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  1. edenprairie12

    New RN looking for a job

    hi,same my story outside usa experience,passed nclex from first time, now almost 8 months no job,looked every where. it is harder 4 us.maybe they prefer new grads from here on us,although i have 3 years experiance, be patient,patient,i was thinking soon after lisence i will get a job.i always get calls from other states but i dont want 2 relocate,think of it.
  2. edenprairie12

    How I Got My First Nursing Job

    happy for you, so inspiring for every one, i belive that was your destiny and mercy from allah to you, thank him alot.wish you best of luk ,and hope somlike that will happen to me 2 since i am looking for a job.congrats
  3. edenprairie12

    Why don't I have a job right now?

    hi me too, looking for ajob, i passed my RN exam on 3/30/2010 still no job. i feel your pain. iam foregin trained , have 3 years med/surg experiance, whenever i call recruting agency, they require one year experiance in us. i live in minnetonka, i would like to hear how you looking for your job.
  4. edenprairie12

    New Grads and Resumes

    hi every one here, any one would have alook at my resume.will be glad to pm it.
  5. edenprairie12

    help rn-bsn online

    iam international nurse, i passed my nclex on 29th of march. i have diploma in nursing back home, now that i am in mn, i would like to go for online rn to bsn,since i am mother and pregnant. i did my research for about one month on which online rn to bsn university to choose,but iam confused,and lost.any advice, i mean can any body tell me thier opinions about which universities are best. then since iam international student how they will evaluate my transcript? can you give names of rn to bsn programs which are excellant. thanks.
  6. edenprairie12

    Anyone starting Chamberlain online BSN in April?

    iam also thinking of the same college, what do you think of it? there are so many online universities for rn to bsn.any advice where to join? thanks
  7. edenprairie12

    online rn to bsn

    hi every body, i passed recently my nclex rn, and i had 3 years diploma in nursing ,outside usa, now i am mam i would like to get bsn degree through online, i already applied to national american university, but would like to know your insight and opinions. any better options? what do you think? thanks:confused:
  8. edenprairie12

    how to look for a job

    well my husband is here plus i had 1 year experience in icu, and 2 years in medical surgical units, i used to take shift incharge,and manage 30 bed word with 4 staffs only.i feel i can handle the pressure of work.any way thanks.
  9. edenprairie12

    how to look for a job

    thanks every body, yes i do have my green card,and iam allowed to work here.
  10. edenprairie12

    how to look for a job

    hi every body, i juist passed my nclex rn and would like to get a job . i live in minnetonka, am new here i mean i am international nurse , so i have no idea where to start from? or how i can a job? what should i do? shoud i apply online or go to the hospitals to ask? i extremely need help. thanks.
  11. edenprairie12

    how to look for a job

    i juist passed my nclex rn and will the get the licsene within 48 hours. i am not graute from here i stay in minnesota. i have no idea whatsover on how to get ajob. i would like to work in a hospital. what should i do?any suggestion will be helpful.is there any easy way to find the job?does being international nurse will affect the appointment chances? thanks alot.
  12. edenprairie12

    nclex was easy!!!!!!

    thanks every body.:redbeathe
  13. edenprairie12

    nclex was easy!!!!!!

    hi every one here ,i love this website, this is my story am international nurse , graduated 5 years ago, mother of 1 year old and pregnant 8 months. i took my nclex on 29th of march, i felt that the exam was very easy and i was sure i passed, 36 hours later checked mn board of nursing to find out that i passed. i studied saunders, la charity book, and finished hurst review online 2 months before my exam. i concentrated on knowing the content more than doing questions,and it paid off. any way this is my advice for future test takers, study your content first then practise how to answer nclex style questions. from my experience, the questions were very clear , and direct and i did practise for only 1500 questions. i had select all that apply 25 questions, infection control, no drug calculation, no maternity ,one pediatric, some drugs that i didnot know abut, and my test shut off at 75 question. iam happy am done with it so i will be able to enjoy my new born baby. i want to praise hurst review, i think without it , i couldont passed. wish good luck for every one.
  14. edenprairie12

    Great FREE Review

    thanks alot.
  15. edenprairie12

    LaCharity Linda Book???

    it is the right book. keep it so useful.
  16. edenprairie12

    is it possible?

    hi every body, i love this form, my story is that , am international nurse , i studied for nclex rn for 4 months,and i would like to pass from the first trial cause we spent alot of money,on top of that i am pregnant.my question is what is the international nurses passing rate? is there any form for internaional nursrs here where i can read how they did. thanks.