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  1. SmilesNoir

    Anyone else NOT revealing their test date?

  2. SmilesNoir

    Florida job market for new grads or returning nurses

    Congrats! what type of facility? LPN or RN or BSN or NP Did you go personally to each floor? IMO, I believe you have to put a face to place..
  3. SmilesNoir

    took NCLEX PN today!

    Sorry, I'm on acronym overload.. What is SATA? TY!
  4. SmilesNoir

    pay attention to the drugs on TV

    My clinical instructor sd the same thing..lol
  5. SmilesNoir

    PBS:Frontline: College Inc

    MattiesMama, How are things? Is it a positive result (in meaning.. do you have a job or going to higher learning education) after graduation?
  6. SmilesNoir

    Has ANYONE attended Everest University??

    Watch the Frontline line College INC. I was so sad for the "everest" ladies https://allnurses.com/florida-nurses/pbs-frontline-college-477627.html
  7. Wow! I would like to know .. What was the end result of everyone in the room? as in do they have jobs? post settlement
  8. Has the Florida job market improve for new grads? A year ago, There was tons of post on AN about new grads with no job prospects. My friend with a new RN degree. He took a job @ SNF for $25, no benefits. Two of my friend's received a LPN job offer for $18 hr. One has day shift. The other works 3rd shift, 5 to 6 nights a week. Aha! Moment!: I've learned that you can not be picky. Also, You have to pound the pavement. Tampabay What's your opinion? What area of Fla?LPN or RN? SNF? Hospital? agency?
  9. SmilesNoir

    Passed NCLEX-PN First Attempt

    Congrats! How did your PN program use ATI? Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Was self paced? or Program regulated? Our program is using it too. ATI online has a section on how to answer the NCLEX test questions. I'm seeking to pass the NCLEX PN on the 1st try too. Thanks in Advance (TIA)
  10. I like this planner
  11. SmilesNoir


    I am ready for vacation time. My brain is much. If I see one more careplan, I will scream! Sadly, everything does revolves around school. But, We are blessed! So, We wont complain!
  12. SmilesNoir

    MDS training in Florida

    I want to obtain this training. Where can I do it in Florida? Recommendations are welcome!
  13. SmilesNoir


    Alex.. What is going on in your world of PN school. We have come so far. I'm tired & want to sleep most the time
  14. SmilesNoir

    First day of class tomorrow... VERY NERVOUS!

    Alexa looking back to orientation day.. What do you think so far?
  15. SmilesNoir

    Anyone in Tampa, Fl for LPN at Erwin Tech March '11?

    Congrats to all! Practice your math now! Save your money.. as much as you can! Have fun now! You will not have a life during 14 or 16 months of this program.
  16. SmilesNoir


    thanks for coming back in here! I know, I was in books left and right that I could not read on AN. We had 70ish folks and lost 19 (I think) .. Its a sad feeling! I'm thankful for friends who support me.. When is graduation?