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  1. FLLPN3339

    LewisGale HCA vs Carilion in the Roanoke area

    Haha! A coal mine! Thank you Brenda! I think my minds made up.
  2. Hello fellow nurses! I would like some feedback from anyone who can give me any information regarding these hospitals and working conditions. I’m moving to the area from south Florida and I’m currently seeking a psych position. I have an interview with both facilities. HCA in Florida doesn’t have the best reputation but I’m not so sure in other states. Carilion is growing and appears to have a lot of opportunities in the future. LewisGale has a clinical ladder... please help!!
  3. Well, after waiting months for an interview(after graduating), I finally got a call back & have an interview scheduled for next week!! And my dream job nonetheless!!! I love psych & currently work with eating d/o clients(as an LPN). My interview is at a psych hospital, which I have never done acute inpatient psych before. Any pointers for the interview? Anything I should start brushing up on?? Thanks for your help!
  4. FLLPN3339

    job hunting in miami fl 2012

    Been looking for 8 months since graduation. Been licensed for 3 months. No luck at all!! Not even an interview!
  5. FLLPN3339

    Need some help!

    hi all! I posted here a couple of months ago looking for psych positions opening up anywhere in the country. I have two interviews next week in private hospitals located in florida(in small towns). Jut following up an wondering if there's anything else out there?! I would love to move to Cali!! Thanks =)
  6. FLLPN3339

    Advice needed, please!!!!!!

    Hi all! I've been an LPN for 7 years now and I am a recent RN grad. I have applied for numerous RN positions with no call backs EXCEPT for one..case management. Now, I know nothing about case management or have ever considered it. My passion is in psych nursing and eventually plan to get my psych NP. why I applied for this position? Due to the current surplus of nurses in south florida, there isn't many options out there AND I was on a website and saw the ad and just had a FEELING. Sure enough, I applied and got a call back the same day!! The position is a peds nurse case manager working in the welfare system. Sounds pretty cool! anyone else work in a similar environment? Though...I'm not sure if I'm making a mistake by giving up hands on nursing and I'm scared I'm going to end up regretting it!! Also, any pointers for the interview? Questions I should ask?? Thank you ladies & gents!! :yelclap:
  7. FLLPN3339

    New Grad RN looking for psych position- ANYWHERE!!

    Also, are you working in a state/forensic hospital or private? how do you like it?
  8. FLLPN3339

    New Grad RN looking for psych position- ANYWHERE!!

    3 psych positions?? Do you or did you have experience at the time??
  9. Hi everyone! Well, after all my hard work, I have finally completed my LPN-RN bridge program =) I've been a prison nurse for a couple of years and LOVE psych. I am planning on going back to school this year and starting on my Psych NP/CNS. I am looking for my first psych job and willing to relocate ANYWHERE!!! any ideas?!?!?
  10. FLLPN3339

    University of Miami Hospital and VA Hospital

    yes, the va hires lpn's..but it's not easy to get your foot in the door. i doubt um hospital hires lpn's but the sylvester center does! good luck!
  11. FLLPN3339

    LPN ready to move anywere in Fl far from Miami...

    Ugh, I know, the pay and job market for LPN's in south florida are horrible. I'm an LPN from miami who's been unemployed for months!
  12. FLLPN3339

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    what school are you looking into?? Where have you applied for work??
  13. FLLPN3339

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    Haven't found anything either:crying2: I ended up landing a job in hollywood at a nursing home and it was a nightmare!! needless to say, I only lasted a week. Ive continued looking on the internet and asking around. I've gone to promed(they never call, and I always fax my availability) and maxim won't send me on assignments without my physical(which I have no money for right now). Still, nothing permanent. I'm trying to get into keiser's LPN to RN bridge program. I've had enough!!
  14. FLLPN3339

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    Graveyard LPN; Did you ever have any luck with finding a job?
  15. FLLPN3339

    HELP!!!! Im an LPN and cant find a job!

    I live near kendall too, and Ive been looking since August!!! can you private message me the name of your facility? Thanx!
  16. FLLPN3339

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    I don't know what the deal is, or if it's the economy... I CANNOT find a job!!! I have applied everywhere in dade and broward!! I am on indeed.com, simply hired, craigs list, career builder EVERYDAY!! I apply for positions with no call backs...and then the next week I see the position posted again. Arethey not getting my application?? I'm an experienced nurse with great refrences and a decent resume. Not ONE call back. :angryfire I need to hear from you LPN's out there!! Where are you working?? Do you know of any places hiring?? This is a desperate LPN who's about to go apply for a receptionist position!! Please help!!:imbar:imbar