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  1. SAMRN01

    New Grad Guidence

    Does anyone know of any hospitals hiring new graduates?! I have an RN and have a previous BFA from a University. I have sent out countless resumes and everyone is looking for BSN's or experience or they are simply not hiring. Please don't tell me to move to TX :) I'm from there and I KNOW there are jobs there, I just want to work up here for a while. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  2. SAMRN01

    New Grad, Tough Job Market

    Winny, It's funny you say that since I'm from Texas. I really wanted to work up in NYC for a while, then definitely considering TX! I'm just trying to at least get in the doors up here.
  3. SAMRN01

    New Grad, Tough Job Market

    I am recently a new graduate (RN-Associates) with an NY license along with ACLS, BLS, Basic ECG Certs. I also hold a BFA degree from a University and am seeking a continued education in nursing. I am finding it extremely hard to even get interviews and am afraid I'm approaching this in the incorrect way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since the job market is extremely tough right now. I am interested in Cardiology, Telemetry, or ED. Thank you!