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    Hi: First of all, best of luck to you! I went to the application workshop last fall and someone asked that question. The answer was, that this process is dynamic and that the G.P.A. requirement varies, depending upon the bank of applicants for that year. The example given was that in some years the average G.P.A. was a 3.25 and other years it has been a 3.5. Of course, with the number of applicants so high, it's even more competitive, so it will be interesting to know what the average is this year! I have about equal amounts of A's and B's and am on the listing to be considered as an alternate. However, I am also currently completing 2 of the 4 science pre-reqs that they really look at, so that may help when I turn in my grades this semester. Heaven knows, you probably have a straight 4.0! However, just be sure that you have back-up plans. Word on the street is that applications are about 6-fold in general to any nursing school because of the recession.