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  1. I just started a new job on the med/surg floor. adc is usually around 18-20 but has been running full 30-34, staffed for 18-20. npratio is 1:7 days and 1:8 nights supposedly but have found that ratio goes out the window when beds are open and there are admits.

    Does anyone have a template for a staffing budget or staffing plan? Thanks

  2. One question the physicians I have discussed doing contract work for concerns 'liability'. Does anyone know what their exact liability is or how to best answer this question without soundling like Im guessing or just don't know? I would really appreciate direction. Thanks

  3. You might try Winona State University: they have both tracks (CNS and NP) or Ball State University. If neither of these fit your family needs; you can email me and I will try to help you find the right program.

    It took me three years to find the right MSN program and post masters program; but, it was worth it for the flexibility.


  4. Hi BotoxRN

    I live in Oklahoma and want to get trained in fillers and botox. Is there anyone in oklahoma or kansas/missouri who will train?

    Do you have any samples of physician collaborative agreements, or do you use one for your medical director?


  5. Saw your post and am transitioning from wound care into aesthetics. In nursing for over 24 years, and have developed and managed seven busy wound clinics. Just wondering how your practice is going with the inclusion of aesthetics. We (physician and myself) are considering adding medical wt loss to help feed the aesthetic side. Would love to hear from you if still in the forum.

  6. If you are talking about general degrees, maybe. However, the ANA and other bodies that accredit nursing programs have standards that must be met both in content and clinical areas. If a college has met these standards then graduates from their programs should receive the same consideration as others. Students should not be penalized for using what is offered.

    The reason many schools such as Rush, George Washington and others offer online or distance training is to meet the needs of students who cannot get to their university campus. I for one am glad that schools are trying to meet the needs of adult students. I went to a 'brick and mortar' program for my first degree and found that the standards and requirements for distance training far exceed the requirements for interaction with instructors and other students than the traditional program.

  7. Hello,

    I have completed my BSN online with Oklahoma Panhandle State University. I completed a portfolio for my BSN clinicals.

    I have also done UoP and found it more difficult, more papers, etc. I have not checked into the doctoral program, is it 18 months or is that the MSN?

    Graceland University in MO is good, I have also researched Winona State, St Louis University and Ball State. If you are getting a MSN Aspen University in CO is accredited and manageable.

    Thanks pj rn

  8. Thanks for the info, I would love to attend. Maybe next year. I have a couple of mds who are interested in changing specialties, so to speak, they are fed up with other people controling their money, ie reimbursement, etc and I think are ready to make a change.

    They have the md license and the money, myself and another nurse could be most of the clinical part. We have a great reputation in the state as above and beyond nurses; how do I convince them to put time (some) and money into something they are not familiar with.

    I have been educating them for the last couple of months and have set up a video conference about the industry with some other physicians who have switched specialties. Do you think this will be enough, or could I do anything to move it along?


    pj rn

  9. I have been rifted once again for the second time in two years. I make too much money (24 years as a nurse) and am really tired of not having more control of my existence. My husband does not work, so that leaves me. I am changing to the aesthetic field and need some advice. I have a lot of advanced procedures experience, debridements, etc but do not know how to get started. The training is very expensive. Are there physicians who will train you if you work with them for a specified time? What would you suggest as training? Thanks