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Rags2Riches RN has 5 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric, Med-Surg, Operating Room.

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  1. Rags2Riches RN

    Is bedside nursing still a lifelong career option?

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at) it isn't. Nursing is saddled with increasing patient acuity and decreasing resources, schedule inflexibility, documentation is increasing (it seems as if every other week my nurse managers are rolling out a new paper to fill out to track if xyz is being done...so much for going green), and of course nursing is the dumping ground for all that is wrong. Housekeeping hasn't been around to clean patient rooms, blame the nurse. The patient's TV remote isn't working, blame the nurse. The physician won't make changes to the pain regimen, blame the nurse. Patient satisfaction is below benchmarks, blame nursing. Dietary delivers trays late, blame the nurse. Patient not compliant with treatment plan, blame nursing. The list goes on and on. With that being said, I don't see an issue with nurses wanting to advance their career beyond the bedside. If current bedside conditions persist it makes sense to seek out other avenues.
  2. Rags2Riches RN

    Can't handle the ICU

    The bolded sounds just like me. I recently left the OR and transferred to the surgical intensive care unit, and eight weeks in and I'm ready to go back to the OR. Fortunately, I have been in touch with my old manager who pretty much would welcome me back. To the OP, listen to your gut. What do you think would be best? Do you think you can handle the stress of the ICU right now? Remember just because the ICU might not be appropriate at this time doesn't mean you can't go back after you've got experience in a less acute unit. The PCU would mean learning new things too, however I feel like it will not be as fast and stressful.
  3. Rags2Riches RN

    Is This Common?

    I decided that I wanted to travel and 2 weeks ago I signed up with 3 travel agencies. The initial talks went okay with each recruiter. Then I did not hear anything from any of the agencies for a week so I called today to inquire about my status. The one agency tells me that they have not been able to get in contact with my references. I ask who she had been trying to get in contact with and I was floored. The one agency was trying to contact my current unit director (no one knows at my current facility that I'm looking to leave/travel) who I did not give them permission to contact and thankfully they were unsuccessful in their attempt. Two of the agencies were also trying to contact a previous manager who I don't have contact with and who also happens to be a part of the health system that I currently work for, so I don't want her contacted. The thing is I did not list these people as references when completing the application. They were listed under the the current/past employment section where you have to list previous managers and supervisors & I make sure to check the do not contact box. Is it common for travel agency to just contact past supervisors without your permission? The one travel agency (the one that tried to contact my current employer) never asked me for references at all. BTW I do have supervisor/charge nurse references from my past jobs.
  4. Rags2Riches RN

    Insulin Administration: Standing and Sliding Scales

    Perhaps I should have been more clear. I would call the MD if I was uncomfortable giving a standing dose of rapid acting insulin depending on the patient's condition. If the patient has had a poor appetite or there is a pattern of the patient's blood sugar dropping significantly after administration, I would call to see if they want to make adjustments.
  5. Rags2Riches RN

    Insulin Administration: Standing and Sliding Scales

    This should be dependent on your facility's policy & procedures, patient condition & your nursing judgement. Personally, I would call the doctor before administering the standing dose with a bsg of 89.
  6. Rags2Riches RN

    VA Hiring Process

    Update: I got my offer via snail mail today. I got a $2+ raise from my current hourly rate. Can't wait to start!!!
  7. Rags2Riches RN

    VA Hiring Process

    How did everyone receive their firm offer (e.g. email, snail mail)? I spoke with the HR guy at the end of October and he told me that my start date would be December 2nd since I had to give 2 weeks notice to my current employer. Well it's going on the 2nd week of November & I still don't firm offer...I don't know what my pay rate is? where to show up? More importantly I want to have the firm offer in writing before I give 2 weeks notice to my current employer.
  8. Rags2Riches RN

    It's Finally Happened!

