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  1. zenman

    What is a Nurse Practitioner?

    Everyone will have different reasons for becoming a NP. For me it was desire for more knowledge and the ability to treat patients my way. The 6 figure salary certainly doesn't help either. You also may the transition from being an "expense" to a revenue-producer. "Nurse" is part of your name but most of us are #3...Nurse Practitioners.
  2. zenman

    Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): My Personal Pro's and Con's

    I'll disagree. An MBA might not guarantee that you're a good manager but it provides you with much needed business info and skills, even if you plan on hiring a practice manager, accounting person, etc.. My MBA program was not boring as another poster mentioned. I chose an executive MBA program as I wanted to be taught by practicing professionals and not by a bunch of theory experts. To get into my program you had to be 30 years old (one 29 yr old got in because he owned his own company) and have business experience. Imagine how much I learned from participating with all my classmates vs a bunch of 20 yr olds who never did anything. Even the dean of our business school was a well-known consultant, and incidentally, a member of the London Circle of Magicians!
  3. zenman

    Samuel Merritt University FNP Insight

    That's the very last thing I want to see happen!!!!
  4. zenman

    NP Independent Practice States

    Hawaii just went independent. Others are New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, District of Columbia, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Wyoming. That's all I know of.
  5. zenman

    PMHNP job discription

    No,as a PMHNP you have the best of both worlds therapy and meds.
  6. zenman

    NP but decided not to practice

    So, she's working the night shift, bummer. I do days only, no call, made $120k straight out of school, car allowance, free housing, sit down and talk to people all day, an hour for lunch...yep I'd go back to the bedside in a heart beat....not!
  7. zenman

    AZ NP help

    I'd give New Mexico a slight edge as their BON was the fastest and most efficient I've ever seen. I received a personal phone call from them in 8 business days telling me I had a license. I'd have never known my AZ license was ready if I hadn't checked their website months later!
  8. zenman

    Staff meeting

    I thought smart docs quit throwing ABX on every red throat years ago.
  9. zenman

    NP but decided not to practice

    You can certainly disagree but I'm coming from a place of knowledge and experience, plus as most people here already know, I'm outstanding in my field, a legend in my own mind.
  10. zenman

    NP but decided not to practice

    Yep online programs have nothing to do with anything. I read the other day where medical schools are finally catching up with the modern world. Just jump in. You'll be running into patients all your life that will be a challenge. Your real learning starts after you graduate. I went straight out of school into locums where you are expected to hit the ground running and act like you know what you are doing. I'm pretty good at acting!
  11. zenman

    Struggling NP student

    Do not give up now! You can make it a little longer. It will be worth it trust me. Since you might not have time for therapy, we have meds to help you over this hump.
  12. zenman

    Nurse Practitioner with an MSN

    I would tell you why but I would hope you would already know by now.
  13. zenman

    Shadowing a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Many clients have high anxiety and some even have to take meds to show up, then there's that therapeutic relationship where you'd be a 3 rd party.
  14. zenman

    a male women's health nurse practitioner

    As an OB person, you can only help pregnant people. In psych your patients get pregnant, therefore you have the best of both worlds.
  15. zenman

    Nurse Practitioners and Global Health

    You can try US Embassies if you have a few years experience.