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DialysisTech76 specializes in Dialysis.

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  1. DialysisTech76

    Do you use 2 Bags of NS or 1?

    I think with DaVita, reuse is here to stay. Dry packs are so much better....I think.
  2. DialysisTech76

    Do you use 2 Bags of NS or 1?

    We prime and recirc with one bag and change bags before treatment is started. Unless a problem comes up we only use 2 bags.
  3. DialysisTech76

    How much do your PCT's do?

    At our facility the PCTs do not draw up meds or give them, unless its saline. After completing a Cath training class we do all all caths and cath care. We call when we need a med push. We do all assessments and notify a nurse if something is out of normal range. We work 1 staff to 4 patients. The pods across from each other have an LPN and PCT working together with 8 patients. We also have a RN who does not take any patients and will rarly draw up meds for LPNs. PCTs do make packs. Sometimes I feel the nursing staff would not care if we pushed the meds but I would not put my job or a nurses job in harm. We wouk together well....No complaints here.
  4. DialysisTech76


    I work for a DaVita in Florida. 16 chair unit, 4/1 ratio, FA is great, charge nurse does not take patients, we have a PCT and LPN for each 8 chairs. So each day we have 1 RN, 2 LPNs, 2 PCTs and a reuse/PCT for 16 patients. PCTs are allowed to take care of cath patients. The FA and AA order all supplies. We have never been told to cut down on using supplies or do we ever run out. Nurses work hard as do the PCTs. The only person that runs the unit is the FA (non nurse). We do have techs that have been there for along time, they know the patients and are asked how they would do things by the charge nurse. The final say comes form the FA or the charge nurse. I have had no problems with DaVita. Pay is good and so are the benifits. I pay $52 each pay period for my benifits which includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short and long term disability. A job is what you make of it. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
  5. DialysisTech76

    Question about DaVita

    Im in Florida and unless things have changed we have to work 6 months before we can transfer to a different facility.
  6. DialysisTech76

    Davita working environment?

    I work for Davita now as a PCT and I worked for them years ago. I have never really had any major problems. We were always staffed good. If someone calls in we all have to work harder that day but that happens everywhere. I work with wonderful nurses and techs. Some days are better than others but all the staff works hard to help out. We always have more than one nurse on the floor (unless one calls in and we can't find another). Nurses respect PCT's and PCT's respect nurses. Never had any problems with supplies or cut backs. I get paid what I was promised when I was hired with increases. Medical insurance with DaVita is good (I've had worse). Training taught me what I needed to know. All and all I am happy with DaVita. I'm sure if I had problems like others have had I wouldn't feel the same way. I am blessed to have such a great job.
  7. DialysisTech76

    acute dialysis- lets talk money

    About 9 years ago PCTs were paid $75 per treatment and nurses $100 per treatment.