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  1. ~LingLing~

    Scrubs question

    Ok so I bought my scrubs online and they sent me one of the wrong top so I'm going to return it for an exchange. And my exchange item would cost a little more money. On the Return Sheet it said "Exchange Payment" and asking for the credit card numbers. My question is, is it safe to provide my card numbers via paper like this? B/c I have never provided my numbers by paper before. Another question is, if people know your card numbers can they withdraw all your money from the bank? Can someone help me answer that questions, thanks in advance!
  2. ~LingLing~

    Question about Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs)

    Thank you a million times PBAJS for your super help, I'm very appreciated that you provided with all those details and advices because it help me so much...cos a new cna like me have never had any experience writing resume before. But after I read your post I must say that I have to fix my resume all over again. . And when fuzzywuzzy said that I shouldn't put that list on my resume I'm still doubt whether or not I should keep that list or remove it but since you also said that so it mean that the more people said it's not needed therefore I must have to listen to you guys advice and remove the list cos I like to listen to expert like you all. Also thanks for the link provided cos it was super helper as well!!!
  3. ~LingLing~

    Question about Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs)

    Thank you very much miiszkim0711 and fuzzywuzzy for your help. Also fuzzywuzzy thanks for the tip but the reason that I thought I want to add the tasks that I did in clinical under my "Clinical Experience" is cos I don't want to leave too much empty space on my resume cos I'm a new CNA and never work in any field before yet. Also I thought maybe some employer might want to know what I did as hand on experience during clinical therefore that's why I think about listing all those tasks down.
  4. I'm currently working on my cna resume and I have a question to ask about the ADLs... so under the "Clinical Experience" section I put these: *Responds to patient call lights *Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) *Checking patient vital signs *Infection control *Measuring residents weight and height *Assist the residents in wheelchairs *Assists the residents with ambulation *Perform ROM on patient * Making Occupied bed/ Unoccupied bed * Transfer the patient w/ gait belt * Reposition the patient * Measuring patient weight & height So my question is: Does "Responds to patient call lights", "Checking patient vital signs", "Perform ROM on patient", "Making Occupied bed/ Unoccupied bed", "Transfer the patient w/ gait belt", "Reposition the patient", "Measuring patient weight & height", "Assist the patient in wheelchairs", and "Assist the patient w/ ambulation", are these tasks consider as ADLs are not? If it is consider as the ADLs then I don't have to add those tasks under the "Clinical Experience" section again instead I just put it as "ADLs" that is, but if those tasks are not consider as ADLs then I want to add it to the list. Therefore, please let me know which one of those tasks are consider as ADLs or not?
  5. ~LingLing~

    Scrub question...please read

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences...I found out that my school allow us to wear normal cloth to school but we just need to have our scrub on when in class. Also @ my school, we don't have to wear the shoes that are all white, as long as the shoes have more white color than the other color w/ it than it's ok ...I think my school is cool...however I like to wear white shoes than w/ mixed colors.
  6. I just wondering does your school require you to pass the class written tests and final exam or not? If didn't pass all the class tests or final exam does it affect the individual for not being able to continue w/ the clinical or something? Does it affect in anyway at all???
  7. ~LingLing~

    Scrub question...please read

    I have a silly question to ask...can I change into my scrub when I @ school or I have to wear it b4 get to school? B/c I have 2 take the bus and I dun want to wear it to go everywhere outside w/ it cos dun get use to it yet, LOL!!!!!!! ...also when you buy white shoes does the school wants the one w/ laces or w/o it at all, do they require us to wear white shoes 2 school too or only @ clinical???