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  1. Hi, I am in Northern VA now, but am considering relocating to FL in September (for family reasons) once I have completed 1 year at my current job on a very busy cardiac step down unit. I graduated from an ADN program with honors in May of last year and have been working since August. I am EPIC trained. Nursing is my second career. Any information would be helpful (pay, prospects, licensure, etc.) I am most curious about is the following: Will I have difficulty finding a job? Is the job crunch just for new grads, will I still be considered a new grad? I would like to change specialties to HRP, Labor and Delivery, NICU or PICU. Will this put me on the same level as new grads (meaning my 1 year of experience won't matter much)? Do these specialties take ADN nurses? Will I need to be in state before I apply to positions? Again anything will be helpful! I know you all must field questions like this all the time, but it is a big move and I would like to get sense of what I will be getting myself into. thanks!
  2. bowlofsurreal

    Patient ratios progressive care units

    At a non-union hospital in the dc area, we have 1:5 on days and 1:6 on nights. It used to be 1 less patient per shift until about a year ago. The difference that addition of an extra patient makes is monumental... half the staff has moved on and the rest are considering it :/
  3. bowlofsurreal

    NVCC transfer to Mason

    The NVCC program is an AAS (Associates of Applied Science) and doesn't meet the gen ed requirements for Mason. You have to also get your AS which requires a few extra classes that the Nursing department at NVCC doesn't require (a computer class, PE and something else I can't remember off hand). The primary issue I've run into with this is Mason will not accept you as a transfer under the matriculation agreement with the Nursing department unless all classes that make up your AAS/AS were taken at NVCC. If you have any other course work that you transfer in from another school to get your AAS/AS Mason sees you as a transfer student and you have additional courses to take before you can be accepted (Western Civ is one of them).
  4. bowlofsurreal

    NAs 161 or BIO 141 at NVCC?

    I would take BIO 141, 142 and CHEM 111, and Microbiology if you can swing it. I think taking NAS could potentially hinder you if you plan to go on post ADN. Most area programs (including George Mason) are transitioning to no longer accepting the NAS courses which are a combo of anatomy/physiology and micro geared toward health science majors. I'm a senior nursing student at NVCC (graduate in May) and I took all the above classes plus Chem 112 as my plan is to to go on to NP MSN. I didn't have a problem taking them in 2 semesters. BIO 141/142 are also offered online with virtual dissection, which may be something to think about if you are working and taking pre-reqs at the same time. good luck!
  5. bowlofsurreal

    A NVCC math class to prepare for TEAS or is study guide enough?

    I'm a nursing student at NVCC and tutor for the teas. The handbook should be plenty. You only need additional math if you're struggling with the questions in the handbook.
  6. bowlofsurreal

    Not Getting "A's"

    I totally understand and like all the other posters feel your pain. My program also has a 85% B and a 93% A. Our exams are 50 questions, so to get an A you have to miss 3 or less out of the 50 questions answered. It's painful, and as an A student coming into Nursing school, grappling with the potential for an 8 unit B on my transcript, definitely stings. I'm only 6 weeks into the first semester and am really trying to let go of the GPA anxiety, but still am studying like a demon to try for the A. I guess as the semester goes on I will either see how unrealistic it is for me, or see the level of work it is going to take to get there... good luck to you and hang in there
  7. bowlofsurreal

    My first day of clinicals funny moment...

    I can totally relate! Also, not as bad as my first day and me calling my clinical instructor in to listen to my patient's lungs because I thought I heard something adventitious. (I was hearing her bowel sounds because I was a bit low on her back.) :)
  8. bowlofsurreal

    Anyone waiting for acceptance in NVCC nursing fall 2010?

    Yeah, I'm not messing around about those codes! So much more to deal with than chasing down books or codes. I ordered my books last week. Just waiting for financial aid to kick in... Now that we have our first reading assignments I wish I had my books now! :) I did order NUR 150 and 135 books and a study guide for 111 through amazon (as well as some NCLEX rationale books). They are having a promotion where they give students free prime membership for a year (just need to sign up using your school email account). Prime lets you get free 2 day shipping. I am a amazon junky and already paid for prime, which they refunded to me once I signed up as a student.
  9. bowlofsurreal

    NOVA Clinical locations??

    I did this for this semesters classes. I clicked the button at 10:01 (got my classes), by 10:05 the classes I wanted were filled. Craziness! Thanks again for all your tips! Did you happen to take Medical Spanish? I'm thinking of taking it and it sounds like I might be able to use it a bit at Culmore.
  10. bowlofsurreal

    NOVA Clinical locations??

    Hi, I start the RN program at NOVA this fall. The first semester the staff assigned my clinical rotations--after this semester I will choose my sites based on preferences (day, time, clinical site). The first year the clinicals are 1 day a week and the second year you can have one 14 hour shift or two 7 hour shifts. I live in Arlington and this first semester I have a rotation in Manassas for 4 weeks, another in Reston, and the final one is in Falls Church. I have a list of locations for this semester, but I don't think it is a complete list of all the clinical sites used but I will post it here for you to give you some idea: Culmore Network Clinic Franconia Family Resource Center Greenspring Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Inova Fairfax Inova Mt. Vernon Inova Commonwealth Center Loudon Free Clinic Manassas Community Network Clinic Manassas Long Term Care Facility Prince William Hospital Reston Hospital Virginia Hospital Center Hope this helps and Good luck! :)
  11. bowlofsurreal


    I love the idea of this bottle, but am always worried about the reusable straw. Do you put it in the dishwasher? how often do you clean it?
  12. bowlofsurreal


    I start at the end of August. We have a skills lab once a week the entire semester. The first four weeks we are there for 3 hours a week, after that we go to 2 hours a week and start clinicals.
  13. bowlofsurreal

    Can I have multiple ear piercings?

    My program only allows 1 set of stud earrings, too and that isn't just at clinical. The expectation is that in lab we dress the same as if we were at the clinical site.
  14. bowlofsurreal

    Awesome amazon.com deal for students - FREE Prime!

    Thank you!! My prime was almost up, great not to have to pay that $79 for a year.
  15. bowlofsurreal

    Pharmacology online?

    I took Pharmacology online last semester as I wanted to have all my program corequisites done prior to starting my program in August to lighten my load so I can continue to work. I found Pharmacology somewhat difficult because a lot of the names of drugs aren't named in a way that elicits an association with what the drug is treating. In addition, it was a bit of information overload. I got in the A in the class but I worked pretty hard to get it. I am a pretty independent learner, and often prefer not to have classes with lectures because I often don't need them if new non-book material isn't presented. With Pharmacology however, I sometimes wished I had the classroom to ask more questions, or have lecture to reinforce drug classes and disease associations. It is also the only class that I wish I would have waited on to have some connection to actual clinical practice (I think working with patients would have reinforced a lot of the common drugs). Good Luck with whatever you decide! I think it comes down to what kind of learner you are and how heavy of load you have with other responsibilities.