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  1. Hi I am a year 3 adult student nurse from the U.K. We have been given the opportunity to have an overseas placement for 4 weeks starting the 27th June 2010. I have rang a few hospitals and emailed but have had no luck. Does anyone know any hospitals or areas that could offer this facility. I have tried Fremantle Hospital, Royal Perth hospital, Ramsay Health I am waiting to hear from St John of God and Rockingham. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi I am wondering how much a graduate nurse would earn being on a graduate programme in a hospital. In the UK we have a 6 month preceptorship we earn around 20,000. Is Western Australia good pay or is Brisbane or Sydney better? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am thinking of emigrating to Perth. I work 37.5 hours a week and have 35 days annual leave. I work long 12 hour shifts. I am in charge of 12 patients. I hardly have time to wash a patient with the amount of paperwork we have its mad and the pressure of turning around patients is sometimes stressful. What is nursing like in Australia? How many hours are full time hours and how many holiday days do you get? Would love to hear of your experiences nursing in Oz.
  4. minnie659

    UK student nurse wanting to emigrate to Canada

    Thank you I will have a look. I have only done 1 week in health visiting and 1 week with child learning disabilities.
  5. minnie659

    Anybody succeeded in making up hours for usa?

    How many hours will we owe? I am currently on the diploma programme. I never realised how hard it is for Canada. Yet it seems easier for oz and nz
  6. Hi I start my 2nd year in September. I am looking at emigrating to Canada. I am so confused on what I need. I am on the current diploma programe adult nursing. Nursing in the UK generic. Not mixed skill. Can anyone please give me more information, is the diploma accepted and what experience will I need. Many thanks and if i have forgotten anything please give any advice. Thanks