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    Let's Ban the Phrase "I'll Go Get Your Nurse"

    I was a bedside nurse before transferring into the world of case management after the birth of my second child. I used to be so aggravated by ancillary staff using that phrase repeatedly. It gets incredibly frustrating, espeically when I'm gowned in an iso room knee deep in C. Diff-tainted stool. When I moved to case management I made the shift from driving the bus to being a passenger, so to speak. I still enjoy the interactions I have with patients, albeit, short ones. But I learned something that I never knew before: As a CM, I'm NOT ALLOWED to touch patients. As in, I am not allowed or I can be seriously reprimanded (ie: Fired). I'm not covered under the same hospital insurance that used to cover me when I was a floor RN. The reasoning is if I help pull a patient up in bed and injury myself, I'm not covered under the hospital's work comp insurance because that's not in the current scope of my job description. Yes, I'm still and RN and yes I remember how to assess, toilet, etc....but I literally cannot help you. I'll get a blanket or help the patient with the remote, but that's about it. I bet this is the same for RD, SW, etc. Now, of course, if a patient is falling out of bed or putting themselves in danger, I can jump in because patient safety is always more important. But if a patient asks me to help pull them up or walk them to the bathroom....guess what, I call you because I'd rather like to keep my job. Just food for thought.
  2. Hi SarahBeth, I'm a new grad and my goal before graduation was definitely peds or home health. I have realized that after doing a little bit of everything, I want to do a little bit of everything. That is the beautiful thing about nursing! I started working on an acute care adult unit for a very busy hospital working nights 7p-7a. Nights and adults were not my first choice but the chance to get acute adult experience under my belt is hugely enticing. Eventually I will move to home health and peds, depending, but I feel my foundation in acute adult will greatly help my critical thinking skills. So if I had to pick where I would want to be, I would be right where I am. Plus, the beginning of the journey often leads to bends around the corner that are unexpected and often welcomed.
  3. jamieann.rn

    Malpractice Insurance

    Hi Nurse Marla, I have malpractice insurance through NSO (Nurse Service Organization). The cost is about 90 annually and you can find out more information at nso.com. I carried their insurance through school and now as an RN. Hope it helps. Toodles.