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Started out in the Navy doing electronics for mine hunters for 4 years. Received my 1st Bachelors in Psychology in 2007 at UNC and now I am going back to get my BSN and then on to MSN.

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  1. USN2UNC

    Pumping at Work???

    Yeah, I work out all the time...wait......you meant.....ohhhhhhhh...nevermind.
  2. USN2UNC

    need advice from rns that became pas or nps

    Based on that...Lets just go with 'Mostly Dr. ______, NP' Seriously man, its about what you can do in the moment, not about your title.
  3. USN2UNC

    need advice from rns that became pas or nps

    Right now you're just 18 and your mind will change about 1.8 million times before that option comes around. Just focus on getting into nursing school first. And btw, the goal should be to become an outstanding health care provider. A DNP shouldn't be sought after as just a way to get 'Dr.' in front of your name.
  4. 30-50% attrition rate?!!! This sounds like the program doesn't really care about the students. Honestly, I think the higher GPA wins. An 'A' student will do whatever it takes to succeed. However, we are human and slip up and a C isn't the end of the world. I too went to a top tier school so I know how you feel.
  5. USN2UNC

    AF NP without a BSN

    This applies to the Army HPSP but I'm not sure about regular commission. ACTIVE NURSE CORPS PROGRAM HEALTH PROFESSIONS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM - PSYCHIATRIC NURSE PRACTITIONER This program is open to nurses who have a letter of acceptance from an accredited psychiatric nurse practitioner program. Qualified candidates should also have a BSN, at least one year of nursing experience and the ability to complete the program within two academic years. You'll receive full tuition for two years, plus money for books and more than $2,000 per month for living expenses. GoArmy.com Graduate Health Care Education
  6. USN2UNC

    AF NP without a BSN

    + 1 I too would like to know this, but about the USA or USN.
  7. USN2UNC

    Neonatal NP jobs?

    Great site to check out: http://www.healthjobsnationwide.com/advancedpracticejobs/
  8. USN2UNC

    NP Specialties?

    This is for RN's getting a cert in ortho. What you are looking for is an NP fellowship of some sorts. This is done after completion of NP school (for the broadest scope, FNP). UNC Chapel Hill has one. Or, you can be trained by the doc.
  9. USN2UNC

    Can I shadow you? Location not important

    I'm pretty sure that meant 21 months (of time spent in the ICU) :)
  10. USN2UNC

    New MALE nurse asking for fashion advice! Help please...?

    Unless you are applying to be a waiter, always wear a suit.
  11. USN2UNC

    Preparing for A&P I

    Just like me, re-write re-write re-write! Earned a 97 in AP1 and have 4 weeks left with a 97 in AP2....very exhausting class. But, I work 40 hrs/week so it's do-able! This isn't my school but I also found these lecture notes to be a huge help. AP1: BSC 1085 Anatomy & Physiology I AP2: Anatomy and Physiology II
  12. USN2UNC

    Things you wish you knew when you were young?

    That girls were not more important than homework!
  13. Ditto on the working while in school question. I too would only have to take the Nursing courses. All help is appreciated!
  14. USN2UNC

    South College in Asheville?

    Anyone know anything about this program? I assume it is relatively new since they do not have Nclex pass rates up on the Ncbon website yet. Any help would be GREAT!
  15. USN2UNC

    May join Navy Nurse Corp, concerned about vaccines.

    I was in the Navy from 99-03....received every vaccine including 12 rounds of Anthrax while I was stationed in the Middle East. It was no biggie. I, and the 103 other people in my boot division that I spent all day with for 3 months, did not seem to experience any adverse reaction. If you are allergic they will not force it on you. You should have that listed on all the Meps paperwork though. Ooorah.
  16. Hi All, So I am getting everything together to apply for the Spring session and I see that we can either apply Online or use the paper version. I looked over both and they seem to be highly different in that the Online options includes many additional options (fine by me, I have many things to list :) ). Also, I see that the paper version says include a "handwritten" essay while we can either include it in the Online version in the text or mail it in. Does this make a difference? For some reason, probably d/t over-thinking, I feel like they want to see my penmanship. :) Also, the application mentioned the idea of submitting a resume but nowhere on the website do I see where it says to submit one. Basically, I just want to know what all you guys sent in and how that worked out for you. I don't want to send in too much and create a convoluted application but I also don't want to sell myself short :) Any advice on all of the above would be great!