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  1. mikejjmay

    Interview on Wednesday!

    no one? interview is tomorrow!
  2. mikejjmay

    Interview on Wednesday!

    So guys and gals, i have an interview on Wednesday for a CNA position in a LTC facility. The facility is very good (5 stars on the medicaid website), and is a nice looking place. The position is full time, but full time to them means 72 hours a pay period (36/wk). The shift is 6am-2:30. So, any interview advice? There will be no shift differential, so any advice on negotiating for more money? (No CNA exp yet, but a Bachelors degree and needing to get as much as i can). How about more hours, as i would like to be at 40/wk? What questions should i ask them? (I am thinking about asking about tuition reimbursement as they say they have it, availability of overtime, what their "holiday pay" means, patient to staff ratios). Anyone have any other questions i should ask? What questions should i be prepared to answer in the interview? Just about me, I am a 23y/o male, with a BA in an unrelated field, looking to make a career change and eventually become an RN. Thanks all!
  3. mikejjmay

    What is your...

    Hey speaking of teaching HS students the skills to pass, how did you line that up? How do you go about helping to teach CNA classes? Do you have to be an LPN or higher? Do you just approach the school and ask? It is something i would love to get into. Thanks!
  4. mikejjmay

    CNA's moving form LTC to Acute Care

    no one?
  5. mikejjmay

    Concerned mother..question about clinicals

    If your daughter is mature enough to realize what is involved in this field (i.e cleaning up poop, wiping butts, etc), and she still wants to do the course and clinical time, then she is mature enough to handle seeing a mans private area. I have seen some 40 year olds that are less mature then some 16 year olds!
  6. I would use a paper clip, simply because when i have interviewed people i always have to make copies and it annoys the crap out of me when i have to separate peoples pages, and then there is an even greater risk of pages getting lost because there is no staple or paperclip. I know it is a trivial thing to annoy me as a person doing the interviews, but as the person getting interview you want to make every effort not to bug the person interviewing you.
  7. mikejjmay

    Second Job "Etiquette"

    I wouldn't reference it as my other job. I would just say "I have seen it done this way" or "I have heard about this method" or even " it think this might be a good idea". No need to make yourself feel awkward if you don't need to
  8. mikejjmay

    Oh the wonderful smells

    So guys and gals, during my clinical experience there were many new and exciting smells i was exposed to (first time in my life I changed a diaper believe it or not). I did not gag, and it did not interfere with my work, but it definitely made me want to get out of the room a bit quicker, and that is not the approach i want to have. What do you all do to deal with those wonderful smells? I have heard of putting things under the nose, what do you use? essential oils? vapor rub? any unique, creative, and affordable ideas are welcome! I think it would be great to get everyones input here just to see what we all do different and the methods we share. Thanks in advance!
  9. mikejjmay

    CNA & post mortem care - mandatory?

    One thing we learned in our CNA class that was useful (well there are many useful things, but this one in particular for PM). After a person dies, and if their mouth is open, roll up a washcloth like you would to put in their hands to prevent cramping. Immediately after they pass, put the rolled washcloth under their chin. This will hold their mouth closed. After an hour or so, you can remove it and the jaw will stay closed. Same thing with the eyes and tape as someone mentioned earlier. If they are open when the resident passes, tape them closed for an hour or more, then you can usually remove the tape and they will stay closed.
  10. mikejjmay

    Medication aid certification?

    Try looking under the continuing education section of some of the local community colleges. Thats where is is listed at some in my community.
  11. mikejjmay

    CNA's moving form LTC to Acute Care

    So i'm just wondering how many have made this move? How long did you spend in LTC before you were taken seriously applying for a position in acute care? Did you do any additional training before you applied (phlebotomy, EKG?). Are you happy with the change? Just looking to see how everyone did it. Thanks!
  12. mikejjmay

    Subacute care?

    Sounds exciting. Good luck!
  13. mikejjmay

    CNA position interview, help please

    Yeah the way they make it sound it would be a weekend rotation. It would just be really hard for me to take that kind of a pay cut, but if i do not get extended the business job, but am offered the CNA position, I think i would opt for the CNA position simply because i HATE my job now....What about the availability of overtime? Can you sort of "count on" having extra shift available to pick up more money? Have you found that available in the CNA line of work?
  14. mikejjmay

    Ages of male nursing students?

    23 y/o, and already making a career change from business....
  15. mikejjmay

    CNA position interview, help please

    So here is the situation, I am a newly certified and registered CNA, and have two job interviews next week, both on the same day. One is for a business position (which is what my bachelors degree is in), then other for a CNA position. Benefits of both - they are both better then my current job. The business position is much more money and standard hours (9-5). This should allow me to pursue nursing school at night as my current business work has me working crazy hours and i cannot do it now. The CNA position is full time (72hrs per pay period which is 2 weeks), and is at a 5star medicaid rated facility. My grandma stayed there actually when she got toward the end. great facility, great people, and would give me really good experience i wouldn't get in the business posiiton. Downside - about a 30 minute drive from my house. So here are a few questions. The CNA place want me pretty bad i feel because of my educational level and the fact that i will be a nursing student. The pay cut is going to be tough. I feel i would need to get like $14 an hour to compensate, which is tough to get as a new CNA. Tough, but not unheard of. Are there any tips for trying to get a higher salary? Any ideas? So i will interview for both jobs on the same day, but if I got offered the business one i would think i should take it just cause of the pay and the fact that it is som much closer to my home. How should I say this at the end of the CNA interview? If I am offered the position should i just say "I have another offer i need to consider, when would you need my response by?" Also with regards to the CNA position, it would help a little if it was 40 hours a week instead of 36, as thats like an additional $50 a week. Is there anything i could say about that? Can i ask about the availability of overtime or picking up extra shifts? But the way, the shift is the morning/first shift, so no chance for shift differential (although it is every other weekend so maybe a weekend differential????) Let me know what you guys are thinking!!
  16. mikejjmay

    CNA Pay Options

    oh no i hear ya, believe me i have been playing devils advocate over this issue for a while now. Yeah, car paid off, no credit card debt, only debt is low interest student loans from my existing Bachelors degree. i guess i'll just wait and see what the LTC facility offers me, and if its on the higher end of CNA pay then i'll have a tougher decision to make.