with a 74. Can I ask you, how was the science on the TEAS? Can you give me any advice on what I should focus on?
  6. nickynoodles

    Teas 3/4 science....advice/tips?

    Anyone who took the TEAS 3/4 test.....this is a thread for tips/advice on the SCIENCE portion! THANKS!
  7. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College - Fall 2010

    How do you think you did? I've been studying like crazy, can't wait to get it over with! Can you give me any general advice of what to study for the Science portion? 30 questions can cover an awful lot of areas and I don't knw where to focus-overwhelmed!
  8. nickynoodles

    Practice Teas Test

    there are so many great sources on the internet that can help you in each of the science areas. I googled alot of things I didnt know. I ALSO USED YOUTUBE!! they have great tutuorials which are good for people who rather not read and learn better from hearing it discussed. BE RESOURCEFUL
  9. nickynoodles

    Teas science!!! Version 3/4

    If youve taken the test, PLEASE BE SO KIND as to list your tips/advice for the SCIENCE portion
  10. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    When you say they factor in where you're commuting from, what does that mean? Do you mean the take an inventory of where all their students live before they choose a hospital for clinicals? Sorry for all the questions I just have so many! Also, any advice/tips you learned about anything along the way that you could pass on?
  11. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    im confused, do the students choose which hospitals they want to go to? youre halfway through meaning youre on semester 2 Im assuming, so where have you had to go to? I dont know why they said the Bronx at the seminar.
  12. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    wccnursingperson, thanks so much for your info! that helps clear things up alot. I want to ask you, since youre already in about something else that concerns me. Where have you had to go for clinicals? Im wondering about commute time...Is it true that clinicals will sometimes be in the BRONX?!! Also, do you get to stay at one hospital for a whole semester or does it change weekly? Are you day or eve? thanks
  13. nickynoodles

    Took the TEAS today

    Peascarrots, what version of the test did you take? 3/4 or 5?
  14. nickynoodles

    Science portion of TEAS

    RAYMONGAL, Im wondering what version of the teas are you taking, the 3/4 or the 5??
  15. Good everywhere but the science (but isnt that most of us)?!! Hoping those who have already taken it can give me some advice in regards to this section!?
  16. nickynoodles

    Westchester Community College FALL 2010 RN PROGRAM

    I was told the GPA is not factored in, thats its solely the TEAS score that they look at, at least thats what they said at the Information session. I wish I knew more..