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LisalaRN99 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Addictions/Mental Health, Telemetry.

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  1. LisalaRN99

    I Did It! I Earned My Master’s in Nursing Informatics

    I enjoyed reading your article! I am starting my last practicum in my online MSN program in Nursing Education. It has always been a career goal of mine to teach nursing in some capacity. I believe going back to school for my MSN is going to be ...
  2. LisalaRN99

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Maybe Karen is being secretive because she also knows that nurses are very good at gossiping about each other and she is tired of it!
  3. LisalaRN99

    8 or 12 hour shifts

    Yes, we are exhausted, but I was exhausted doing five 8 hour shifts. I'd rather have the four days off!
  4. LisalaRN99

    8 or 12 hour shifts

    Nursing is my second career. I worked a "regular" job, 8 to 5, monday through friday. Then I became a nurse. Then I learned the pleasures of three 12-hour shift a week, with fours days off every week. Awesome! Before I was a nurse, I did feel like I ...
  5. LisalaRN99

    New grad, please Help with med surg organization!!

    Really? You are able to stick to this schedule? I have 6-8 patients....most times only 1 Patient Care Assistant for the 17 bed floor. I work on a medical/psych unit. My preceptor told me to spend only 7 minutes with each patient for assessments. It ...
  6. LisalaRN99

    Fellow nurses, do you like your job?

    My intention after nursing school was to go right into psych nursing like my other colleagues on the psych unit where I had worked as an Intake Coordinator while in nursing school. Unfortuately, my psych unit closed shortly after I graduated, and t...
  7. LisalaRN99

    Intake Nurse

    I am a psychiatric intake nurse! I work in a very busy ER that receives a fair number of involuntary as well as voluntary admissions for psych. It is our job to review all the clinical information gathered on the patient and make recommendations for ...
  8. LisalaRN99

    Help! Non-nursing best path to Psychiatric NP

    While I applaud your enthusiasm to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I have my reservations about the way in which you wish to go about it. Frankly I feel we have enough nurses who want to learn how to prescribe medications without having to (...
  9. LisalaRN99

    I want my MSN, but...

    I am also not interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner! If I did, it would be in psych, but I do not want that level of responsibility. Nor do I wish to become an administrator. I am going for my MSN in Nursing Education. I love to teach, and I l...
  10. LisalaRN99

    Holiday staffing policies

    I work in a small psych intake office in the ER. We self-schedule and cooperate on Holidays, including job-sharing the Day. Of course, one of these days administration will find out how happy we are and mess things up!
  11. LisalaRN99

    The newest and coolest thing you've ever done

    Assisting with Electroconvulsive Therapy....not new but new to my facility.
  12. LisalaRN99

    Sad & Angry

    It is one thing to criticize someone for not performing a job the way you believe it should be performed (not your business); it is another to criticize someone personally, i.e., attacking their manners and "class". Often times we stoop to this when...
  13. LisalaRN99

    Accused Of Not Being A Team Player-Have You?

    I'm sorry this has happened to you. It seems like it is time for you to look elsewhere for work because this group of nurses is definitely not "your people". I learned this phrase some time back (maybe on Oprah) about knowing when you are in sync w...
  14. LisalaRN99

    Psych nursing is easy

    Psych nursing is easy?? Please tell me where this unit is so we can all come work there! As a veteran psych nurse who has worked 11 of my 15 yrs in psych nursing, I'd say, never let down your guard! Just when you do that, something is bound to hap...
  15. LisalaRN99

    40 Days Sober really :)

    Congrats! I have 45 days!