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  1. 203bravo

    How to have the Military help pay for nursing school. Please help

    You could either get your nursing degree and apply to a military loan repayment program or you could enlist and serve the minimum amount of time necessary to qualify for the military tuition grant program and/or the GI bill. Best of luck.
  2. 203bravo

    Normal Findings List?

    I find it hard to believe that any physical assessment text would not give the expected normal findings per system along with the abnormal ones. You may have to find them chapter by chapter instead of a handy dandy list form that can simply be c...
  3. 203bravo


    Have you tried the Hurst review course? It is very content based, covered system by system, and as I recall provided some pretty good testing strategies. A study plan like this combined with practice questions will help to identify weak areas i...
  4. 203bravo

    Failed 1st attempt; questions about retaking in CA

    You are eligible for a new ATT 45 days from the date of your exam. Have no way of knowing if there are any current processing delays that may exceed this date. Website: http://www.RN.ca.gov/regulations/title16.shtml#1414 Search: Title 16, Sectio...
  5. As you've stated these programs are very overwhelmed currently and are watching the developments along with their partnering clinical sites. It's not worth attempting to contact them at this time as (1) often times these situations change in a matter...
  6. 203bravo

    Is the apothecary system tested over on the NCLEX?

    No .. they don't test how many gr of aspirin :) In most nursing programs it is briefly mentioned as part of nursing history but not taught... Last exposure I had was several years back an old physician still used it on orders .. retired now...
  7. 203bravo

    Starting in urgent care?

    It's the sole provider expectation that sets off warning bells for me. Especially for a new grad. Exactly what type of cases will does this "urgent" care clinic see? Around where I live we have some so-called "urgent" cares that are really no ap...
  8. 203bravo

    Initial DEA licensure- time for processing

    Mine was 1 week from application to receiving it in the mail.. of course pre COVID.
  9. 203bravo

    Scary Paranoid Thought

    Yep --- check your PMP often..... my state does not mandate e-script controlled substances and anything can be called in with the exception of Sch II which must be written or e-scribed... In reviewing my PMP log once there was a RX for Ambien f...
  10. 203bravo

    FNP or AGACNP?

    You have absolutely answered your own question here: I would like Everything in your own post that points to the FNP track is what "others" have said... 2 other points: Yes you can do a post masters FNP cer...
  11. 203bravo

    HELP: Deciding between MSN, ADN, or BSN

    Pammgome91 - As you are already learning there are a lot of directions that one can can take with a nursing career. You must first understand the area you in and then a basic idea of where you may want to go. First - the market you are in....
  12. 203bravo

    BSN while pursuing RN

    I wish you luck.. Outside of the dual enrollment programs the only other programs that I am aware of will require an unencumbered RN license. However, ADN programs are usually 2 years and most easily do the ADN to BSN in 12 - 18 months... so re...
  13. 203bravo

    BSN while pursuing RN

    There are direct entry ADN to MSN programs that you could consider.
  14. 203bravo

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    technically you "study" for the NCLEX while you are in your nursing program. Then most students start a review, using various programs and books, shortly following graduation or even shortly prior to graduation. This review is generally questio...
  15. 203bravo

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    Some of these companies are being very generous