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  1. Student0ntheRise

    My Future with Nursing...Unsure!

    I have a slight dilema(ish). I am a very indecisive person so I am looking for anyones input on this situation I am having. I recently got dropped out of my LVN program which is a private school in California. I recently started attending classes at my local community college to pursure a degree in business(my dream career). I was very discourage in going back to my LVN program because of the fear of failure. Recently me and a friend were talking about school and I was telling her I want to start working at a good paying job to help my mom out. I like nursing. But I love business. If i stay the route I am in and do my business thing I will be in school for a good 3 years to get my Bachelors. If I do decide to go back to my private LVN school I will only need 10 months left then I will be finish with something. If I do decide the LVN route I plan on doing an LVN to BSN program fully online to work full time and go to school at the same time. I plan on staying in the healthcare industry and work my way to management from there. And going through the LVN route will help me help my mom financially faster. I am a CNA at the moment at a acute hosipital for 4 years now and I am 23 years old. The question is...follow my dreams or suck it up and do whats right....I know its a dumb thing to ask peoples opinions on. But I just want more opinions. Overall, my friends want me to go the LVN route. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Student0ntheRise

    Time Management Strategies

    Hello, Currently I'm a Nursing Student and I feel that you begin learning Time Management when you start Nursing School. Even though I'm only in my first semester I really need to learn how to balance school life and personal life. After awhile you learn techniques that really help you use your time effectively. Because you are still new at this that it just takes time for you to understand how everything flows. Using to-do list really helps and don't be shy to ask for help because it's a team effort and your goal is to treat those patients who come in for whatever illness they have. I know you priortize certain patients because of their urgency but using great customer service will really go a long way. Well, I wish you the best of luck with your Nursing Career. And Have Fun with it.
  3. Student0ntheRise

    UNLV BSN Program!!!

    Hello my Peeps! Well I am seriously intrested in the BSN Program at UNLV(University of Nevada Las Vegas) I'm currently in California and was wondering if there are any people in my situation that plans to transfer to UNLV or any students in the program or students taking Pre-Reqs at UNLV I was wondering how difficult is it to get into the program! ANY COMMENTS, CONCERNS AND INFO IS VERY HELPFUL!
  4. Student0ntheRise

    Kaplan College to Nevada

    :DHi Peeps! I am starting the RN Program at Kaplan College is San Diego. My question is, because Kaplan College San Diego is not WASC accreditted is it possible for me to be able to get my BSN in Nevada like Nevada State College or University of Nevada Las Vegas aka UNLV. Thanks to anyone for any answers, comments, or concerns!