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zaydonima has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. zaydonima

    Master's Prepared NICU RN looking into CRNA

    Hi there! When I was going through the application process, I was desperate to hear from a NICU nurse who had been accepted, or was currently practicing as a CRNA (not an easy thing to find). I'm a Level III NICU nurse who was recently accepted into a CRNA program! It is possible!!! I've worked in the NICU a little over two years now, and have a few years of experience in Pediatrics. In addition to my BSN, I also have a BA, and got my CCRN certification. I would advise applying to schools that are open to NICU nurses. They may list what type of critical care experience they accept on the school website, or if in doubt, give them a call and just ask. You don't want to waste precious time and resources applying to schools that won't consider you. In shadowing a few CRNAs in the OR, I found that they were VERY encouraging! They didn't see my lack of adult experience as a disadvantage, and encouraged me to just go for it, and I'm so glad I did! Wishing you the very best!
  2. POMAKYYA, I actually bought mine at a uniform store and took it to the bookstore and paid to have the MDC logo put on (it takes time though because they have to send it out). The only reason I did that was b/c I'm on the bigger side, and the school labcoat fit me pretty badly. However, I've seen people wearing labcoats without the MDC logo, and no teacher that we have had has ever noticed or commented as far as I know, but it may depend on the instructor. MDCupcake
  3. Hey Ra-ma13 and everyone, I don't really know how to quote part of the message but just a quick correction, I'm in the Generic-fulltime nursing program at Medical campus and we only wear our uniform for clinicals, and our labcoat for skills and assessment over regular clothes (make sure to wear closed toe shoes), for lecture just regular clothes (unless part-time does things differently which they might). Good luck to everyone, looking forward to seeing you all later this month MDCupcake
  4. Hi everyone, You're so welcome guys, no problem. Your right Tatortots, not long ago I was just like you guys. I can't even believe that I'm halfway through the second semester, honestly I can't. Things are going pretty well for me. Its been a challenge. Probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I have a Bachelor of Arts, but that was nothing like this is. The main thing you have to remember is it can be done!!! I've almost quit a few times, but I've made good friends that won't let me, lol!! Oh yes, find people who studying like you do, who are as motivated as you are etc, etc. There will be those who want to coast or use your hard work for their own benefit. Tell them to go get a life, and focus on your studies. You'll see what I mean. There are also a lot of great people who you'll find you can't live without during school, real friends!! What I've personally found most challenging has probably been skills class (we had skills last semester and this semester). It takes getting used to being timed and watched while you perform a skill you've practiced. During the first semester I had to retest 2 skills (BP and Med Administration). I took it pretty hard at first (I need to get stressed out pretty easily) but I'm learning that you really have to take nursing school one day at a time, and if necessary, one task at a time in order to keep your sanity. The first semester I finished with all A's and a B. This semester, I don't anticipate the grades being as good. The summer is extremely short, and med-surg is a lot of information to absorb in a small amount of time, but I'm still working at it, and doing my best. As others have before I started the program, I would recommend practicing NCLEX style questions for your Lecture courses. It really does help prepare you for the style of questions you'll see on the tests. So that even if at times your knowledge falls short, you're able to reason and navigate through the questions with a little bit more ease. I'm still learning how to study myself. I keep adjusting the way I do things test by test to try to improve. For health assessment, get together with friends and practice on each other. Its the only way! The health assessment text is also a great resource that you can use for clarification. For skills, I used to take my BP cuff wherever I went and offered to give anyone who wanted a free BP check. Also what helps for skills, is writing down what the teacher said to do in the order they said to do it. (I use notecards) Each teacher has different preferences in the way skills need to be performed, so do yourself a favor and for that class only study with those who have the same teacher as yourself, or you'll end up really confused. Intro to pharm- There are a few practice chapters in the beginning of the book, review them like they tell you, its good practice. The teacher may not follow along exactly, but reading the chapters is worth it in this class (they're short). Also try to find problems in the book that are similar to examples that your teacher goes over in class. Oh yes, and for Fundamentals, you want to start disciplining yourself in looking up every single word that you don't know the definition of, and there will be many. Its really easy to brush over them and think theres no time (we're all guilty of it), but you will see them again. It'll pay off, trust me! For clinicals, you'll probably be in a nursing home or LTC (long term care) facility for most or all of the first semester practicing basic skills with your patient. I encourage you to take everything you learn in assessment and try as hard as you can to use those assessment skills on your patient. You'll see that the more thorough your assessment the more you'll start being able to connect signs and symptoms of certain conditions, and this will help you tremendously. In terms of care plans, I loathe them, still haven't gotten that down to a science.:-P When you need help, GO TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR (IF THEY SEEM WILLING TO HELP), TAKE THEM UP ON IT, AND ALSO GO TO THE SUCCESS CENTER!!!!! There are tutors there who are finishing up the nursing program or who have already graduated from mdc and are working as RNs. Find someone who you click with and come find them whenever you have a question. They really want to help you. They've been through this, who better to help us, right? Yea, I know I said I didn't have much time, lol and I don't, I should be studying pharm, but I felt compelled to give at least a few tidbits for each class. I hope that it helps. Feel free to grab any one of us that you see in the same program that seems freindly. :-) If you have any specific questions, I'll try to answer them the best that I can, and hopefully in some sort of timely fashion Again, best of luck to everyone, looking forward to seeing some new faces this fall!!! MDCupcake
  5. Tatortots and everyone, Hi, I'm in my second semester of the Generic full-time program (never thought I'd be saying that!) :-D. I'm not around much on allnurses this semester b/c the pace at school has picked up significantly, but I just wanted to let you know that as far as I remember this email was only received by those who were going for full-time, and they mostly only discussed scholarships for full-time students at that meeting from what I remember. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any scholarships available to part-time students, so don't worry too much. That may be why you didn't receive the email When we arrived at the meeting, many of us had already received our acceptance letters, but some had not. They told us that everyone in the room had made it very far through the selection process and had a good chance of being accepted, but they didn't make any guarantees. Good luck to everyone, hope to see you all this coming fall! MDCupcake
  6. zaydonima