    Honestly this sounds petty to me. Unless this individual is violating HIPAA or some sort of social media/internet use policy, you should base your evaluation on objectives not allnurses post. Also can you absolutely prove that it is indeed the person and not someone else? If by some small chance that maybe it's not who you think it is are you prepared for the consequences?
  9. Rags2Riches RN

    Losing respect for nursing students

    I think it's a combination of various factors. As graduate of a ABSN program, I can tell you that the annoying behaviors described in the OP's post were not a part of my program. Most of my clinical instructors told us that if we had to sit to either use a room that wasn't being occupied or give up our seats if a staff member needed them. We were also reminded that we were a representation of our program & that in order to keep good relations with the hospital/clinical site our behavior would influence those decisions. If students are texting on the unit or participating in other non-beneficial activities I would bring it up to the clinical instructor. If the clinical instructor did not do anything I would go to my nurse manager. People need to be held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). If the students can not adhere to the professional standards of the clinical site then they (nor their school) should be invited back.
  10. Rags2Riches RN

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    Their New to Practice listing is posted again now. Deadline is 10/26/12. https://hr.templehealth.org/psc/hrapp/CAREERS/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL
  11. Rags2Riches RN

    Mental Health Nursing

    If you like psych and you know that's what you want to do then by all means try and land a job. I came into psych right out of nursing school and not by choice but rather it was the first nursing opportunity that offered me a job. Ideally I'm going to transfer to ICU/Med-Surg once I'm eligible for internal transfer. Cons -Not clinically challenging. Most of the medications I administer are PO or IM. Rarely do we have patients that have IVs & if they do it's for a couple of days. There are a bunch of nursing skills that I haven't used since nursing school. -8 hours shifts. Most jobs in psych are 8 hr shifts meaning you only get 2 days off a week. -It can be physically dangerous. There are a couple of floors that are notorious for having staff members out on work leave b/c of being injured while on the job. Pros -You get to help people (really that's all nursing specialties) -You learn a lot about the things that your patients have been thru & how they got to a certain point in their life -You get experience working with difficult behaviors such as antisocial/borderline/oppositional Also, beginning your career in mental health & then transferring to acute later on if you please may or may not be an issue. My psych facility is part of a bigger health systems that includes many hospitals and there've been several nurses who started in psych in then transferred to the medical hospital.
  12. Sorry to hear about your experience so far, it took me about 4 months & having to relocate 6 hours away from home to get a job. In Pittsburgh UPMC has a lot of facilities and they seem to hire new grads all the time maybe you check them out--and they hire nurses with Associates. Good luck to you.
  13. Rags2Riches RN

    Do you give back-rubs and foot baths to your patients?

    As a nursing student whenever I had a patient who needed lotion/cream applied I would massage it in. But back-rubs & foot massages will depend on what area of nursing you are in. Since becoming an RN and working in psych, I can tell you that I have never done it and for various reasons. Some of the patients I encounter have a history of sexual abuse that they have not dealt with yet, some are sexually preoccupied and just plain ole creepers, and mostly the patients I deal with are able-bodied & can do it themselves if they really want it.
  14. Rags2Riches RN

    does anyone regret this career?

    I don't regret going into nursing (not yet anyways). Partly because I've only been at my first nursing job for 6 months now. I have not had the chance to work in specialties that truly interest me (like the OR, ICU or gasp...Med-Surg) because quite frankly they wanted experience or you had to have an inside connect and I had neither. But there are days where I get to work and I just want to walk right back out, or there are times where doctors can be such drama queens/kings and then I start looking up the requirements to NP school lol. But I'm hanging in there until, I've at least sampled the specialities that interest me.
  15. Rags2Riches RN

    Hospitals hiring NEW RNs

    If you're interested in rehab National Rehabilitation has a new grad program. They had an invitation only open house last Thursday. Don't know how often their new grad program occurs.
  16. Rags2Riches RN

    Are job seekers self-limiting job opportunities?

    It could be a combination of things. I'm currently employed but I'll tell you after not getting callbacks from hospitals 2 - 3 months after graduating I turned my attention to nursing homes...and guess what? Didn't get callbacks from them either. Plus some LTC position require that magical 1 year of experience. Believe it or not in some areas even LTC jobs are hard to come by for new nurses.