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  1. a1eyedbandit

    University of Cincinnati

    U of C, DL MSN from WV.
  2. a1eyedbandit

    Beating a Dead Horse

    I deeply apologize for beating this to death buttt.... I am a nurse practitioner student in the WV area, and I am looking for guidance on finding a NP preceptor. I have my first clinical rotation in the summer of 2013, and I want to secure things prior to heck Spring semester. I have looked up all the NP in my area ( 100 mile radius) Talked to MD's NP i work with.... I have asked my GP whom is an NP as well ( she is willing to help) My plan is to mail formal letters to MD's, NP's asking for assistance, then follow up with a phone call or personal visit within one week of mailing letters..... Does anyone have any other suggestions/ advice.... There are MANY NP's in my area.... Is it a good thing to start a year early?? Thanks for the help in advance JBA
  3. a1eyedbandit

    University of Cincinnati Online MSN-NP

    Hey all! So excited to know some Of you are gonna be doing anp with me!!!' we all should hook up online and prepare!!!! Once you accept your place at UC your advisor will send you emails for the next steps.... Also be looking at the ANCC website for changes to NP ... Consensus model
  4. Hey all!!! I was just accepted to UC ANP program for fall 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! So bloody excited!!!!! This is a shout out for anyone else that was excited!!! Let's get talking, preparing, motivated!!!! Bless this day oh Lord for You are GREAT!!!! B
  5. a1eyedbandit

    University of Cincinnati Online MSN-NP

    I just found out last night I was accepted into UC for ANP for fall 2012!!!!!!!
  6. a1eyedbandit

    Msn/np online programs. No gre

    What about letters of intent.... How did you do them for so many schools..... I tend to tailor one great one a tweak it slightly.... It may have more than what t asks for but its darn good.
  7. a1eyedbandit

    Msn/np online programs. No gre

    I have 4 applications in already. All requesting for FALL admittance. Most deadlines are not until Feb, March, or April. So I am praying I am okay. ADN GPA 3.22 RN-BSN GPA 3.98 Overall taking into account ALLL college work attempted.....3.08 GPA thoughts?
  8. a1eyedbandit

    Msn/np online programs. No gre

    I admit... I'm scared....
  9. a1eyedbandit

    Msn/np online programs. No gre

    LOL I am a psych nurse now NP in psych, paid the same or less?? I work ER as well, so I have applied to family and adult NP programs
  10. a1eyedbandit

    how important ...

    I have 2 degrees ADN and a BSN. Grades are important, but I do not believe they are everything.... I have asked the same question though
  11. a1eyedbandit

    Fall 2012 MSN NP

    So, was curious to know who all has applied for the Fall 2012 semester for MSN and NP programs..... wanted to see if anyone was nervous yet or what. Wanted to know if anyone has heard back yet.... doubtful... Need some advice too. GPA is above 3.0...not hugely above that.... Do colleges look at other things besides GPA?? Really want in this year... So lend me your ears fellow nurses.... what are your thoughts, experiences.. Brandon
  12. a1eyedbandit

    Msn/np online programs. No gre

    Everyone Thank you so much.... do you think 6 schools is enough to apply for????
  13. Applied to UC for Fall 2012 MSN and NP.... those of you that have just recently been accepted.... min PM me what your GPA was...... I wanna know what my chances are..... signed up for family NP and or Adult..... PS I have a 3.08 over all GPA with a 3.98 for my RN to BSN transition...... but weighted into everything its a 3.08 as mentioned
  14. a1eyedbandit

    University of Southern Indiana

    So I am asking anyone here for feedback on the university of southern Indiana online MSN and NP programs. I applied there and the cost, and length of program look great! I just need some ideas on what others have thought about it!!!! PLEASE!!!! and thank you Brandon PS applied for FNP track
  15. a1eyedbandit


    The trick worked!!!!!!!! I just got on WV BON and I have a # I passed!!!!!!!!! I passed I passed I passed!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for the support!!!!!
  16. a1eyedbandit

    Kinda Freaking Out

    whoa there dude easy on what's said on here....