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  1. Blackcat99

    Resentment Will Destroy You

    Another great article from TheCommuter. I sure wish I could let go of the strong resentment I feel for my co-workers. I have never met such obnoxious people in my entire life.
  2. Blackcat99

    Suicide Is Not Your Answer

    I am trying to find a new job for this very reason. I am tired of being depressed and wishing I were dead. I would never commit suicide because it is against my religion. But I sure hope I can find something less stressful soon.
  3. Blackcat99

    Nurses Who Have Killed

    I remember many years ago watching a court TV program. A" prison" nurse was accused of killing her husband with a drug overdose of insulin. I remember thinking that maybe he had just accidently given himself too much insulin. However, I changed my mind real quick when I learned that her husband was not even a diabetic!!!!
  4. Blackcat99

    Different Types Of Elder Abuse

    Thanks for sharing this information.
  5. Blackcat99

    Maxin nsg per diem

    The harrassment doesn't stop even after you have been working with them for awhile . I have a relative who is to be notified for "emergencies only". Those clowns have been calling and bothering him weekly because they call my house and I'm not home. They call my house once and if I'm not home they leave a message. After that one call they immediately then call my relative who lives out of state!!!!! What do they expect? That I spend my days off sitting by my phone in case they call? They also have my work schedule. They also call my relative when it is obvious from my work schedule that I am actually at work. Call me at work you clowns!!!!!
  6. Blackcat99

    remember when....?

    Yes, I was nearly dead by the end of my shifts. I worked as an aide at that facility for about 8 months. I worked as an LPN at that other nursing home facility for about a year. It's making me tired right now just thinking about it.
  7. Blackcat99

    remember when....?

    I remember being a nurse's aide in a 99 bed nursing home. The other aide and I would change incont. patients- most of the 99 patients were incont during the night. It was just 2 aides for 99 patients.:eek: It was exhausting. I remember the 2 LPN charge nurses just sitting around and chatting all night. They rarely ever had any tube feeders at that time. I remember thinking "I am going to be an LPN someday and then I can sit around and relax all night." Of course, by the time I actually became an LPN the rules had changed and it never happened for me. When I became an LPN, I worked night shift and I was the one and only nurse for 99 patients. I had about 15 tube feeders too!!!
  8. Blackcat99

    Best Florida city?

    I like Orlando. It has a lot of fun things to do. However, the heavy traffic in Orlando is too much like the heavy traffic in Los Angeles. It's a great place to visit. But I would not want to live in Orlando. I had a lot of fun in Orlando. I had my most fun at Gatorland!!!!!!! Alligators are truly fascinating.
  9. Blackcat99

    Kid keeps pulling out his trach!!!!!

    Thanks again. I will ask his Mom tomorrow if it is OK for me to tape them up. We always have scissors nearby so we could cut it off quickly if needed.
  10. Blackcat99

    Kid keeps pulling out his trach!!!!!

    Thanks ventmommy. He wears the Dale 240 Blue tracheostomy tube holders. They are a latex free soft tie. I have never heard of chains as a tube holder. But it sure sounds like a good idea. I mean this kid has got to keep his trach in somehow.
  11. My patient sure knows how to get attention. He pulls on his trach and trach collar. When he gets really mad, he pulls out the whole trach tube!!! He has not pulled out his whole trach tube on me yet. So far, I have been lucky. Yikes- How do we stop this little guy from pulling out his trach??? He is moderately developmentally disabled. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
  12. Blackcat99

    A Matter of Respect and Dignity: Bullying in the Nursing Profession

    It all depends on the situation. Are you being bullied? Please tell us your situation and perhaps we can offer you some suggestions.
  13. I am curious as to how nursing managers feel about tattoos. I know some people love tattoos and some people hate tattoos. Since nurse managers are in charge of hiring nurses, I am wondering how they feel about tattoos. Thanks:nurse:
  14. Blackcat99

    background check

    It depends. One place called me with results after just a few weeks. Another place did not contact me for over 30 days. I would wait until they call you and confirm that everything is OK. After they confirm that it is OK then give your official notice at the other job. Good luck.
  15. Blackcat99

    Nursing Tattoo

    I love it!!!! Yes, your excitement will indeed drop significantly!!!! How true.