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  1. jaimealmostRN

    Did we do the right thing? 23 wker

    Out of curiousity: why was it up to this 1st doctor to decide the DNR? Why not the parents? Or why wasn't a medivac team available to transfer to the NICU? I'm honestly asking, b/c it seems it should be up to the parents (even though they may not understand what a tough road the baby would have). ???
  2. jaimealmostRN

    Grey's Anatomy Premier!!! + How to Contact Show Creators

    Uggg, not again! Those hollywood types must have never been in a hospital, birthing center, LTC facility, etc. I love that Patrick guy (from 'Cant buy me love') but theres no way I'm watching if its "ER part two." Just show me were to send my angry letters!
  3. jaimealmostRN

    ER Orientation - Anyone like to share theirs?

    Sorry forgot to add: We have the ENA modules....oops. :)
  4. jaimealmostRN

    You know it is going to be a bad day in the ER when...

    I love it, TriageRN!!! Especially 14 and 19. :)
  5. jaimealmostRN

    ER Orientation - Anyone like to share theirs?

    I can only tell you about #1. I'm a new grad starting in the ER. For the past three weeks (and for two more) I have been on a Med-Surg floor learning the pyxis, documentation, the computer system, pt-oriented stuff that a new grad may not know yet... HIPAA for instance. After that, I'll go down to our ER where I'll begin in Minor Care then work my way up to the Emergent section...at some point I'll float over to Peds for a few weeks (were only required to float there in a real emergency, mass call outs,etc, so very rarely). I hope this helps, I can tell you more in the next few weeks and months. Good luck.
  6. jaimealmostRN

    Vit A

    Vit. A = Ativan Vit. H = Haldol Both wonderful with aggitated pts!!!
  7. jaimealmostRN

    Best And Worst About La...

    Best: Celebrities around every corner, starbucks, fred segal, everywhere! Beautiful weather, the beach :), CNA, UCLA, Big Sur, all the, ahem, interesting people! Worst: Earthquakes, how everyone you meet is trying to be an actor/musician!
  8. jaimealmostRN

    Funny Names for Nurses

    I know a female physician named Dr. Pusey......never heard her paged over any sort of PA system though, LOL.
  9. jaimealmostRN

    Can diastolic be higher than systolic?

    The sys. is the contraction of the heart and the dias. is the relaxation so its not possible....
  10. jaimealmostRN

    Why I hate DC

    I spent the first few yrs of my life there, so I'm biased! But I hear you, I lived in Va. too for most of that time, going to school in DC. Not a very tough choice though, LA!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the way!
  11. jaimealmostRN

    New start-feeling so depressed

    Sorry I couldn't put this in the Break room, but it wouldn't let me. Anyway, this thread is a bummer, but I just have to vent. Just started a great new job, but still in orientation. I moved up to be near to the job (about 45 min away), away from the EX, my friends and my family. Now, suddenly I miss the ex (ekk), and of course, miss the friends and family. They're not that far away, but is it normal to feel this way? I keep bursting into tears and had to come home from a class at work today b/c I kept having to running out. Has anyone else been thru this?
  12. jaimealmostRN

    ER RN salary

    NJ-$30/hr for new grads on nights, $24-28/hr for days depending on hospital. :)
  13. jaimealmostRN

    Out with "Nurse" In with...?

    Thanks for the help Alicia18! Yeah, I guess I'll email brian soon. Thanks everyone!!!
  14. jaimealmostRN

    scrubs vs dress casual

    RN. All RNs get $75 2 times a year, unless the hospital supplies you (ICUs, L&D).
  15. jaimealmostRN

    Out with "Nurse" In with...?

    Actually I AM a Registered Nurse now....haven't changed my name yet . (Does anyone know how to do that???)
  16. jaimealmostRN

    Out with "Nurse" In with...?

    I somewhat agree with the OP. I think the term nurse has be abused by other people in healthcare to where it doesn't really have the same meaning anymore. For example, I met a home health aid (not registered or anything, just did it by word of mouth) who was a truly not great person (IV drugs, theft, etc). To her elderly pts that she helped at home with cooking, cleaning,etc, she called her self a 'nurse.' I personally use the term, RN when I am introducing myself and I think that sounds fairly asexual...so thats my vote!