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  1. I think the best thing to do is just wait for CGFNS to get back to you. I am a uk nurse and have just passed my NCLEX and now living in NY. I was absolutely SURE that i would need to make up hours, but in fact i didnt need to and was allowed to go ahead and sit the exam. I did a lot of research on programs to make up hours and did not find any in the uk. I was going to try doing them at a community college in the states as a guest student, but in the end i didnt need to! good luck

  2. Has anybody managed to get any information regarding the course at Brighton Uni? I have been trying for months to get any information regarding this course, and can't get anywhere. I have sent so many emails, phone calls etc and either no one replies, they send me the wrong info or say they will get back to me and never do. Is this course actually still running??