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  1. okay, so do you guys think the 13 chapters will be harder just because the other test was 8 chapters? lol. i would like to think they will be equally as "difficult". i put quotes, because it might not have been difficult to you guys.

    but what do y'all think?

  2. 5 years? hmm. i'm just saying IF i did.. i mean, i bombed the fundamentals test. got a 65. i felt like i was seroiusly the only one and i was freakin out. i didnt know if i shoulda gotten out or what. i am trying to have faith that i will pass the class. it was the first test, so i dont know.

  3. melissa, can i email you my paper so you can peer review it please?

    i didn't do so well on the test and i'm trying my best to do good on everything.

    i almost died today. :(

    i studied my heart out, and didn't do well on the test like i thought i'd do.

    i was gonna get out of the program!

    but i should only get out if i fail the next test correct?

    becasue there's no way of passing if that happens.

  4. Edited by tnbutterfly

    y'all stop talking about **** so much :(

    y'all are making me jealous. i have ******.

    she's not bad, but she seems pretty strict on some things.

    and the bedmaking/bath thing is frightening to me, because i'm so new

    to all of it! it looks difficult... i wonder how long it'll take me to actually

    memorize every freakin' step! its so detailed.

    i want ****. lol

  5. yes, the grade showed up on my computer.

    how did everyone do? i'm more worried about fundamentals

    than i am with health assessment, for sure!

    and wow, there are so many steps involved in just

    bedmaking, and bathing! i'm gonna have to practice,

    practice, practice! ugh.

    and russell, did it take you long to do the paper?

    i wanted to start on mine but i never know how to start

    out on introductory paragraphs..i hate intros!

  6. if i choose homecare as my topic, does it have to be only ONE home care assessment? like.. infection or wound care or hygiene.. or can it be multiple assessments? i'm confused. there's tons of different kinds. probably just one, right? and write a paper just about that one assessment?

    several assessments would kind of be easier though as well..ugh!

    does anyone know?