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  1. Guest717002

    Getting into nursing but have OCD

    I know I have thanked everyone before a couple of times but I am going to do it again. I didn't think that a forum thing like this could be so helpful and reassuring. I appreciate everything that everyone has said, you have all been very compassionate and supporting and I am thankful that I have found this website. You are all very nice people and I understand why you want to be nurses! Thank you all for all the kind words, I now have a better understanding of what I should expect in nursing school when it comes to my OCD. But anyway, thank you all for everything. :)
  2. Guest717002

    Getting into nursing but have OCD

    Thank you everyone for your great information! You are all very kind and supportive and I really appreciate it. I guess I am trying to really decide whether nursing is what I really want to do and if it truely is, I will not let my OCD change that. Considering I just thought about being a nurse like a month ago I really hope it is what I want haha. But again, thank you to everyone. Austin
  3. Guest717002

    Getting into nursing but have OCD

    thank you very much its good to hear that someone else is going through the same thing. good luck and i hope your ocd doesnt hold you back one bit:nuke:
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there are any other people out there that have moderate OCD and are in nursing school or are already a nurse? I was wondering if nursing school or nursing in general made your OCD worse or was it somewhat like exposure therapy? I want to be a nurse but I am worried that my OCD will make it hard or even stop me from doing it. Anything helps! thank you :)
  5. thank you again! i will do my best haha i just hope i like anatomy and stuff haha
  6. Thank you very much, you have been very helpful! :)
  7. Hey Those classes you took, are you able to take those even though you are not in the program? Cause I want to do my prerequisites then get on the wait list and then take patho, nutrition, and the math clinical calculations courses while i am on the wait list, is this possible?
  8. thats pretty close :) how was that campus?
  9. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone on here has attended front range community college westminster campus for nursing school? I might be going there sometime in the future and was wondering if anyone has good or bad things to say about it? I found a website online that says that it is in the top 25 best nursing schools in America, but I just wanted personal opinions. Thank you for any feedback :)
  10. Guest717002

    What do ment think of NS?

    Hey, I have heard alot about the difficulty of nursing school from alot of women but i have never heard it from a man. Do you guys think that nursing school was hard or easy or medium? Give details on what you thought was easiest and what you thought was hardest. I think getting good input from both sides of the spectrum would be beneficial. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello, I am very new to this forum and I hope I am not doing a stupid post or anything haha, I have been told off for bad posts on other non-nursing forums. But anyway, my name is austin and I have been taking classes at a community college just to get an associates in science but now I think I want to get into nursing. My mom is a nurse and I think it is pretty interesting. I was wondering what the prerequisites are for a bachelors in nursing cause I may go for that cause I have classes that apply to science but not to nursing. Should I go this road or should I try to get my associates and then go for a bachelors? Also, is it possible to take the none nursing classes like pathophysiology or nutrition while I am on the waiting list to get into nursing school, or do I have to take them while I am taking the nursing classes? Also, If I can take these classes while not in the nursing program, then I will be taking just the nursing classes and I have already covered the elective with my previous classes, anyway will this make the nursing process easier? and by how much? Thank you for any feedback, I am very nervous about getting into nursing haha. Thanks again :)