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Chanta2 specializes in Home births.

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    New Member With ????? About Excelsior

    Lpn2005 How far are you into the program? How long do you give yourself to study for an exam? Just wondering so I can get an idea when I start the program. Chanta2
  2. Chanta2


    I know you are so happy. I wish you the best with your new job, and your studies!
  3. Hello, I did not take the Hesi exam. I need more time. I purchased a book that one of the local colleges recommended. I have yet to even pick it up to study. Not quite that motivated. I was in a car accident 1 month ago and I have been focusing on healing my body. I was not hurt all that bad, but I got tossed around quite a bit. I have a tour scheduled Friday for Galan. The college is located in Kentucky. I am taking it one day at a time. I will keep you guys posted. Take care. Chanta I am looking into Galan college. My plan is to enroll in the January class.
  4. Chanta2

    Can I cross post this here too?

    Firstly, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. Secondly, everyone situation is different. You mentioned relocation. Do you have a support system? Can you afford to be away from your immediate family at this time? Do you have any means of supporting yourself? Or others child/spouse pet, etc. If you have those factors in place I think by all means go for it. I agree with Caliotter3 ; applying for all programs ,and then process and eliminate. It is refreshing to hear that you are so passionate to complete your nursing degree. In conclusion, the nursing program is very intense, if you made it half way through the 1 st time, you pretty much have an idea of what kind of study habits it takes to pass the courses. I wish you the best in what ever plan you decide to take. Just remember, you can do anything you put your mind to do. Keep us posted!
  5. Chanta2

    Correct documentation

    Update. My DON did address the matter. I worked last night and I did NOT do one of her projects she left for me to do. I passed it on to the next shift! She wanted a weight and height done on one of her admissions!
  6. That is an awesome score! I wish you all the best in your studies as you pursue your RN degree. You are so ahead of yourself. You will do well. Yes July 11, is right around the corner! Thanks for the pointers!
  7. Chanta2

    Correct documentation

    OK, I have this situation at work. I work with a nurse who always document in the chart what the next nurse forgot to do. Omissions, eye gtts. The kind of stuff my supervisor should be handling, if she audit the MAR/TAR. I find her documentation very foolish and not legal. I want to know have you ever encountered a nurse that actually get away with this type of behavior. I have addressed this with my immediate supervisor, I have not seen anything be done about it. I have communicated with my supervisor that I want to only communicate on the 24 hour board and verbal reports at shift change with her so that we can have a professional relationship only. I feel so uncomfortable working with this nurse. I am not perfect. I just do my job. Pass my meds. Do my tx. F/U on previous shift work, etc. She is the kind of nurse that acts as though she is the only one that can get the job done! She is so wrong, as to say in everyone's job, there are the strong team players, and the so-so team players. I pull my weight by all means. I always complete my assignments, do not leave my work for the next shift. Call in my labs, Rx orders, notify family/MD in a timely and efficient manner. No matter how well I think I cover my shift. She will seem to find something for me to do the next day that she has looked into if she was off for a day or so and I'm stuck doing her projects. I hate working with this nurse. I have wrote her a letter and told her she is behaving the cliche' nurses eat their own, young,' it all fit her description. I am feed up with her!