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  1. Psychology classes aren't really that difficult, but they usually require a LOT of writing! If you're up for it and have absolutely nothing else going on this summer, I'd go for it. But if there's a chance you might even work part time, I'd only take 2 of those classes.
  2. cebollita

    needing a prescription for vaseline??

    Thats insane. I'm actually wondering if they do this so they can nickle & dime people and charge them for it.
  3. cebollita

    Moving to Lewes, Delaware How is Beebe Hospital to work for.

    Hey, I'm from Lewes. Beebe is a very good hospital to work for, definitely one of the better options for Sussex county. I just applied for a job there for a temporary summar registrar position (I'm starting nursing clinicals in Aguest, still a pre-nursing student) and the list of benefits that Beebe employees get is very nice. I also have known 3 different nurses who have worked there, and they all seemed to enjoy it!
  4. cebollita

    Worried about not having a 4.0? DONT!

    Ugh, I'm glad someone else noticed this and pointed it out! Almost all gpa related posts on here are all like "I have a 4.0 but blah blah blah is still happening to me, oh noes!" OR "I have a 3.5, it's just so low, me so stupid!" Or something like that...
  5. cebollita

    I can't beleive this!

    Well, you should be sure the doc really said that, and that the coworker who said she did isn't just starting drama. As long as the people in charge of you know what actually happened, they probably won't even take this doctor seriously the next time she runs her mouth, if she really did.
  6. cebollita

    What I should do?

    Where are you from? Maybe the extra credits that you need to take can be things that would help for nursing school. Or maybe you should try to see if you can talk to someone else other than this adivsor to see if you can just take those few classes that you need. I'd think you would be able to apply for nursing school without a college degree though.
  7. There are a lot of people in their 30's and 40's and even 50's who I have done nursing pre-reqs with. I wouldnt' worry about the Astronomy class, I failed a bunch of classes when I was younger, dumber, and in a different major, and I am still able to get the Pell grant.
  8. cebollita

    Doomed to fail

    Girl, if I wanted to quit school because of math troubles, I would have done dropped out in 9th grade! But seriously, you have to ask yourself; "do I want to drop out because I've convinced myself I'm not good enough and I'm upset about some non A+++ grades? Or am I really and truly not interested in nursing at all and have learned that via nursing school?"
  9. cebollita

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    I'm not a nurse yet, but whenever I hear about Sleeping Beauty, I can' stop thinking about how bad her bed sores must have been. 100 years without being turned!
  10. cebollita

    criminal background check

    At my school, they do an FBI backgound check (including fingerprinting) and a general criminal background check. They say that if we have misdemeanors or less we'll still be accepted, just not if we have felonies. A friend of mine was worried about what would come up on her background check because she had a shoplifting charge from 6 years ago. When her background check came up, the shoplifting wasn't even on there. Maybe because she paid her fines and did community service, as sentened.
  11. You know, I never even knew nursing was a popular career choice for Philipinos/Philipinas until I signed up for this website! I just never thought about it or noticed. Then again, there aren't many people from the Philipines where I live. Guess I'll have to start learning Tagalog (even though I'm sure they're all 100% fluent in English, it helps to make friends by surprising people with a few words of their native language...just for fun!)
  12. cebollita

    How can a Canadian LPN get an American work visa?

    Wow, I wish I could help you. I was actually just wondering the opposite...how to get a work visa to Canda as an American nurse!
  13. cebollita

    African Americans as nurses.

    Ah, yes, unless you have a time machine with wich you're going back in time to:. 1.) Germany in the 1930's/40's 2.) The United states in any given decade prior to the 1950's 3.) Pre 1990 South Africa, in a "white" hospital. et. ect...
  14. cebollita

    starting LPN program in Aug 2011..anyone else?

    I'm starting the LPN program at Delaware Tech in Augest. By the way, you guys are lucky, here in Delaware it's about $1500 for CNA classes, which is why I'm just going to sit for the cna exam after my first semester of nursing school.
  15. cebollita

    Should smokers be admitted into the nursing program?

    Yeah, besides, tattoos don't smell bad.