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  1. I took my exam today, and mine also stopped at 85 questions! I feel pretty good about it, so I think im good. The only thing is that I dont think the Massachusetts board of nursing site will update their current licenses database until Monday, which suuuucks, but I'll live! Anyone know if they update those databases all weekend long?

  2. Hello! I meant to post sooner, but work has been crazy lately.. I got my test scores back from the NLN a couple weeks ago, and I was in the 92nd composite percentile, which I was so excited about! I took the test with over 100 people, so before I took it I realized I was probably not going to get in, but I figured I might as well take it. Good choice on my part, it seems. I then found out the next day that I'd be getting an interview along with 35 other people for the 10 spots available. When I went to my interview a few days later, they gave me a small math and english test (100% on both), and then told me that I got into the program!! ^_^ I'm so excited!

    It really is nice and satisfying to know that I will finaly be making something of myself.

    Also, wow Keith! I dont see how they could possibly not let you in with those scores. You did way better than I did, haha!

    Good luck Lorba!! ^_^ You did really aweosme too, and Im hoping that you hear soon!

  3. I got into the LPN program I applied for!!

    I got my NLN test results back about a week ago (I was in the 92nd percentile, only 3 questions wrong on math ^_^), and I just had my interview for the program today where they told me I am in! I start at the end of August.

    Any suggestions for preparation or anything before I start? Any recommended reading?

    Thanks!! :redbeathe

  4. Ooo, thanks for the tips! I'll have to go over my heart flashcards a little extra, just in case ^_^

    For some reason, taking tests doesn't normally get me nervous, but I have a feeling I'll be nervous for this one. I'll have to look up some quick meditation/relaxation techniques like you said. This is a pretty important test to me, heh.

  5. Hello! ^_^ I will be taking the NLN Pre-entrance exam on May 7th, and I am really excited!! I got the prep book and am working from it quite a bit.. Anyone hve any suggestions for when I take it? Do they provide a calculator..?

    Is there anyone else from Massachusetts out there?