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    Finding that first job

    No, sorry i am applying everywhere (I should have entered my first post better). Hospitals would be better, but I am open to anything as long as it is overnight hours. I definitely am aware it is near impossible to land a hospital CNA or PCA job with little experience. I am more just looking for advice on the best ways to go about applying, and ensuring i get full time overnight. Thanks!
  2. Get it in writing.....verbal agreements mean nothing. This is your career, you need to make sure you have the new position before doing anything to put your current position in danger. Just my 2 cents.
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    Advice please - new to nursing

    Hello all, First let me say i have been browsing this community, and have been amazed by the amount of excellent advice offered and how willing and able to help everyone in this community is!! So my situation - currently hold a Bachelors Degree in Economics, and am finding the business world to be very unfullfilling and unrewarding. To that end, i am starting my CNA class in a week here and should be done by October. I am signed up as a volunteer at a hospital to get some good experience as well. I held a position with the corporate headquarters of Target in Minneapolis, so i have excellent computer, communitcaiton, and interpersonal skills to have on my resume. I have every intention of continuing up the ladder to LPN and then Rn after getting my CNA and landing a job that will allow me to go to school at the same time. I am wondering what would be the best place for me to look for first employment? I have expenses and student loans to repay, and i know that CNA are not paid what they deserve to be, but is there anyone that could let me know of some great places to get started in the cities? Is there any type of position that would enable me to make more for my existing degree? I would hate to have paid for this degree and not see any return from it, if you know what i mean. Should i look for some type of administrative position that would pay more and the my CNA certification would support? Please let me know - any info on career path, suggested working locations, and attaining a good pay scale would be much appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance!! P.S. I live in the so. metro, so something around there would be nice :)
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    Advice please - new to nursing

    no one?