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  1. dannyc12

    As a Nurse what are some things that make you sick?

    No, it is not just doing it. The key is the context. Whatever situation you are in, you will have a role to perform and I am assuming that role will not to be to point at the patient and yell, "EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!" You may cough, you may gag, you may throw up, but you will not let any of those get in the way of performing your duties - whatever they are. The advantage we have as healthcare workers is that in those situations, we have something to DO. For some reason, viewing the things you once found "icky", while they are still icky, will provoke a markedly different reaction in you.
  2. dannyc12

    Do we need to get naked on classroom?

    I apparently chose to attend the wrong nursing school.
  3. dannyc12

    Just because you are a nurse...

    Yes, that Republican majority of 41-59 does seem insurmountable. As Jon Stewart put it, Bush II didn't have near the numbers the Democrats now have in Congress when he did "WHAT EVER the **** he wanted."
  4. dannyc12

    A nurse friend of mine passed away: A WARNING TO ALL

    I am very sorry this happened. I am a Home Health Aide and agree that we have to be vigilant and aware at all times.
  5. dannyc12

    When coffee is no longer enough,

    Take more naps?
  6. dannyc12

    Just because you are a nurse...

    No one stated otherwise. You should probably try pointing out the reasons why you think the health care reform efforts underway are, as you put it, "bad." A discussion on the merits of your arguments might follow.
  7. dannyc12

    Prayer as a Nursing Intervention

    Well, which is it? Are you doing research into the use of prayer as a nursing intervention or are you just looking for others to tell you that it is effective? If you are doing research, there is a fair amount out there and you have to put on your thinking cap to determine which studies or findings have good evidence behind them. If you are just looking for confirmation of your current viewpoint regardless of evidence based conclusions, you can find plenty of that real easy.
  8. dannyc12

    When coffee is no longer enough,

    Get more sleep.
  9. I would still be in nursing because in your scenario, a private duty non-regulated wage nurse market would open up immediately at reasonable pay rate. This scenario already exists. Some nursing jobs already pay a lot more than others.
  10. dannyc12


    One reason may be the perception that males will perform better due to generally being larger and stronger physically than women. In my experience, the guys end up injured and on light duty at a far higher rate than women doing the exact same job.
  11. dannyc12

    How can someone even be like that?!

    No, you need to stop talking to your parents about life decisions. They are not mature enough to handle it.
  12. What rationale are these nurses and doctors giving you for labeling you an addict? Addicts of all types tend to show similar behavior patterns - recognizing those patterns is how you separate them from people who need pain relief or help with physical dependence (different from addiction). You don't even have to see an addict use their drug of choice to recognize them. My family is riddled with addicts and that experience helps me spot them. Good luck
  13. dannyc12

    Curious About Drop-out Rate In Nursing School

    I dunno. My first semester we had: 1 student failed Theory and flunked out. 2 students got severe cases of baby rabies and dropped out to continue next year after their infestation clears up. 3 students who had dropped last year were picked up. We are even steven so far.
  14. dannyc12

    Lazy coworker

    she gets away with it because the management at your facility is incompetent and spends even less time working than she does.
  15. dannyc12

    Career Change

    At 27 you may be too young to jump into nursing school! Do you still put a lot of value on a vibrant social life? Just kidding. You are fine agewise. The accounting and MBA degrees are not going to help you much in the nursing profession, but they certainly won't hurt. **Disclaimer** - if you want to go the pumps and pearls route, your MBA will certainly help you - but you will be diving headlong into the same type of business you are already in. If you hate it now, save yourself the time getting a nursing degree, cause you will hate it even more later. I have an engineering degree and it doesn't do a thing for me. Sure the experience helps me - my work in process management keeps me amused as I watch some really wasteful things going on, but I know my suggestions are not welcome. When I decided to change careers my motto became, "Keep your mouth shut and your ears open." My new colleagues seemed to appreciate this. My previous degree experience never comes up on the job except when someone hears about it and exclaims, "You gave up all that money to do THIS?!?!" You will run into the same thing. The BSN or ADN route depends on you. Can you afford to straight to a BSN or do you want to start working as a nurse then continue on? I chose the ADN route in hopes I can find a job that pays for the BSN, keeping the loans down. (I may have already done this while in nursing school!) If money is no object - go BSN if you can get into a good school. I would strongly suggest getting a part time CNA job somewhere immediately. If you can do that job for a few months and do it well, you will be a great nurse.
  16. dannyc12

    When asked "what meds are you giving me?"

    You can always use the approach implemented at a nursing home I used to work at: "JUST TAKE THEM!" Actually, you cannot do that.