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  1. hanniebabes99

    true or myth...the final answer is true

    i passed my nclex-rn for the 4x. and i'm proud of it. i worked so hard...i put my 110% in studying and its finally here my greatest reward. i just want to say thank you for all you guys who pray for me and encourage me not to give up. i love u all..... :balloons:
  2. hanniebabes99

    true or myth about nclex

    dear great scott, i just want to say thank you for your encouragement! i passed the nclex for the 4x. i'm very happy.....thank you again. i guess for me its not a myth but a true...
  3. hanniebabes99

    true or myth about nclex

    dear great scott.....thank you for your honest and encouraging words. i really need it. im panicking already...i can't stand waiting for the fourth time...it's killing me softly....
  4. hanniebabes99

    last question in nclex-rn

    a client with hepatic encephalopathy. what diet will be restricted? 1. fats 2. carbohydrates 3. protein 4. folic acid this was the last question when my computer stop.
  5. hanniebabes99

    true or myth about nclex

    thank u great scott! i stopped at question number 141. i remember co'z the computer ask me if i need a break at question # 140 but i decline it or i answer no, so i continued to answer but i answered only one more question and it stop.... so, what do you think, great scott, do i have i chance to pass the exam? thanks for your opinion...
  6. hanniebabes99

    true or myth about nclex

    is it true or a myth that if you answer the last question right you pass? :uhoh21:
  7. hanniebabes99

    just asking about nclex-rn

    :uhoh21: hi! is anybody from you guys expereinced this: my computer just shut off in question # 141. i remember co'z the computer ask me if i want a break and i answer no after one question it stopped to question # 141. is anybody from you out there had experience what happen to me? please share.... and one more thing..is it true that if you answer the last question right you pass the nclex?
  8. hanniebabes99

    still waiting for the nclex-rn results

    thank you for your support....you don't know how i really appreciate every encouragement, this is how i go on with my life that is still on hold in waiting for what future will take me... :uhoh21:
  9. hanniebabes99

    still waiting for the nclex-rn results

    here i am still waiting for the unknown.....i'm still hoping and praying that i will have the courage to accept whatever my results will be.....thank you very much for your encouragement and prayers, i really appreciate it very much especially in this time of my life. i wish it will be a good and a happy results. i'll just keep you guys update whatever the news is.....thanks again... :uhoh21: :chair: i really jus want to be a
  10. hanniebabes99

    still waiting for ca-nclex-rn

    thank you very much for your support and praying...that's why i'm always reading some of the encouragement from all of you out there....thanks again...
  11. hanniebabes99

    still waiting for ca-nclex-rn

    it's been 11 days since i took the california nclex-rn....no clue if i pass or fail....i feel like a failure...my life is on hold right now...don't know what to do or do nothing at all....i keep checking my name in the website and it seems nothing....sometimes i want to forget the nclex but i can't...help me...i keep praying and hoping to God to give more strength and courage whatever will be the result...this is my third time in taking the exam...i studied so hard i even quit my job so i can fully study...i bought lots of books even its so expensive...i practice so many questions...i even took the mosby assess test to see my probability of passing and failing. and to be honest i did good but why i am feeling this way that i did'nt do enough that i did good in the exam.my family is very supportive of me especially my poor husband...he believes in me so much that sometimes i think he loves me very much to say that.anyway, whoever read this....i just want to vent....co'z it seems my heart will explode in waiting the result. i apologize for this.
  12. hanniebabes99

    I passed-YEAH!!

    congrats! :balloons: i wish i can say that words...too and feel what your feeling right now.....wish you all the best..you deserve it...
  13. hanniebabes99

    Can You Fail With 75 Questions?

    dear pattyboy.....just think positive..I know its easy to say but its hard to do. just keep praying and hoping....like I'm doing....I'm still waiting for my result up to now...11 days and still no mail or no name in the website....and think this is my third time.....I know that you did good and you'll pass...
  14. hanniebabes99

    ca nclex result question

    thanks! seelo....congrats...you deserve to be an rn....i wish i am, too. co'z i love being a nurse...i never thought i would love nursing but i did. it makes my love complete eventhough it'a a tough and rough and hard job but when you see smile in your patients face ....ohhh...all my tiredness goes away co'z i know i did my job well.... hope for the best......
  15. hanniebabes99

    Passed NCLEX

    congrats! wish you all the best!
  16. hanniebabes99

    ca nclex result question

    dear busykim....thank you for your support..i really appreciate especially now that my whole life is on hold....fear of the unknown.....i wish is gonna be for the good result.... :uhoh21: