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    Versed versus Ativan??

    As an anesthesiologist and critical care doctor, I can say that outside the OR, most health care professionals are not that familiar with versed. Versed acts within 2 minutes, while Ativan takes slightly longer, about 7 minutes. Both are benzo's and in the right dosages, equally effective in treatment of seizures. Ativan has the advantage in that it can be given IM if an iv is unavailable. However, if an IV is available, Versed is probably the better choice in that it acts sooner for an acute seizure, but as far as maintenance, remember that versed only lasts for 1 hour. Ativan's half-life is 15 hours so would probably be the better choice for prevention of future seizures. Otherwise, with Versed, you are going to have to give the same dose every hour on the hour. For this reason, Versed is mainly used for short term sedation in OR procedures, and is mainly an anesthetic drug. Versed also has retrograde amnesia, whereas Ativan and Valium have only anterograde amnesia.