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  1. lina.561

    CNA hourly pay rate?

    I was working as PRN at 10.00 per hour. 11.00 on weekend. That was 5 months ago...I am now on full time and I get 11.00 per hour and 12.00 on the weekend. 8 hour shifts at a Nursing/Rehab Center in FL, Palm Beach Gardens. I work 7-3 days. right now Im pushing overtime! Yay
  2. lina.561

    How long is the actual class for each RN prereq?

    Thanks guys for the info! I do have to take the CPT test. I am refreshing my math so I get a high score that way I wont have to take the remedial class. So was that 3 hours each day? I'll have to sit down after my CPT scores and see what the schedule will be. Thanks
  3. I'm trying to figure a daily schedule. Anyone interested in letting me know how long the classes are? I work 7-3pm 4 days a week, and work every other weekend as CNA in a skilled nursing facility. Today Im officially full time! I just hope I'll be able to do my RN pre-reqs by taking one pre-req at a time or two at a time depending on how long the class takes... Any advise would help. I know Im asking a lot. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. lina.561

    A&P Lab ?

    I hope Palm Beach State has the students practice on cadavers! That would be exciting!
  5. lina.561

    A&P Lab ?

    What is cadavers?
  6. lina.561

    CNA hourly pay rate?

    FLORIDA STATE: SOUTH I was hired at a Skilled Nursing Facility/Rehab as a CNA with no experience and I work 7am-3pm PRN usually 4 days a week and some weekends. I get paid 10.00 an hour and 11.00 an hour on weekends. Time and a half on major holidays. I have a max of 7 pt.
  7. lina.561

    Pre-Nursing Classes

    Hi, 1. Are some of these classes general edu? 2. Are these classes required when you walk in to college if you have no college education? (for the ADN program) 3. Do these classes have a time limit after you complete them, like the pre-reqs do? 4. Can I complete the geneal edu stuff before enrolling to complete the RN pre-reqs?
  8. lina.561

    Need Your Opinion: ASN or BSN?

    "time limit"- Pre-reqs have a 5 year or 10 year time limit.
  9. lina.561

    Need Your Opinion: ASN or BSN?

    Hi Muffin, I know this was from July... But I have a question for you.. You said at first you were set to enter in ASN program at PBSC. I would like to do this. I have my CNA. I do not have any college education, Do you think there is a way for me to get the general education out of way, without a "time Limit" before I start on my pre-reqs??
  10. Okay. I thought they did walk ins...IDK. Thank you for your input. AS Degree it is. I really would like to get this done NOW. General Education. You said 60 hours?
  11. Hi lex thank you for responding to me :) I did go to the College today to speak with an advisor, they are booked up until the 30th! Seesh. I understand the LPN is not a degree program and I would like to bridge over to RN from the LPN program, they have this option at the college. My local community college just changed to a State college. They offer BS now. Would it be safer to just get AA in case things change? AA is an AS degree but more because it has the option to transfer to a university? Am I right? Can I do this AS degree before I do my pre-reqs?
  12. Hi Lex! I read your comment above, You said that you pursued your AA prior to NS. The AA is general education right? I would like to get my general education out of the way while I wait for my sister to turn 16. She's 12 now. Then I can go on to start pre-preqs. But let me ask you something, did you have a choice between the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degree? Which one is best? I am planning to go to Palm Beach State College for everything. I hope to enter the LPN and bridge over to NS. But that would be after the general education and pre-reqs.
  13. Yes I defiantly agree I need to get my butt up there! I will do this. I did talk to a fellow CNA student and she told me that the counselors tried to push her to take on the AA rather than AS. IDK why. But Thank you all of you!
  14. I would first like to get the General stuff out of the way while I wait until my sister turns 16. she's 12 now. I would like to do this before I take Pre-reqs. Is this possible?
  15. How long does the General Education take if I were to do them one by one?
  16. Thank you very much for your responses! So in order for you to complete your ADN you have to do the RN pre-reqs first? And those pre-reqs have time limits right? Before the ADN, I need to have the general edu done, am I getting this right? So if I complete the general edu there is no Associates Degree? I get the ADN after I complete the pre-reqs?