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Future CNM hopeful, start my BSN Fall 2010, mommy to my two crazy kids!

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  1. heatherhammy

    Contacting unit managers?

    Hello, had a question for all of you wonderful people :) I am about to graduate (yay!!!) and I am submitting applications for all available positions I am interested in. One of my instructors recommended that I also directly email/call the managers for units I am interested in, even if they aren't any job postings available. Though this will take me way out of my comfort zone, I think it's a good idea. Only thing is... how on Earth do I get their contact info? I'd like to start with emails... I checked the hospital websites but no luck there :/ any suggestions?
  2. heatherhammy

    Before starting nursing school

    I agree with alwayskatiek- the biggest thing that would have helped me was to get my personal life as set as I could. If you like to cook, make some meals and freeze them :) You want to keep yourself healthy but you may not have time to cook every day. This summer I'll be making sure I get my personal stuff straightened out before I start my 3rd semester. I reviewed A&P- especially the 'processes' (i.e. what happens when the body recognizes and infection, coagulation cascade, etc.), also review sympathetic & parasympathetic- that will really help with pharmacology. I also got an nclex review book from the library. I wasn't trying to study the information, but rather to just get used to the questions. It isn't always "what is the right answer" but what is the *most* right answer, or what would you do first. I would also recommed getting your books for next semester when you can as well as a copy of the syllabus and just glance over what you will be covering. Don't overwhelm yourself but just so that you have an idea of the subjects covered.
  3. heatherhammy


    Esophageal varices. Just lost my mom to that so know it way too well...
  4. heatherhammy

    Nursing school is pretty easy so far...

    My 1st semester was the easiest, but it definetely picked up in the 2nd. Though, like some others have said, it wasn't so much that it was difficult but that it's A LOT of work doing assignments, studying, etc. And the tests were so subjective so even if I knew the material I sometimes got questions wrong. I was so worried about starting school too because I heard it was so hard. A&P was a breeze for me, but med-surg... not so much lol.
  5. Hi All! I haven't been on here in a long time, so I apoligize if this is a question that has been asked recently. I took leave from nursing school for Fall 11 & Spring 12 to have my baby so I go back next August. I'm spending this semester trying to review med-surg- I can't believe how much I've forgotten already I bought the study guide to go along with my med-surg book while I was still in class but I stopped using it because I found a couple questions that were wrong (and who knows how many more were wrong, those were just the ones that I caught). I bought the Med-surg Demystified book and I liked it, but when I got the the quiz at the end of the first chapter I found one of the questions wrong... It asked about why a patient has fluid build-up in the lungs when they have CHF- the answer (according to the book) was that the left side of the heart is weak and is losing the capability to pump blood *to his lungs*. Well, unless I've forgotten more than I thought the fluid build-up is caused because the left side of the heart is weak and so everything upstream (the lungs) backs up- not because it's not getting enough fluid. And the left side doesn't even pump blood to the lungs. Unless I'm really missing something here! Anyways, neither book has rationals for the answers- which I do need. I don't really want to get one of the NCLEX review books yet, because I want to go system by system and also because I'm only halfway through nursing school so a lot of the questions will be stuff I haven't seen yet. I'm an auditory learner so I'm having a hard time just reading my old notes, books, and powerpoints, so I really want something I can take practice questions with. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm going to take two semesters off from the nursing program (having a baby!) but I obviously want to avoid falling behind. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'm going to contact the gals that I was in class with and get a copy of the reading list for next semester so I have an idea of what I'm going to be learning when I go back. And maybe read my oh-so-interesting Med-Surg book a little bit at a time. I don't know if that's going to be enough to keep my knowledge level up though. I'm not sure about skills.... Maybe volunteer in the hospital some over next summer?
  7. This question was on our homework and I really don't understand why the answer is what it is: A nurse prepares to administer a newly prescribed medication to a 22 year old woman. The medication package insert states that it is a “Category X” drug. Which is the nurse’s best action? A. Ask the patient, "Have you been sexually active during the past year?" B. Ask the patient "When was your last menstraul period?" C&D were obviously wrong I chose A, because that would give a better indication of whether or not the patient could be pregnant. If they have not been sexually active, there's no point in asking about LMP. LMP may or may not tell you anything. Unless they are actually overdue for a period, then you wouldn't really know if they are pregnant. They could be pregnant but too early to take a test. Even if they *just* had a period, it could actually be early pregnancy bleeding. Knowing if they have been sexually active will clue you into whether or not you even need to be worried about LMP. But the answer was B! What do you guys think?
  8. heatherhammy