    Fundamentals of nursing- Careplan scenarios

    Our Fundamentals text book does have one per chapter, and I have the big blue Saunder's NCLEX review book as well. Thanks for the tips!
  7. Hi everyone, Myself and my classmates will have our critical thinking/careplan final for clinical tomorrow and Friday. We've used all of our scenarios already and are looking for new ones to practice with. If you know of a good website, or place to get them that would be great, because were practicing on the same scenarios over and over, and really want to improve our careplans! Thanks, MDCupcake
  8. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Hey Sarah, I found this bit of information on the medical center campus website. I hope this helps to answer your question Additional Information Students with 3 or more grades of "D", "F", or "W" in required Natural Science courses are not eligible for entry in the Associate Degree Nursing program. Students are also required to have no more than two (2) enrollments (D, F, W) for any individual natural science course for the program. Good luck, MDCupcake P.S. grad2011, I hope your studying your butt off ;-) see you on Monday
  9. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Hey Prospective, We just made it back last night. I feel like I've been out of the loop for so long now. Ok, get schedule reversed for an unpaid extension, got it, thank you!! I honestly have to idea what I'm going into tomorrow morning. I'm a little under the weather, and seriously jet lagged so I'm just going to do my best. Do you know what the terms of the contract are yet, such as, the consequences for not completing 2 years of employment? I will give you guys a full report when I get back. Heres hoping it goes well. :-) See you all soon! MDCupcake
  10. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Prospective, The day that I left for my trip our beloved scholarship advisor informed me that she had spoken to the dean so said that they would allow me to have my interview on January 4th. Im still waiting for the details, but Im so grateful for this opportunity! Happy holidays to everyone. Hope to see you all in school next year MDCupcake
  11. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    So I found an article on the MDC website about South Florida Workforce and UM Hospital. It isn't all that informative, but its nice to finally something in writing saying that this is real. Enjoy! http://www.mdc.edu/main/news/articles/2009/10/south_florida_workforce_gives_nearly_1_m.asp
  12. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Hey Prospective, I agree, for some reason it wasn't meant to be, but something else will be :-) I got the same call. Our scholarship adviser is going to see if they'll allow me to do a phone interview on one of those days because of my situation. Otherwise I'd have to try to get back. Earliest I could be back here is the 29th late at night, or 30th in the morning (this is if I find the world's greatest plane ticket). I'll keep you updated on what happens!!! MDCupcake
  13. zaydonima

    MDC Accelerated RN program, Spring 2010

    lizbeth, Congratulations, thats awesome!!! Your patience did pay off. Good luck in the program, I'm very happy for you, go celebrate! MDCupcake
  14. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Ok everyone, I also received my rejection letter from Baptist today. Hopefully the UM scholarship will work out. Good luck to everyone!! Enjoy the holidays :-) MDCupcake
  15. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Prospective, Ok so I was reading your post in disbelief thinking that you were about to say "Just Kidding." I'm very surprised by that. I must say,you have a very positive outlook though, and thats awesome. You ARE that much closer to yes ::hug::. I'm sure someone will scoop you up soon, and they will be lucky to have you! I hope that one of the scholarships works out for you. Please let me know if you hear anything more. Best of Luck, MDCupcake
  16. zaydonima

    MDC Spring 2010

    Prospective, I totally forgot to mention how beautiful it is!!! Its gorgeous! :-)