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  1. Student4_life

    Maryland BSN hopefuls for Fall 2012

    JHU is ungodly expensive, add the commute to and from, as well as to the clinical sites + parking for both and tuition is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait it out and apply to UMB @ SG.
  2. Student4_life

    Looking to buy UMSON BSN textbooks!

    with one s in student not two
  3. Student4_life

    Looking to buy UMSON BSN textbooks!

  4. Student4_life

    Looking to buy UMSON BSN textbooks!

    I'll sell you all my stuff, and give you my scrubs and lab coat too (as long as youre a size medium). I decided halfway thru my first semester that nursing wasn't for me (left with A's and B's so its not like I flunked out, just didn't like it as much as I hoped), so with the exception of a few pages in the lab manual being filled out everything is in great condition. Email me to set up a when and where.
  5. Student4_life

    UMB Spring 2012

    The wait takes forever, but they are just as eager to tell you as you are to find out. That being said, when you guys find out I have books and gear to sell. After breezing thru and enjoying my pre-reqs I found that Nursing wasn't my thing, so I have a full set of barely used books for anyone in MoCo. Oh, one last thing, if you are applying to Shady Grove be sure to apply to the site specific scholarships that can be found on the USG website (I'd link but I'm on a phone w/o cut and paste, so just google USG Rockville and browse the home page for the scholarship app, it takes 30 minutes to do and they have a lot of scholarships (a few of my classmates and I got 2,500 scholarships, but there are scholarships from 200-full tuition and fees).
  6. Student4_life


    Well I can't think if a time where you could land a job 10 days after you started looking.
  7. Student4_life

    Just got accepted at SUSON.......

    Ask in the State Nursing Program Forums. You could even dig around in them and find if anyone has posted anything about your new school. Oh yeah congrats on your entry into the Class of 2013 (I assume it's 2 years until you finish your degree).
  8. Student4_life

    Maryland/DC area ABSN's

    Those are ok schools, but why not go for your CNL at UMB, it's a ABSN in a masters package (read: eligible for fin-aid) and it's a very highly ranked program.
  9. Student4_life

    Post 9/11 GI Bill

    Don't pay up front, too many headaches. The school is set up to accept third party payments from reputable organizations (Pell grants, student loans, and other fin-aid is often delivered to the school late, but A's long A's they know it's coming they'll let you take classes). A's long A's you have your certificate of eligibility from the VA you will be ok. I used the GI Bill for my pre-reqs with zero issues.
  10. Student4_life

    Getting into a school, non impacted programs??

    Montgomery College in Silver Spring MD doesn't have waitlists. Not to say its not flush with candidates, you really have to be an all-star to get into any public school here in MD, but if your grades outside of the sciences are A's strong A's your sciences you'll be ok. So glad I moved from CA to MD for Nursing Pre-Reqs, I may have paid 7 times the cost per credit hour (22 vs 140) but the fact that state schools choose merit over want paid dividends.
  11. Student4_life

    ABSN College credits versus Community College credits

    If you do go the CC route, I wouldn't slack off in class. The last 90 pretty much means the last 90. The school you are applying to wants to see where you are as a student now, if you show them that you have poor grades now (at a community college which are often accused of being easier than a 4-year) they are going to think you lost your work ethic. Knock 'em out, bust 'em up. Get that 4.0 in CC and leave nothing to chance (if the anatomy classes are impacted you have to know the nursing programs are also flooded with would-be applicants). And why take cheesy courses? Take some things that you like, after all you're paying for it.
  12. Student4_life

    How to NOT gain weight in Nursing School??

    Its not for everyone, but I am going to bike to school every non-rainy day.
  13. Student4_life

    Tell Me About Your Study Space.

    My wife is in Medical school and I am in Nursing school, so our "newly-wed pad" has a small den in the exact center (very quiet) that we have dedicated as our study. 2 giant white boards on the wall, a timer that forces 5 min breaks every hour, an over abundance of "sunlight" CFL's, 2 desks and more books than shelve space (our school books not in use spill out onto 2 large bookshelves in the living room). Our entire house revolves around studying, luckily we live within walking distance of a Sports Bar for Football Sundays (if football comes back...), a libary and a starbucks (incase the game is televised, dropped cable this year and just have a cheapo attenna).
  14. Student4_life

    How many use a car for class/clinicals?

    Bike to class, drive to clinicals. We are in suburban DC area, but some clinicals are in the country side, others in the heart of DC just out of range of metro and still other sites are in cities that are just under 50 miles away (not about to bike or mass-transit 50 miles). But other than clinicals and grocery shopping the car stays in the garage.
  15. Student4_life

    Does anyone know anything about Virginia College's ADN Peogram?

    I don't know anything about VC, but I urge you to be wary about any school that only transfers credits to UofP. That alone makes me thing VC is a for-profit school, and given the market (both lack of new grad postions and preferance for BSN trained new grads when there are positions) that is alot of money to shell out for training that may not result in timely employment. Please look objectively at the cost of attendance.
  16. Student4_life

    Educating new nurses

    Nurses will need to take 10 cents on the dollar while in residency like Doctors do. But no-one wants to get paid 2.50 an hour.