    I'm also about 3 weeks into my first semester. So far, for me, it seems like there is a lot of information in that class and it's hard to pick out what is going to be the most important. I'm finding it pretty interesting though, like a melding of A&P and my basic Biology classes.
  9. heatherhammy

    Kicking myself in the butt- may not be able to start NS..

    Nicole- that was a good idea! I guess I was freaking out about nothing. I called the school and they said that as long as I've APPLIED for it I can start :) It's only an issue if I get denied! Well, at least I learned a good lesson about keeping up on things...
  10. I feel like such an idiot. I'm supposed to start a BSN program this Fall and I completely forgot to turn in my paperwork for the fingerprint clearance card... Now it's 3 weeks out from class start and there's not much chance I'll get it in time. So I won't be able to start clinicals, which means they may recind my admission . I'm hoping that they still let me start since I'll probably get it within the first couple weeks of class (and clinicals are only once a week so maybe I could make them up?). I tried so hard to get in, and now I may not for something stupid. Ugh, maybe I wasn't cut out to be a nurse anyway
  11. I'm just trying to get a feel for how difficult NS will be... How did you do in NS compared to your pre-req's? And it how were the classes similar/different?
  12. That's the reason I am wanting a LOA... I know the general consensus is to wait until after nursing school to have children/more children but for a number of reasons it makes more sense for us to have another now. I can hopefully time it to be due over the summer between my 2nd and 3rd semesters, but my third semester is when the 12 hour clinicals start AND my husband is supposed to be out of town for that entire semester. I'm worried about that with the kids I have already, let alone with a newborn. So I was thinking of taking a LOA for that semester and taking my 3rd semester in the spring. I've been debating with myself on how to find out if I can take one. I was thinking that I should wait until just before I would actually start trying to get pregnant and ask about it and say that I "may be pregnant and was wondering..." and pass it off like I accidentally got pregnant. Or just tell them I'm planning on it, but I'm afraid they will be less willing to work with me. Or try to ask annonymously without giving a reason. I tried emailing and they thought I was trying to take the FIRST semster off and were ready to withdraw my application . Any ideas on how to find out this answer before I get pregnant and end up being screwed?
  13. I know this may vary by school, but I wanted to see if anybody had dealt with this. Can you take a semester off for medical/family reasons? I tried asking the school I'm about to start at and I couldn't get a clear answer and I don't want to push it until I know for sure if I need one... Thanks!
  14. heatherhammy

    Nursing Shoes!

    Eek, that is a good point about double checking the dress code. I knew they had to be white, but here's what is says about shoes: Shoes must be white and clean. Open-toed shoes, sandals, clogs, or canvas shoes are not permitted. Okay, I will admit I am rather shoe-challenged... "open toed and sandals" are obvious, but how do I tell what is a clog and what is made of canvas?
  15. heatherhammy

    Nursing Shoes!

    I'm starting my BSN program in August and I need to buy shoes for the program... Any recommendations???
  16. heatherhammy

    Proper salutation for a NP?

    I'm sorry if this is a random question-but I figured this would be the best place to ask! Is there a special salutation for NP? I know a doctor I would refer to as Dr. Whoever, but I wasn't sure about a nurse practitioner... Would it still be Ms/Mrs/Mr or use Dr.? Thanks!

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