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  1. Hello everyone! My 457 Temporary Work visa was granted today. Thank God! I took my bridging last January and ended last March. AHPRA registration took some time and got it only after 4 weeks and I have to exit Australia. But before I flew back to PH, I already got 2 arrangement for interviews. One wanted to do it personally, which declined my request for phone/online interview. The other one was fine with phone interview. That was my first interview, it was a long one , the position was in line with my experience. Afterwards, I was offered another interview from another hospital. I was offered a job with my first interview. I don't know about the second one yet. But I fancy the first one better. It took sometime for the paperworks with the HR and just got nominated last Monday. The day when I applied for 457 also. Two days after, my nomination was approved, minutes later... VISA GRANT. I want to inspire other people here but also serve as a caution for those who are starting. It was an adventure, it was fun but not easy. Before I commenced my journey, I have been reading a lot of bad news about sponsorship since 2012. It was difficult. Perhaps I was just the person at the right time and place. We are 7 in our class and I am glad to say that most of us have secured a job offer already. And that's because we have years of experience to back us up. Take your journey with caution. Sponsorship for work visa is tough. Even statistics will tell you that RNs do not belong to the top 15 of sponsored jobs anymore. My best suggestion is to gain more than 3 years of paid experience. And if everything else fail, try the permanent residency pathway.
  2. I applied online for my visitor visa. It took 3 weeks and 2 days before they decide to grant it. That includes the very long christmas and new year holidays. Technically, the grant can be shortened. I had my medicals at Nationwide, cheaper than St Lukes but generally take longer for the results to be uploaded. I'm flying on the 28th.
  3. Happy New Year, everyone! Congratulations to those who already have their eligibility to tale the BP. Don't worry about the refusal letter, it's part of it. The referral letter is all that you need. @jmolina1985 Since you are already in Melbourne, I wanted to ask you for any suggestion and recommendation about my future circumstances. 1. I will study in Monash University in Clayton. I believe it is south of Melbourne CBD. I need to arrange an accommodation for just 7 days because my clinical placement will be in a different place. I already sent messages to ads on flatmates.com, they cannot welcome me because they want long term stay arrangement. Do you think I can find one? 2. I will have my Clinical Placement at John Fawkner Private Hospital, which is north of CBD and closer to it. I also sent messages via flatmates.com and only few would bargain as of the moment. I will try to message them back next year. I am looking for a room for only 100-130AUD which would save me a lot. Haha. Are there other ways to find accommodation? Gumtree.com ads are not replying. 3. About transportation, how would you go around Melbourne? How could I save for transpo? I believe there's Myki. How much is the usual cost/day? Thank you.
  4. @sandy.beach You're email is wrong? I got a failure notice. @jmolina1985 See you.
  5. @jmolina1985 Good luck! I'm already done with my visa application online and had my medical exam yesterday. Although I haven't paid any to Monash for the course fee. They already gave me a Certificate of Enrollment. AUD is at its lowest for sometime now, maybe its the best time to make money transfers. Just today, ELP director sent me the program guide and I just felt totally nervous. Thank you for that jmolina1985. If everything goes well, I'll be there by Jan 28-30. @Ba5ty Try Monash. Haha. I feel alone. Good luck!
  6. @Ba5ty and mae05 Congratulations! Long wait is over. One step done. What are your plans now? When are you going to take BP? @jmolina1985 Sorry about that.
  7. How much show money/proof of funds is needed for the Business Visitor Subclass 600 visa? Please answer.
  8. @mae05 It should be by date order. However, as you can see, it's not. Timing is likely to be very dependent on how fast (or slow) your registration officers are. For one, you have an officer in the branch you applied for. The time from the receipt of your application to the time he/she referred it to NSW is a factor. Another one is how fast is your registration officer in NSW. I think that is the biggest factor. He/she assesses for its completeness, then maybe refer it to his/her manager, then refer it to the IQNM National Team. After that, the time it will be referred to the National Board which is crucial. The Board usually decides it for just a day but the time in between passing and scheduling and queuing it up is really crucial. When the Board has decisions already, another factor is where will the decision go, which local board will send out the decision. It should take 2-4 weeks after the Board consideration before you'll know. Good luck!
  9. Monash University for 5 Jan 2015 intake. The intensive phase will start on 2 Feb and clinical placement on 9 Feb. I am still waiting for the ID so that I can manage the online modules and the confirmation of enrolment. I bargained if I can already access the modules and have my confirmation of enrolment even if I am not yet fully paid.
  10. Hi. I was NOT able to get into the scholarship program of Monash. Well, my thoughts are good as yours. I've done the online registration for the course and I saw that only 3 people completed it (out of 10 available slots). I am just waiting for the confirmation of my enrollment so that I can lodge my visa.
  11. On criminal history check: When I applied to AHPRA, I did not send any local police check (NBI or Police Clearance). I am aware that most of you here attached one with AGOS just like what I read while preparing for my documents. But I read that form over and over again and I didn't read any requiring such. Moreover, they didn't ask me to send one. With changes on and about to be introduced, I realized that it may be this time that they will require one. I am doing the guesswork and I think that the only "supplier" to do such as a person who lived and worked here in PH since age of 18 is NBI. Well, question is, how will AHPRA want that criminal check to be arranged? Direct courier from NBI to AHPRA? I just hope that they just require a certified copy, less cost and faster. Perhaps, they will also require a federal police in Australia as additional "supplier". I think some schools for BP require such also, it may hit two birds with one stone. Well, not an issue of avoiding such. But, the cost that may incur and a big possibility of delays can be a huge concern.
  12. Got accepted in Monash University however I did not qualify for the scholarship together with someone I know. Now, I wonder why? So there, I cannot pay the 12,500 plus 2,500 admin fee. Looking for other schools.
  13. It will be on your inbox anytime soon. I waited 12 working days. I didn't need to follow up. AHPRA may manage your application back to the local board different from where you lodged your application.
  14. @ordoghaz Now, I know. I'm still not confident doing general IELTS. Haha. And I have to complete everything before my academic expires late next year. I can obtain 60 points anyway, I think, and 65 point if state sponsored. @jcrisostomo8 Monash should give me the scholarship for promoting them. Haha. Check this Facebook page: Education Linkages Philippines. They have a post there about the program.
  15. official02

    Bridging Program in Australia

    Oh I see. Yes, we can now lodge online app for visitor visa.How did you answer this?27 Do you intend to work as, or study to be, a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic during your stay in Australia?
  16. @jcrisostomo8 I started after I got my LOE just this month. I find it difficult to complete my vaccination because its too costly and I can't find some adult vaccines near my place. Another bump for me is the mantoux test because our hospital's TB DOTS has no available stock of PPD. I'll just buy tomorrow. Why don't you try applying for the scholarship program of Monash? If I'll be granted with one, I'll push through with them. If not, I'm uncertain.