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  1. sacstate2010

    Took NCLEX-RN today for 4th time!

    Im very happy for you, CONGRATULAITOIN!!!:w00t:
  2. sacstate2010

    How many days till your pinning ceremony?

    Very great topic. I have 40 days till my pinning. Can't wait to be done!!!!!
  3. sacstate2010

    My first RN paycheck hits my account today!!

    Congratulaiton. You are so fortunate. I'm graduaitng this May and hope to get my job soon too:)
  4. If I would be the hiring manager, I like your answer since you told the truth and did not make any stories. Good luck, hope you'll get the job
  5. sacstate2010

    Sac State Spring 2012 or Fall 2012

    Hi guys, I'm finishing my 3rd semester at SacState and love the school. Specially after moving to a new building and having place to ourself. Hope you will get the spot!
  6. sacstate2010

    First day of nursing School *unleashed* post yours

    Such a great post! A lot of info!!! Good luck in your school: in good and bad days. You'll be a great student I can tell it just by reading your posts. I am starting my school on Jan 25!!!
  7. sacstate2010

    Spring 2010 CSUS nursing program

    Dear DEALSMOM! thank you so much for the info. Somehow I didn't know that something will be on Jan 19, I only knew about 20, the orientation. Of course I will bring something. I will cook, not sure what but for sure something delicious. I am so excited or actually, more scared... Can you tell if you, honestly, like the program and the teachers and the students? Are you guys support each others? I just red imail saying that there is a test on the second day of school. How is it possible? I don't know what to study. I have so much ??? and I hope Nursing is for me, oh... Thank you so much for inf
  8. sacstate2010

    Sacramento: when to take the TEAS

    wow, you have good plans, I am sure that one of them will work out for you. I know that prereqs don't have exparation date in CSUS, so maybe your Spanish, too. I wanted to go to Samuel for MSNP and it's little over $100K, just for tuition. I decided to go without spending that much, however it might be a longer road. So, I understand your frastration. It's a big news about Sutter. Are you sure? It would be so nice if they will accept students again. I heard it's a great program. My friend applied to SCC for Spring 2010, didn't get in, but she didn't know about Sutter. Good luck with TEAS. It's a huge deal if you're going to apply to SCUS, since they are point system based. Marry Christmas!
  9. sacstate2010

    Sacramento: when to take the TEAS

    Hi greatpyr mom! Congratulation for finishing your prereq.!!! :yeah:I was there not a while ago and just got into SacState for Spring 2010. I know what you mean about SCC and ARC. The staff is simply rood. I was taking my prereq in SCC and ARC. I also know about Samuel Merrit, they are so nice and they should be for their tuition fees... If you talked to them it's mean you have a bachelor already? With your GPA, why don't you apply to SacState. It is much easier to get there than to any of JC. I know it from my experience and the staff from SacState nursing department is just awsome. You don't need to take TEAS for college untill you get there, but if you want to apply to Delta in Stockton, then you need, but you can take it from there. If you still want to take (even you don't need it) TEAS, let me know I'll tell you where in Sacramento you can take it.
  10. sacstate2010

    Practice Teas Test

    Sorry, guys but it was COUNTERCLOCKWISE, 100% sure. Virginia2009, you're very welcome and good luck in applying and of course, in getting IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, through the whole English part, there was no colon(punctuation), not even once.
  11. sacstate2010

    Practice Teas Test

    Hi, I think you have to have 15 posts and then I can send you a private email. Why are you taking TEAS, where are you applying?
  12. sacstate2010

    Mt Sac Spring 2010

    Jaimemac, sounds like you have a good plan. I would probably do the same for masters. Injoy your time with a family this Christmas season.
  13. sacstate2010

    Mt Sac Spring 2010

    Wow, you got into a college? I'm sure you'll save a LOT of money. I got a Paralegal degree from a college and it was sooooooooooo cheep. Of course RN is more expensive, but still. Congratulation! How many times did you apply? Are you plannning to go for BSN later?
  14. sacstate2010

    Mt Sac Spring 2010

    Congratulation:yeah::yeah:. Sorry, can't give you advice since I am also starting in Spring 2010. Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and happy hard studying:jester:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. sacstate2010

    Spring 2010 CSUS nursing program

    Hi Yuriy, CONGRATULATION:specs:!!! It's great to know more people before the school starts. I also didn't know about this forum until recently. I got here in October. At some point, after reading some posts about our future career, I started to think if I've done a right thing. For me it's also a career changea and I got scared after reading what kind of life some nurses have. But for sure, we got into the school with a great program. I think school starts around January 22-24. So, injoy your family and kids while you can. That's what I'm planning to do!!!
  16. sacstate2010

    Rejection letter does not mean I will stop trying

    DON'T GIVE UP. KEEP TRYING. Your parents should be proud of you for trying that hard. I would be.