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dslpninla has 6 years experience and specializes in GI, Outpatient Surgery.

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  1. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    I thought I had seen "Cow PTSD" in there!! lol I read through the study guide first and took notes. Im trying to not freak myself out about it all, but I know its a HUGE deal. What an accomplishment to have passed!! Thank you too for answering all the questions! It helps so much!!
  2. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    Awesome! But i have to ask what are the words written in the margins? And you didnt use that exact paper did you?? Im appreciating your help so much.
  3. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    Exactly what i was thinking of!! Thanks!!
  4. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    I personally have spent a ton on just prepping! Not complaining just saying. We know how to do it. We just need repetitive practice i think. Its kinda the same when you precept for someone. Just go by your criticalelements and it will be ok. Arent you doing sheris? She does have a mock of a pcs situation. I was told a clipboard would just get in the way....it may work for others though.
  5. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    I was wondering that too beachie! I was thinking id keep papers in my pocket folded and as i need to write pull it out then put it back. Also for my grid i thought id write it off and maybe referto it during each aoc as needed..... Not sure if thats normal. So glad ppl are willing to share their experiences.
  6. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    I keep thinking of sccenarios too! Of course mine dont usually have all kinds of ppl interrupting!! So you ambulated each pt according to what the kardex said right? Did you step out to do the 20 min checks? Was the CE RIGHT over you the entire time? Im so happy you passed- you so deserve it!
  7. dslpninla

    Nervous Nurse can't pass CPNE :)

    What happened? Im so sorry!
  8. dslpninla

    Grady journal July 2011

    Wow what a great journal!! So can i ask how you decided to organize what went on in the pcs's? That is my bigget concern.... How to do it all smoothly.
  9. dslpninla

    looking for study buddy for cpne

    Where are you? Im in La. Do you have a date yet??
  10. dslpninla

    How many sites for CPNE

    One region and then you check which sites you would be willing to test at. Good luck!!
  11. dslpninla

    I passed at Grady this weekend!

    I am so completely excited for you!! You did it.... And with no repeats!!! Awesome!!:yeah::bowingpur:bow::w00t::w00t::cheers::monkeydance::monkeydance::yelclap::yelclap:
  12. dslpninla

    Excelsior College Graduation

    I would love to go, i hope i will be able to! Id be the baby crying with joy!!
  13. dslpninla

    Excelsior College Graduation

    Holy crap!! Unbelieveable! Why would you have to pay an annual fee? Mine is due in october i think. It was my understanding that annual fees were for tests then once done you pay for cpne.... No idea. The private nursing school i went to where i live, the same thing happened kinda. They raised fees three times while i was enrolled, enforced a no job while in school policy, and treated us like toddlers.... All bc they could. I got a great education but i was done when i graduated. Many many ppl felt this way. Im hoping and being positive about the cpne.we know the skills, its just that we have to go by the rules again.
  14. dslpninla

    Excelsior College Graduation

    Why didyou not like them after the cpne??
  15. dslpninla

    North coast graduates

    What program? Surely you are not talking about excelsior...
  16. dslpninla

    "Leavin' on a jet plane"

    Soooo exciting!! Im so happy for you! Its all paying off!! Continued good luck and let us know how sunday goes!!