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  1. BSN-DNP ACNP Yea! Acceptance letter today....now 1 more for my sister:sarcastic:
  2. I got an email today stating the letters went out today.
  3. Citigyrl

    Hypothermia Protocol

    What is the theory behind allowing a patient to return to a stable core temp before paralytics are discontinued? I know as long as I have used paralytics, I was always taught to wait until pt body temp is normal before ever turning off a paralytic. Most post-cardiac hypothermic protocols mention this but I don't see an explanation as to why.
  4. Citigyrl

    valley healthcare or flexcare??

    Hi...thanks for the response. Myself and a few of my friends have worked in California before. I still have a friend there in San Diego. I'm originally from Louisiana and am currently on assignment in the US Virgin Islands.
  5. Citigyrl

    valley healthcare or flexcare??

    I have worked with Valley Healthcare for a few years. My is AMAZING!!!! He always calls to check on you, always patient and truly works to get assignments for you. If he doesn't feel it's a good fit with a respectable team, he won't bother placing you at the facility. They are mainly staffed in California but often have assignments available in other cities.
  6. Citigyrl

    ST. Thomas USVI Travel????

    There are immediate assignments open in the virgin islands if you are interested I can give you some info. I traveled there last year and am about to return for a second trip.
  7. Citigyrl

    New to Travel Nursing...need advice!

    There are Med surge positions available in the virgin islands if you are ready to travel soon. I can give you info if interested.
  8. Citigyrl

    question for nurses with licenses in more than 1 state

    If you plan to return to Ca. place your license in an inactive status. The payments are less.
  9. Citigyrl

    opinion about nsu shreveport vs panola in carthage...

    Hi. K-T this is in response to your message. I am a NSU grad and you are correct when you say "SOME-NSU grads are cocky and feel superior". That should not be, regardless of the school you graduated from. NSU gets the respect they get because of the seniority of their program. The name alone commands respect. This is not to say that all their grads are elite. It's just like when you go car shopping and you pick a Honda over a Cheverolet. It's not guaranteed that the Honda will run better but the name has a quality performance with it. As a RN I feel we ALL must stop being cocky because we have obtained a degree and a comfortable standard of living. The true skills shine through the patient care that is given. Some people are butt holes reardless of the school they graduate from...it's called differences in personalities. Nursing is difficult I don't care where you go because it causes you to think "out of the box". Critical thinking can be harder for some. I encourage us to lift nurses up and support them regardless of the school one attends. No 1 school is better than the other, it's all about what you learn...Believe me there were some that graduated and passed NCLEX that don't know a venous blood draw from an arterial...BTW I work at LSU and we don't like hiring new grads in the ER...PERIOD...the pace is too fast and the risk are too great.
  10. Citigyrl

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    That's ok
  11. Citigyrl

    At what point is it not worth it?

    I have found that ICU & ER are naturally stressful areas. Knowing your S*T helps. They always want to show a new employee up and point out their mistakes. Take time out to become familiar with your drugs and common practices, the other is to pray. Destresss and make time for self. People are who they are. Dealing with adverse situations make you a stronger person. There may not always be an avenue out. On the other hand you and your health come first. If this area is unbearable follow the correct chain of command and procedure to report violatios and prepare to exit. Good luck either way. Never let them see you sweat!
  12. Citigyrl

    An RN who has a BS vs a BSN does it really matter?

    Since your BS is non nursing it may not hold weight. I did a LPN bridge got my ADN and took all my BS classes on line. I finish my BSN next fall. Pay wise a nurse is a nurse. BSN and ADN students learn the exact same nursing skills. Some people perfer a BSN over ADN but the pay is usually the same for new nurses. BSN goes more into leadership and management issues. If you want to go the quick route do the ADN and find a RN to BSN program to do while you work. You are too far ahead to do a LPN to RN. If you didn't have a degree or experience that might be ok. The ADN takes @ 2yrs and the BSN takes @ 4
  13. Citigyrl

    Can a DNR order be a TO

    Each state and facility is different. It would be wise to check policy on that. Where I work a doctor has to talk with the patient or family, write the order, and address it in the progress notes before it is valid. If they haven't done these things before that pt. codes then we run a full code. They aren't very srtict @ the progress notes but they are firm on the other issues. Also each time that pt. is admitted a new DNR order is required...they do have the right to switch back and fourth if they are aware enough to make that decision.
  14. Citigyrl


    I work nights now and it took my body @ 8 weeks to get comfortable with it. I'm still not used to it after 12weeks but I am much better than before. I get off in the mornings and go straight to bed. I allow my body to wake at its own time (instead of using an alarm clock). That way I feel more rested. I then take a short hour or two nap before I have to leave for work. Getting your rest is very important. I'm on a 7 on 7 off rotation so it can get very tiring. I did find that my body did better when it got adequate sleep. Yes, I chose to work it because at the time that's what was open in the ICU. Day shift is more difficult to get because everyone wants to work days.
  15. Citigyrl

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    As I suggested before, I think everyone has their own experience and unique life situations. See what programs your state offers and the Board guidelines of practice. In Louisiana LPN classes don't transfer because they are not the same classes it's just the same subjects but a more simple version. I think the bridge program requires @ 37 hours of general studies classes. I know in La. you can not work as a LPN regardless of how long you have been in RN school. You must have a license and sit for Boards. You are only allowed to work as a CNA after you've been certified. If you have the time & don't need a steady income do the RN. RN Nursing requires alot of reading and ability to critical think. LPN's don't focus much on critical thinking. They are more consumed with bedside care and patient needs. This is why most RN's say they make good nurses. Their clinical skills are usually pretty good. Good luck in your choice.
  16. Citigyrl

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    Most often non-LVN's will say do a RN first and pre LVN's will say go that route. The reality is in timing. I was a LVN first then I got my RN. If you can afford not to work and do school full time then a RN is great but if you need a substantial income go for the LVN first. If you enter a bridge program (LVN to RN) program it cuts out being on a waiting list and praying for acceptance. You are virtually guaranteed a spot if your grades meet the requirements. Also remember if you have no college credits you must take prerequisite courses first. An ADN program may take 2-3 years to complete unless you go full time year round. Look at the school and see when classes are offered. Some classes you may only be able to take during certain semesters. BSN classes at my school were offered year round but ADN classes were only offered in the Spring & Fall. Your situation is unique to you so weigh your options...don't let our opinions sway but use them for insight. However you get it...just do it! P.S. ...as an agency LVN I made $24 hr..good money