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  1. I wish you the best of luck, hope you pass on your 3rd time.
  2. Havefaith08

    Think i failed with 258 :(

    try the pearson vue trick, you probably pass. good luck
  3. Havefaith08

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    congratulations in advanced, I know you passed.
  4. so sorry, wish you luck next time.
  5. Havefaith08

    Help with passing nclex RN boards

    I wish you the best, hope you pass your NCLEX-RN. Stay positive.
  6. Havefaith08

    I passed nclex-rn on my 3rd attempts and here is how i did it.

    I studied the medications by class only and I memorized just the most common medications side effects that i encountered during the clinical rotations. Good luck to you I am sure you will pass your nclex-rn soon.
  7. Havefaith08

    Taking NCLEX 3rd time, Help with Kaplan, Please.

    It must be hard for you to failed nclex 2x, I myself failed it twice but passed nclex-rn on my 3rd attempt few weeks ago. I used Kaplan course online it took me 6 weeks to finished them. Make sure that if you decided to take Kaplan course, that you put 1000x effort into it, must watched all the content and videos that are in it because there are lots of information there that are really helpful. Then you must focus on infection control, pharmacology, and prioritization/delegation type of questions. By the way on my 3rd attempts i passed nclex-rn with 75 questions. Good luck to you hope you pass on your 3rd attempt.
  8. Havefaith08

    Crushed..failed again..

    Have you try Kaplan course online? Kaplan helped me to passed nclex-rn on my 3rd attempts. Good luck to you.
  9. Havefaith08

    kalan ..anyone?pls help...

    I took my 3rd attempt of nclex-rn and used Kaplan online and passed with 75 questions. Good luck to you.
  10. Havefaith08


    Don't get discourage, I passed nclex-rn with 75 questions without math calcualtions. But i had bunch of pharm and SATA's. Good luck to both of you, hope that you guys pass.
  11. Havefaith08

    Help me god..

    very best of luck, hope you pass.
  12. Havefaith08

    Today i answered 265 question what should i think

    Don't be discourage many people took the exam with 265 questions and passed. For the mean time try the PVT trick you probably pass. Good luck.
  13. Havefaith08

    Best study guides

    I used Complete Kaplan course online. It is $500. I also have the Kaplan book 2010 I paid $25. The Kaplan course tells you a lot of information that you need to know in answering nclex-rn type of questions. the 2010 edition of Kaplan book only tells you small portions of Kaplan course online.
  14. Havefaith08

    Best study guides

    I recommend Kaplan. I used Kaplan and I passed with 75 questions. It is expensive but it's worth it.
  15. Havefaith08

    NCLEX Blues

    I took Kaplan online course for my 3rd attempts because I was so desperate to pass the nclex-rn and I passed with 75 questions. I didn't really have the money either but I charged it in my credit card, for me it all well worth it that I finally beat the nclex. However some people used Kaplan and didn't work for them.
  16. I also I took Kaplan course online and passed with 75 questnions. It was my 3rd attempts, I watched the content and questions review it helps me alot on how to answer nclex questions. If I didn't take this course I probably still be going to re-take #4. However for some reason Kaplan course doesn't work for everybody, some people took it and still failed. But in my opinion if you follow the course direction you will pass the nclex.