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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone give me some sort of layout about preceptorship? Do we need to do clinicals in every class? semester? do they tell you ahead of time the times that you need to do clinicals? I ask this because I am a travel nurse, and I would need to be in Florida to do my clinicals ( I have a preceptor already). Having this information will help plan ahead between work and school. thanks so much
  2. chowchow1

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    It is NYSNA . For 12 hour shifts, one week you have to work 4 days . Per union contract you must work 150 hours per month. We put in requests for schedule, and manager will try to accommodate as possible. We rotate every 3rd weekend. But some people only wants to work weekends so it takes the load from the rest of us
  3. chowchow1

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    Also, i didn't mention nyp/columbia is a union hospital and per contract with union we get a 3% or 3.5% (can't remember exactly) salary increase annually every january 1st of every year . It starts after your first anniversary. I got hired may 2016, my salary increase starts January 2018 and every January thereafter.
  4. chowchow1

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    there was an opening for a per diem position at my friend's unit she pushed for me to get in. But when I went to orientation ALOT i mean ALOT started as travel nurses and ended up taking a full time position when one opened. As a matter of fact I know a few nurses did this to get their feet in the door. American Mobile is the only agency that works with NYP for what they told me. It's very hard to get in !!! but don't lose hope keep applying even if is a "not in a very desirable unit" . You want to get your foot in the door.
  5. chowchow1

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    Years of Experience Amount Effective 1/1/2010 0 $ 0 $ 0 1 $ 0 $ 0 2 $ 1,000 $ 1,000 3 $ 2,000 $ 2,000 4 $ 3,500 $ 3,500 5 $ 5,000 $ 5,000 6 $ 6,825 $ 6,825 7 $ 7,825 $ 7,825 8 $ 8,825 $ 8,825 9 $ 9,825 $ 9,825 10 $10,825 $10,825 11 $11,825 $11,825 12 $12,825 $12,825 13 $13,825 $13,825 14 $14,825 $14,825 15 $16,825 $16,825 16 $17,825 $17,825 17 $18,825 $18,825 18 $19,825 $19,825 19 $20,825 $20,825 20 $21,075 $21,575 21 $21,325 $22,325 22 $21,575 $23,075 23 $21,825 $23,825 24 $22,075 $24,575 25 $22,325 $25,325 26 $22,575 $26,075 27 $22,825 $26,825 28 $23,400 $27,575 29 $25,500 $28,325 30 $28,550 $29,075 31 $28,600 $29,825 32+ $29,000 $30,575 Add to base rate
  6. chowchow1

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    I work at NYP / Columbia as of 1/1/18 starting base salary for CN-1 is $93,028 DAYS only, NOT including bachelors, night shift and years of exp. differential . very good money
  7. I recently got a position at CHONY and I have to take the pediatrics PHARM exam and disrithmya Exam along with the BKAT. How are these exams taken? Are they proctored? On a computer? Are there other people around taking it? Also has anyone taken the disrithmya exam ? Is there an study guide ? Anyone remembers any questions?
  8. chowchow1

    From OR to PACU

    I'm thinking about going to PACU for my next assignment. My training in PACU is very limited and have not worked in it for quite a while. I've been in the operating room for about 5 yrs, and all of my assignments have been in the OR. I worked in PACU for a little bit before I started traveling, but only worked in an ambulatory setting and my skills are limited. Do you think is a bad idea? Any travelers in PACU that think this could or couldn't be done. I would appreciate your insight. Btw I will be in NY.
  9. chowchow1

    Operating Room nurses in New York

    ​Looking for some insight from some operating room nurses in New York. I am applying to various hospitals in the city but I would like some information if nurses both scrub and circulate. Where I come from in Florida nurses only circulate we used surgical techs for scrubbing. Before I go any further and waste anybody's time I would like to know if you know of any hospitals where nurses only circulate. I am willing to explore outside the city also, but in the city would be best since I live in East Village. Don't have experience in scrubbing, otherwise I am considering going back to PACU. Your response would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  10. chowchow1

    NYC OR Nurses

    ​I am a travel nurse living in NYC. After being under contract for 1 year, at a hospital in Long Island. I am taking a small break and going back to work, but this time I would like to stay in the city. The housing they provide me with is great and decided to stay in the LI hospital because I've grown to love the people that I worked with. But the commute was killing me and had to wake up around 415 am to catch the train from city to LI every morning when I could've slept at least one more hour. I am looking at different hospitals in the city that are offering opportunities for travel nurses. My question is ...what hospitals only have their nurses circulate. I do not have experience in scrubbing. And I do not want accept a job where I later have to decline because I find out at the last minute that they needed me to scrub also . It happened to me once already because my recruiter did not do her research properly after I told her that I only circulated. I am asking all the NYC OR nurses what duties are expected from the hospital you work for. Circulate and scrub or circulate only. Any feedback is appreciated!!!
  11. Has anyone been in this program for new grads? I am interested in how your experience was. I called today, and the nurse recruiter told me they are suppossed to have one coming up in September. She is stiill waiting for more information.